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category_outlined / Gesundheit & Fitness
Women's Health UKWomen's Health UK

Women's Health UK July 2019

Women’s Health is the first UK magazine to bring you health, beauty, fitness, fashion, weight loss, food & sex, all wrapped up in one super-glossy lifestyle title

United Kingdom
Hearst Magazines UK
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welcome to women’s health

Something momentous happened last month. Truly mind-blowing. I wake up every morning and can’t believe this is my life. As Editor-In-Chief of this brilliant brand, I meet astonishing people daily. I’m inspired from morning to night and I have the best team in the business by my side. But something extra special took place on 3-5 May. An event that is undoubtedly the highlight of my long career in the media. Thousands of you turned out for Women’s Health Live. Your positivity was infectious. Your smiles were beautiful. Each time I took to the stage to host a panel with leading wellness experts or to interview some of my favourite women – there are too many to name here, but head to page 24 for a full report – the enthusiasm…

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women's health

Editor-In-Chief Claire Sanderson Deputy Editor Victoria Joy Creative Director Adam Gerrard Production Editor Victoria Rudland Acting Managing Editor/Picture Director Frankie Hill WORDS Features Director Nikki Osman Deputy Chief Sub Editor James Brown Beauty Editor Perdita Nouril Senior Editor Roisín Dervish-O’Kane Editorial Assistant/Junior Writer Emily Pritchard FASHION Fashion Director Saskia Quirke Fashion Assistant Polly Sayer VISUALS Art Editor Nathalie Bates Picture Assistant Eliot Brittain DIGITAL Digital Editor Amy Lane Social Media Editor Francesca Menato Beauty & Health Editor Claudia Canavan Junior Digital Writer Ally Head CO-CONSPIRATORS Colin Beagley Iona Blackshaw Andres de Lara Matthew Ford Julia Gdowka Ian Harrison Philip Haynes Michael Hedge Grace Lamsdale Polly Lindsay Ben Mounsey-Wood Emily Murphy Ellis Parrinder Mitch Payne Leanna Reeves Lisa Sheehan Debi Simpson Mini Smith Amanda Statham Dale Walker Deb van der Geugten Tom Watkins Gemma Yates Managing Director, Health & Fitness Alun Williams Brand Development Director Jane Shackleton Acting Senior Marketing Manager Jessica Howley Senior Marketing Executive Philippa Turner CLIENT DIVISION Managing Director, Beauty Jacqui Cave Managing Director, Fashion & Luxury Jacqueline Euwe Director of Health & Sport Andrea Sullivan Director of Travel Denise Degroot Director of Motors Jim Chaudry Director of Watches & Jewellery Anna O’Sullivan Director of Finance Peter Cammidge Client Direct Director, Health & Lifestyle Natasha Bailey Client Direct Director, Fashion & Beauty Emma Barnes Client…

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future-proof your brain with strawberries

Permission to mainline Pimm’s in the pursuit of health. New research published in the journal Food Chemistry found that strawberries (and blackberries, FYI) are an excellent source of folate. Aka vitamin B9, adequate levels of this micronutrient have been associated with lower rates of Alzheimer’s disease and depression – bit worrying, then, that the latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey shows that levels have dropped over the past nine years. Reset the balance while these guys are at their seasonal best (that’s May to September for strawberries and August to October for blackberries). See off half a 200g punnet and you’ll be a third of the way to meeting your total daily goal. We like this berry much. WORDS: ROISÍN DERVISH-O’KANE. PHOTO MANIPULATION: COLIN BEAGLEY. FOOD STYLING: IONA BLACKSHAW…

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news you can use

PMS-leeping It’s legit a thing. New research by The Endocrine Society has found that young women suffer more disrupted sleep in the nights immediately preceding their period. Women wake up during the night three times more in this phase than in the early follicular phase (from day one of your period until ovulation). Scientists blame dynamic hormonal changes and suggest levelling up your sleep hygiene pre-period. May we suggest a bedtime moon milk (see page 42)? CUT YOURSELF SOME SLACK You’re not a bad person because you zone out of a chat at a party when you hear your name elsewhere. New research* has found that your working memory has a self-referential bias, meaning that you just can’t help but prioritise stimuli associated with yourself. 20 The percentage rise in stressed-out Brits purchasing self-help…

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the to-do list

WATCH | THE WOMEN’S WORLD CUP 7 June – 7 July, BBC Gear up for another summer of football fever, because the Women’s World Cup will be covered by the BBC. England are among the favourites, and Scotland have qualified, too. Grab a pint and cheer them on. TAKE PART | CERVICAL SCREENING AWARENESS WEEK 10-16 June, Putting off that smear test? No excuses. The charity Jo’s Trust will be popping up at GP practices, workplaces and sports centres all week. Viva la vulva. FLOW | INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA 21 June, Get it om: those who know their Bikram from their ashtanga will be bending over backwards to celebrate 2019’s International Day of Yoga. Even yoga newbies can see in the day in style – child’s pose, anyone?…

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i’ve sprained my ankle. how do i ease myself back into sport?

Ugh, frustrating, but well done for being cautious. ‘It’s best to stay patient to allow a full recovery,’ says PT Bradley Simmonds, whose clients include Premier League footballers. ‘That’s six to eight weeks’ healing time,’ advises specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist Charlotte Pilgrim. Basically, she adds, you’ve overstretched your ligament – the structures that connect bone to bone – like an elastic band that you’ve tugged too far. ‘You need to rebuild strength in the muscles around the ligament,’ she explains. During that recovery time, you should be working on regaining mobility – move your feet up and down and in and out; add a band to the exercises to increase resistance. ‘Then you can progress to more functional training,’ adds Pilgrim. ‘For football, start off with straight-line running, before working on…