Digital Photographer Annual

Vol 3

With the rise of image-sharing platforms, the popularity of digital photography shows no signs of waning. Digital Photographer Annual collates all the best advice for grass roots amateurs and aspiring experts. Unveil industry secrets, be inspired by the pros, tackle shooting techniques and follow our insightful career guides to develop your skills now! Featuring: 12 professional shooting secrets - Follow expert advice and take your photography skills to the next level. Get photo inspiration - Read interviews with photographers in various fields, from food to fashion. Master shooting techniques - Get to grips with various shooting skills through in-depth features and tutorials. Develop your career - Learn how to stand out in the competitive world of professional photography.

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welcome to digital photographer annual

With the soaring accessibility of image-sharing platforms, the popularity of digital photography shows no sign of waning. We all want to see the awe-inspiring sights, treasured memories and stunning compositions of our family and friends. But whether you are a grass roots amateur, an aspiring expert or even a paid professional, there are always new tricks to be learned. Digital Photographer Annual collates all the best advice for newbies and veterans looking to realise their creative ambitions. Start by unveiling our top industry secrets, before finding inspiration from seasoned professionals who specialise in fields varying from food to fashion. Next, our in-depth guides tackle techniques for shooting specific subjects (from wildlife to portraits) and effects (from macro to mono). Lastly, learn how to overcome the competition with insightful step-by-step career…

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guide to getting perfect shots

Photography is a continual learning process. No matter how good you think you are, or how many years you’ve been shooting, you can get better. There will always be new subjects to shoot, techniques to try and technology to master. However, that’s no bad thing, because if it were easy, everyone would be a master photographer and we’d lose interest very quickly. What makes photography so inspiring and challenging is that it’s actually quite difficult to take great pictures. Despite the amazing digital technology we all have access to these days, photography will always be a creative process. You can buy the best camera in the world, equip yourself with an arsenal of lenses and every gizmo that’s out there, but at the end of the day, the success of every…

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eye from the skies

London-based aerial and landscape photographer Timo Lieber ( has travelled amazingly far in the last two years and his industry success is even more impressive when you consider how recent his introduction to the imaging world has been. “It started several years ago with me picking up my first DSLR,” Lieber says. “Once I realised what it allowed me to achieve I was instantly hooked.” Since 2013, Lieber has gained recognition in competitions such as the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Landscape Photographer of the Year, as well as National Geographic’s Traveller photo contest. There’s no doubt his technique is masterful, but it’s the way he views the world that truly leaves viewers entranced. “Although captured in every finest detail, the subjects of my large-scale photographs are often shrouded…

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light and colour

Based in Switzerland, half-Italian photographer Fabio Antenore is a relative newcomer to the professional photography scene. Having only picked up a camera for the first time three years ago after working as a musician, audio advisor and audio engineer, apart from teaching Thai boxing once a week, Antenore’s mind is now completely focused on his photography career. What was your introduction to photography? I’ve only been photographing for about three years, and only intensively for about a year and a half. In the beginning I photographed mostly lost places, but now I do mostly landscapes or sometimes macro or fashion. I spend every second I have on photography. Someday I would like to be one of the best, and for that I have to work as hard as I can! For my…

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animal magic

With a burgeoning online reputation for stunning, atmospheric wildlife images, Pedro Jarque Krebs is crafting his own identity in a competitive field. In this interview, he discusses his inspirations and techniques. You’re principally known for your wildlife images. What was it that first attracted you to working in this genre? Animals are endless models. They are so different and unique from each other that they offer unlimited possibilities to work with many shapes, types of light, shadows and expressions. What’s really fascinating about working with animals is that they are so spontaneous. What kit are you currently working with? Is there anything you plan to buy in the future? Right now I am working with Canon equipment, obviously digital, and the one I currently use is a Canon EOS 5D Mark III. There are…

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surf’s up

To see more of Fox’s work, visit his Instagram and Twitter (@_andyfox), and check out his portfolio at, or visit his Facebook at The immediacy of capturing a splitsecond during sports is something that polarises photographers – you either love it, or you hate it. For professional sports photographer Andy Fox (, there’s nothing better than freezing the action – and there’s simply no better place than in the roaring seas. What was your introduction to photography? Have you always taken photographs? When I was ten years old, I frequently visited the Mediterranean with my grandparents in the summer vacations. I was passionate about jumping into the waves, diving under and bodysurfing until the break of night, and my nostrils would be stuffed with sand. My grandpa trustingly handed me over…