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Bicycling South Africa January/February 2020

Bicycling is South Africa’s leading cycling magazine and is aimed at both road and mountain biking enthusiasts. Launched in February 2003, it is published 10 times a year, targeting the fast-growing and affluent lifestyle cycling market – youngsters, adults, professional as well as casual cyclists. The magazine is filled with the best international and local content for every element of the cyclist’s life from training techniques and fitness information to inspiring human interest stories, event news, nutrition and motivation. Bicycling is also South Africa’s leading tester of bikes and gear with over 30% of the monthly magazine dedicated to the latest reviews so our readers can make the best choices.

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bicycling south africa

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join the ride

LATE LAST YEAR, THE CORONATION DOUBLE CENTURY HAPPENED FOR THE 27TH TIME. But it never happened for me… again! The DC has it in for me, I’mconvinced. // FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS, I’VE FAILED TO FINISH. In 2017, I blew out at 160km; the next year I only got halfway, because of illness; and in 2019, a recurring back niggle (courtesy of along gravel ride two months before!) made the Ashton refreshment area my 2019 endpoint, at 120km. // I’M PART OF A – LARGELY – SOCIAL GROUP LED BY THE DIRECTOR OF THE CAPE TOWN CYCLE TOUR TRUST, DAVE BELLAIRS. For most of our team the CDC is a grand weekend away with mates, and a constantly pinging WhatsApp group awash with banter, pictures and memes. // BUT…

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2020 bike buyer's guide

Our January/February issue of Bicycling has always featured our Bike Buyer’s Guide, and it’s developed over the years, in keeping with the times. My brief to gear editor Jon Minster was to choose ‘the best bike at every price’ for our 2020 edition – given our economic times. It may sound an easy job; but in reality, with so much choice in every category, choosing a ‘best’ winner is like picking your favourite child. There are literally hundreds of choices within our price categories, but Jon – helped by our testers in the US – has produced an outstanding BBG that should help guide your bike-buying decisions in 2020. Within the BBG we also delve into some of the bike tech, and tackle some of the most Frequently Asked Questions…

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the frame

FLOORING IT THROUGH THE VALLEY! The Coronation Double Century is one of South Africa’s biggest road races, despite the arduous 202km loop from Swellendam to Montague and Robertson, and then back. Now in its 27th year, the event continues to challenge the strongest riders, while making it the Comrades of road cycling for the backmarkers. Here riders make their way up the spectacular Tradouw Pass in the first half of the course. SUPPORT CREW For many of the riders, just finishing the DC is an achievement. Many rely on the support of their fellow teammates – and a well-timed push or two. OUT IN THE BUNDU The course winds its way through some of the most beautiful parts of the Western Cape, and is a huge economic boon to the region. It’s the biggest annual…

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festive, not fat!

You know the deal: when it comes to the holiday season, it’s cheat day… every day! And before you know it you’re packing on an extra 3kg, and your favourite climb has turned into a slog rather than a joy. This is the time of the year in which you can explore and discover new foods and concepts. Visit local farmers’ markets, and those new eateries sprouting up all over the place with creative fare incorporating a spectrum of foods from plants to insects (really!). Many ideas can be recreated and adapted at home; so if you see a festive salad, pumpkin flapjack or black bean brownie you like, make a note; and when you’re home, search the internet for recipes that meet your healthy-eating criteria. Then get organised, so you’re not tempted…

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indoor training options to help you crush every cycling goal

DAVE AMBROSE, A 34-YEAR-OLD venture capitalist, had a problem most of us can relate to: work got busy, and his time toride outside evaporated, resulting in low energy and weight gain. By the end of 2016 he was the heaviest he’d ever been, carrying 86kg on his 1.70m frame. His friends suggested he try indoor training, but he thought it seemed boring. Finally, Ambrose agreed to test Zwift on a friend’s Wahoo Kickr. “I did 45 minutes for the first ride, and thought, ‘This is amazing,’” he says. “You actually feel like you’re outside. It changed everything I thought about indoor cycling.” Hooked, Ambrose got his own Kickr and Zwift subscription. He soon began riding 160km a week - twice as much as he ever did outdoors. He got inspired to start…