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November 2020

In Boys’ Life, all boys and girls can discover exciting new places, gain new skills and learn important tips to stay safe and have fun outdoors. Since 1911, Boys’ Life has been entertaining and educating America’s youth with a focus on the traditional values of fun, citizenship and service.

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more bl headliners

PARKER PAGE Age: 16 Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada Scout Rank: Life Scout (Troop 678, Las Vegas) Made Headlines: By winning the 2020 Nevada State Men’s Gymnastics Championship, Level 9, in his age group. The Scoop: Parker won the pommel horse, high bar and rings as individual events, and placed second in floor, vault and parallel bars. He also made the Nevada All-Star Team, qualifying to compete at the Region 1 Championship, which was canceled due to COVID-19 concerns. Know someone who’s making headlines? Let us know! go.boyslife.org/headliners TEXT: PAULA MURPHEY; PHOTOGRAPHS: CLOCKWISE FROM BOTTOM LEFT: COURTESY OF THE PAGE FAMILY (2); COURTESY OF THE LAMBERT FAMILY (3); COURTESY OF THE JACOBS FAMILY (3); COURTESY OF THE DING FAMILY (2); COURTESY OF THE DURAND FAMILY; PENN STATE; JON SULLIVAN…

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excitement on peace river

SPLASH! Jacob Shanahan tumbled into the chilly river. The 12-year-old Second Class Scout had been digging through his dry bag for a tasty granola bar when the current suddenly picked up, pulling his canoe straight into a large log and overturning it. Jacob screamed — with good reason. “Right before we flipped, we saw some gators about 100 yards away,” he says. The alligators stayed on the shore, sunning themselves. After Jacob and his canoe mate corrected their vessel, he took inventory of his gear. Clothes: soaked. Shoe: lost. Granola bar: missing. Still, this wasn’t going to dampen his spirits. He and the rest of Troop 2001 of Naples, Florida, were not even halfway through their 19-mile paddling trek along Peace River last December. There was plenty of adventure ahead. PADDLING THE PEACE RIVER The 106-mile…

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toying around

All prices listed are MSRP — manufacturer’s suggested retail price. You can often find better prices at stores or online. DIFFERENT WAYS TO FLY There are tons of cool drones out there these days. Here are a few to check out: Before using flying toys, visit knowbeforeyoufly.org for guidelines from the Federal Aviation Administration. ELECTRIC ACTION Get a smooth, stable ride with the Mongoose React electric scooter. Our 11- and 13-year-old testers tried out the E4 model and were cruising right away. The E4 maxes out at 15 mph — and at slower speeds with models for younger riders. Always, always, always wear a helmet. E4 is recommended for ages 13 and up, $229.99; E1 and E2 for ages 8 and up, $119.99 and $139.99. DIY PUTTY Customize your own putty with a Mixed By Me Thinking…

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fiction: the star dunes

A DROP OF WATER splashed onto Cruz’s forehead. “Emmett,” he moaned, feeling the bead roll down his temple. “One more minute.” Cruz was drifting off again, when another drop tapped him on the bridge of his nose. “OK, OK.” His roommate was right. They’d be in big trouble if they were late to class. Cruz yawned, his eyelids fluttering. “You win, Emmett. I’m …” The creamy white ceiling he expected to see was, instead, a forbidding black hole. “… up,” he gulped. He remembered now. Cruz was not in his soft, warm bed in cabin 202 on board Orion, Explorer Academy’s flagship vessel. Not even close. He was huddled at the bottom of a cold, damp cave somewhere outside of Aksaray, Turkey. Cruz’s neck was tipped back. His head, rather than being cradled in his cloud of…

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what's up online?

THANKFUL FOR FUN Find Turkey Day crafts, jokes, recipes and more at go.boyslife.org/thanksgiving PRESIDENTIAL PET TRIVIA How much do you know about White House pets? Try our quiz at go.boyslife.org/whitehousepets CAPTIONS THAT MADE US • Time to play ultimate fetch. (Submitted by Awesomesauce) • Are we almost done yet? I can’t hold this pose any longer. (jerviss) • Hope the turbulence isn’t ruff! (Lock paper scissors) • Way better than a flying doghouse! (Desert Eagle) • I’m ready for my pawsome flight. (blue angel) • Aviation merit badge and Pets merit badge: completed. (Scoutmom) • Watch Amelia Earbark take to the skies! (BlakeyB15) • Pup! Pup! And away! (TheChameleon) • Fast and the furriest. (Icarus) Write your caption at go.boyslife.org/funnycaptions MEME KING Drop us an Instagram message with your best memes. If they follow the Scout Law, you could be our next meme royalty! ILLUSTRATIONS: KEVIN HURLEY;…