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Women's Health UK August 2019

Women’s Health is the first UK magazine to bring you health, beauty, fitness, fashion, weight loss, food & sex, all wrapped up in one super-glossy lifestyle title

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welcome to women’s health

Poring over images of this month’s cover star, Charli Howard, trying to choose which one would grace the cover of the magazine, I noticed a look on her face that at first I couldn’t quite put my finger on. She’s beautiful, healthy and glowing, but there’s something else. Then it hit me. Contentment. A vastly undervalued state of mind, and maybe not as celebratory as happy or thrilled, but a very important middle ground that eludes so many of us. Then you read Charli’s words: about how her curves make her a ‘misfit’ in the modelling world that she’s been a part of since she was a teenager. To be considered a misfit when you’re a size 10/12 – a good few sizes smaller than the UK national average –…

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women's health

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work less, achieve more

Someone give the scientists at Auckland University of Technology and the University of Auckland a Nobel Prize. They’ve taken one for the team by applying academic scrutiny to the nine-to-fiver’s unicorn: the four-day working week. Employees at a financial services company found their weekly hours cut from 37 and a half to 30, with no change to pay, benefits or the amount of work they were expected to do. If the mere threat of having fewer hours to get everything done makes your to-do list tingle, know that after eight weeks, the researchers reported no changes in performance, plus an increase in team engagement, a decrease in staff stress levels and a significant improvement in (shocker) work-life balance. And it seems the cultural cachet of a four-day working week is…

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news you can use

BREAKING BREWS Switching to decaf after 4pm and still struggling to sleep? Listen up: decaf contains caffeine, too. So you’ll be buzzed to hear about the recent discovery of a caffeine-free wild tea plant in the mountains of southern China. Hongyacha – HYC, to those in the know (mostly scientists, to be fair) – is thought to contain more health-promoting benefits than an old-fashioned cuppa, and tastes pretty good, too. THE CHEMISTRY SET Listen up, scientists. Posting selfies to the’gram could be the key to getting the rest of us to take note. Unlike doctors and nurses, scientists – while seen as competent – aren’t generally seen as warm. Thanks, The Big Bang Theory. Quite aside from what Bumble must be like for physicists, perceived warmth plays a big role in how trustworthy…

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ask wh

Does shaving my face make the hair grow back thicker? Don’t let Photoshop and/or HD TV fool you – facial hair is pretty common among women. It’s thought that around 40% of women naturally sprout a little facial hair, while one in 14 have hirsutism – an excessive growth of hair in typically male areas. Both are caused by elevated levels of male hormones called androgens, and their presence can increase as you get older, particularly after the menopause. But the one about shaving making your hair grow back thicker? ‘It’s unlikely,’ says facialist Debbie Thomas, founder of D. Thomas Clinic. ‘As soon as the hair is outside the skin, it’s dead, so shaving it will have no effect on how it grows back. We often develop more or darker hairs…

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asking for a friend

IS MERCURY IN RETROGRADE AC TUAL LY A THING? Are crystals? Before you get your chakras in a twist, let’s point out the obvious – the planet doesn’t actually change direction. Without going too Professor Cox on you, the illusion is caused by the much speedier Mercury lapping the Earth as we orbit the sun. So, from an astronomical point of view? Categorically not a thing. Sorry. But astrologically speaking? ‘Astrology is based on our view from the Earth,’ explains consultant astrologer Sue Merlyn Farebrother, author of Astrology Decoded. ‘Retrograde period turns the qualities that Mercury represents – anything to do with communication – upside down. During periods of retrograde, people will often miss appointments, trains can be late because of faulty signals and people simply fail to communicate properly. If things…