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Better Nutrition July 2019

Since 1938, Better Nutrition magazine’s mission has been to responsibly inform health-food-store shoppers in nutritional approaches to health and wellness, as well as report on the latest research on vitamins, herbs minerals, nutrients, whole foods, natural personal care and beauty items and environmentally friendly products.

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summertime, & the living is easy

Relish the lazy days of summer—and feel your best while you’re at it—with the help of this issue. It’s jam-packed with summer health tips, fresh recipes, and absorbing articles for beach reading. The article “Make Your Summer Sun-Safe” on p. 30 is one of my favorites. If you’re planning a summer trip, you’ll especially appreciate author Lisa Turner’s sun protection advice. But even if you’re not going on vacation or spending a lot of time in the sun, this article is a must-read. There is so much confusion about sun exposure, skin cancer, and sunscreens. Get straightforward answers based on the latest research. Speaking of sunscreens … have you seen the meme, Keep Calm & Use Sunscreen? I’d like to modify that—Keep Calm & Use Mineral-Based Sunscreen. According to new research, certain…

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what’s new on betternutrition.com

Build a Supplement Plan That Works for You There are so many supplements on store shelves—and just as many questions about how to use them. We have answers! We Asked Our Staff: What’s Your Go-To Travel Remedy? When it comes to staying healthy away from home, we have some great suggestions to share. Free Heart Health eBook! Download our Heart Health eBook at betternutrition.com, and discover alternative views on cardiovascular health. Sign Up for Our Healthy Buzz Newsletter You’ll receive a carefully curated list of articles, recipes, and product giveaways in your Inbox. Low-FODMAP Quick Shrimp Scampi with Broccoli This tasty low-FODMAP dish makes a perfect weeknight dinner.…

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better nutrition

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herbs that protect against lyme disease

Our population of ticks that carry Lyme disease and other illnesses is rapidly increasing. But even if you’re bitten, the right herbs can help to prevent debilitating consequences, such as fever, pain, fatigue, and memory loss—which sometimes become chronic. “Ticks have been biting humans since there have been humans,” says Bill Rawls, MD, author of Unlocking Lyme: Myths, Truths, and Practical Solutions for Chronic Lyme Disease. “Whether or not they cause illness depends on your immune system.” How Ticks Infect You Harmful microbes carried by ticks include Borrelia, which causes Lyme disease, and an ever-increasing variety of others. Rawls likens these microbes to terrorists because they hide in white blood cells, are carried to all the tissues in the body, and then hijack the immune system so that it can’t kill them off. Herbs…

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fody foods

When I was growing up, we didn’t talk about “bathroom issues” in polite company, if at all. Unfortunately, that reluctance persists today, and makes life even more difficult for people with IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Current estimates say that up to 40 million Americans suffer from this uncomfortable malady, and many of them aren’t even aware of the causes of their distress. Steven Singer wants to change all that. Not only does he want to lead people to awareness about their illness, but he wants to offer a convenient and healthy way for them to make the dietary changes necessary to their well-being and comfort. “As I learned more about IBS and the low-FODMAP diet, I knew I had to do something to make it more accessible. It felt less…

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in the spotlight: cooking with cbd

When wellness expert and recipe developer Leah Vanderveldt sought out CBD oil to manage her anxiety and severe period pain, she found calming, anti-inflammatory relief—and culinary inspiration. The cookbook author devised dozens of ways to make the hemp-derived compound (which, unlike its counterpart THC, has no psychoactive effect) more inviting to those uneasy with its cannabis origins and earthy taste. “I found CBD, while really popular at the moment, was intimidating for a lot of people when it first started gaining momentum,” Vanderveldt says. “When I talked about using it, I found people to be curious, but skeptical—or even scared to use it. So I wanted to clear up any misconceptions and share different ways for people to incorporate it into their routine. I know that the flavor of CBD is…