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welcome to women’s health

A famous quote supposedly uttered by Socrates reads, ‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ I’ve often thought on his words and tend to agree with them; I’ve got an ambitious, results-driven personality and forever feel the need to examine, improve and push for change to feel a sense of achievement. Constantly trying to implement change to get more out of life can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it means I truly stretch myself – it’s this questioning of whether there’s more to life that has landed me dream jobs, a happy family and sporting achievements that I’ll remember forever. But (because isn’t there always a but?) it makes it difficult to live in the moment. Forever analysing where I’m at now and how to live…

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i invite you to join me…

Run for it In March, we’re teaming up with Emporio Armani EA7 to host run clubs in London, Manchester and Glasgow. Find out more on page 118. Ready for action We’ll be bringing our pages to life with our first wellness festival on 3-5 May. Tickets for Women’s Health Live are on sale now; womenshealthlive.co.uk Have fun in the sun I’ll be hosting a wellness retreat in Madeira with WH columnist Alice Liveing this spring. Book your place at womenshealthmag.com/whmadeira Compete in the Turf Games WH has partnered with Turf Games, so get your team together and be part of the ultimate fitness competition. Head to page 82.…

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add soya for the sake of your bones

In news that’s about as welcome as a compound fracture, women reach peak bone density in their late twenties, with bone mass decreasing from there on out. Awesome. Thank god, then, that University of Missouri researchers have proven their theory that the key to future-proofing your skeleton could be found in your fridge – specifically in soya-rich protein. They suspected that soya protein could counter the negative impact of the menopause on bone health thanks to its bioactive (meaning it effects change in living things) components. To investigate, they compared the bone formation of female rats who had been fed a soya-based diet and those who had been fed a corn-based diet. Those on the former not only had reduced body fat and increased lean mass, but greater bone strength.…

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news you can use

BEER JACKET Stiff drink to ward off the chill? Your alcohol consumption could be related to the climate. A study* of 193 countries found that heavy drinking was more commonplace in colder nations with less sunlight, pointing out the link between darker, shorter days, poor mental health and alcohol intake. If you’re cutting back on your winter boozing, M&S does a cracking alcohol-free Merlot. FACE FACTS Nice to meet you. No four words are more effective at delivering a dollop of self-doubt to the person you’ve actually met three times before. But rest assured that new research* has your back – we are better at recalling names than faces. Remembering names relies on recall, which humans are much better at than the recognition required to pull a face from your memory. In fact,…

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the to-do list

HASHTAG | #BALANCEFORBETTER International Women’s Day – ie, 8 March – is fast approaching, and this year the theme is all about gender balance. Head to internationalwomensday.com to get involved and search events, which will be taking place nationwide in early March. READ | THE SOUL’S BRAIN Catherine Wilkins (£12.99, Hay House) What exactly is intuition? Let the founder of fractology be your guide. The book blends science and spirituality to unpick the neurology and logic of intuition, and helps you to engage with your own. GO | BEST YOU EXPO 2019 5-16 February, Olympia London Living your best life? You will be after attending the UK’s largest personal development event. Explore zones on health and lifestyle, mindfulness and wellbeing and female empowerment. A date for your diary.…

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can i make myself a morning person?

Got a housemate who’s already done a workout and put a wash on by the time you drag yourself out of bed in the morning? Blame your genes. ‘Everyone has a genetically determined “chronotype”,’ explains Barbara Helm, professor of biological rhythms of natural organisms at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. It’s the scientific answer to the whole ‘morning person’ thing and it’s determined by something called your ‘endogenous circadian cycle’. Somewhere between 23.7 and 24.7 hours long, it defines things such as when your body temperature rises before you wake, and it’s influenced by factors including age and gender. It explains why toddlers are alert at 5am, teenagers don’t surface until noon and your housemate is superhuman. And while you can’t change your chronotype, you can advance it.…