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Bicycling South Africa November/December 2019

Bicycling is South Africa’s leading cycling magazine and is aimed at both road and mountain biking enthusiasts. Launched in February 2003, it is published 10 times a year, targeting the fast-growing and affluent lifestyle cycling market – youngsters, adults, professional as well as casual cyclists. The magazine is filled with the best international and local content for every element of the cyclist’s life from training techniques and fitness information to inspiring human interest stories, event news, nutrition and motivation. Bicycling is also South Africa’s leading tester of bikes and gear with over 30% of the monthly magazine dedicated to the latest reviews so our readers can make the best choices.

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THE ONLY WAY TO TRULY DEVELOP YOUNG ATHLETES IS TO CREATE HEROES FOR THEM TO ASPIRE TO.That’s why our interview with South Africa’s number-one female cyclist, Ashleigh Moolman Pasio, is so important. // NOBODY QUITE EMBODIES FIGHTING SPIRIT AS WELLAS MOOLMAN PASIO. AFTER YEARS OF RULING THE LOCAL SCENE SHE IS NOW RANKED AMONG THE TOP RIDERS IN THE WORLD, AND IS A MEMBER OF THE ALL-POWERFUL CCC-LIV TEAM DOMINATED BY DUTCH LEGEND MARIANNE VOS. // At the World Championships in September, agonisingly, she missed the winning break, and finished eighth.For most, that would have been a huge success; Moolman Pasio seesit as a failure. That’s the standard by which she measures herself. // DESPITE A FRUSTRATING YEAR (BY HER STANDARDS!) IN 2019, SHE HAS AN INSPIRING SELF-BELIEF AND STEELY…

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the frame

BIG GUNS, BIG HILLS, BIG CROWDS! Nothing quite beats the drama of the world’s great one-day riders battling for the Classics in the early part of the year. And you don’t get bigger names than Mathieu van der Poel, Wout van Aert and Olympic champion Greg van Avermaet digging deep up a climb at the 103rd Tour of Flanders in April. JOU LEKKER DING Saffa Daryl Impey celebrates his first individual stage win at a Grand Tour when he won the ninth stage of the Tour de France, from Saint-Étienne to Brioude, in July, easily outsprinting Tiesj Benoot after a two-man breakaway. POLES APART Windhoek’s Marelize Horn became an internet sensation when her mother filmed her crashing into a rugby pole in the middle of a large field while trying to teach herself how to…

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GRANT CLARKE, ILLUSTRATOR In the centrefold of this month’s issue you will find an illustration by Grant Clark. Clark was recently commissioned to create a new look for the Cape Town Cycle Tour, and you will probably have seen his work in the entry notifications for this year’s event. Inspired by his work, Bicycling has asked Clark to produce a series of artworks for us, and they will be a feature in each issue of Bicycling next year. (Buy all six in 2020, and complete the set. You will also be able to download a high-res print file.) Although Clark currently lives in London, he is proudly South African, and boasts a solo charity ride from Cairo to Cape Town among a long list of cycling achievements. His best tip for…

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the undeniable, amazing, performance-boosting benefits of hiit

Interval training, especially high-intensity interval training (HIIT), has been an annual ‘hot training trend’ for 15 years now, and shows no sign of falling out of favour. HIIT’s hot streak started in 2005, when in a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, exercise scientist Martin Gibala, PhD, reported that two weeks of regular sprint interval training didn’t just make riders better sprinters; it also improved their endurance, by doubling time to fatigue. Since then, dozens more studies have solidified interval training as the fastest way toimprove nearly all aspects of performance. Yet to this day, when riders come to me for training advice, and I ask if they do intervals, I inevitably get the same answer: “No, not really.” But here’s the thing: everyone who wants to feel better on…

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low-pressure pumps

1 / TOPEAK JOEBLOW MOUNTAIN / R2 279 The big ol’ steel barrel is tough and helps this pump inflate huge tyres in a hurry. The clear 60psi gauge has 1psi hashes. 2 / SPECIALIZED AIR TOOL MTB FLOOR PUMP / R1 350 Not only does this pump feature a 40psi gauge with 1psi hashes, it also has a bleed valve and a high-volume barrel for quicker inflation. 3 / LEZYNE ALLOY OVER DRIVE / R1 195 A clear, black-on-white, 60psi gauge with 1psi hashes offers excellent resolution and readability, and the aluminium-and-steel pump stands on a stable tripod base.…

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is it time to rethink the floor pump pressure gauge?

Not long ago, I was heading out for a ride on aroad bike set up with 32mm tyres. I knew that for this tyre, on this rim, I wanted to run 48 psi in the back and 42 in the front. I grabbed one of the floor pumps we have in our office for testing, when something caught my eye: the pressure gauge’s maximum psi of 220, or 15 Bar. A 220psi gauge on a floor pump is pretty common. And if it doesn’t top out at 220psi, it probably does at 160. Do you know what type of tyres one might inflate to 160 or 220 psi? High-end track-racing tubulars. Do you know how many people use high-end track-racing tubulars? Not many. Worldwide there are a few more trackies, but my point…