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Heritage Commercials

Heritage Commercials

January 2020

Heritage Commercials magazine is Britain’s brightest full colour magazine for classic and vintage commercial vehicle enthusiasts. It celebrates the days when roads were still quiet and lorry driving was fun as well as hard work. But Heritage Commercials is not just about old drivers – its strong historical content looks at the various vehicle manufacturers, while it keeps up to date with the current preservation scene with stories of beautifully restored vehicles of a bygone age, and their owners, being featured. The magazine also regularly features light commercials – vans to you and me – buses and coaches, fire engines and military vehicles, as well as keeping in touch with the ever growing number of superb long distance road runs and events held throughout the year. This is living history on the move!

United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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1 min.
take care on the roads

I must start this month, with the very sad news that we recently lost a regular contributor to the magazine; Alan Barnes. I only knew Alan via emails and by reading his excellent features, but a couple of associates who did know Alan are putting together a tribute which will go in next month’s Heritage Commercials. We have Alan’s final feature in this month about the ubiquitous dustcart. Now we are in winter and as the picture above would suggest, this is the time of year to drive with extreme caution, but if the worst does happen and you end up having to make a claim please read your letter carefully before presenting your case as obviously the people involved below didn’t. Here are some funny insurance claims to bring a…

1 min.
heritage commercials

EDITORIAL Editor: Charles Waters Email: hc.ed@kelsey.co.uk Art Editor: Philip Silk Contributors: Bob Tuck, Ed Burrows, Mike and Julie Blenkinsop, Dean Reader, Peter Love, Alan Barnes, Bob Weir and Mike Forbes Advertising Sales Tandem Media Limited Managing Director: Catherine Rowe Account Manager: Laura Crawte Tel: 01233 228754 Email: laura@tandemmedia.co.uk Advertising Production Tandem Media Limited Production Manager: Andy Welch Artwork Enquiries heritage@tandemmedia.co.uk Tel: 01233 220245 MANAGEMENT Chief Executive: Steve Wright Chief Operating Officer: Phil Weeden Finance Director: Joyce Parker-Sarioglu Publisher: Paul Appleton Retail Director: Steve Brown HR & Operations Manager: Charlotte Whittaker Audience Development Manager: Andy Cotton Brand Marketing Manager: Kate Chamberlain. Events Manager: Kat Chappell Senior Print Production Manager: Nicola Pollard Print Production Manager: Georgina Harris Print Production Controller – Kelly Orriss…

17 min.
racing certainty

You’ll like this – it’s a good one. We thought we’d heard it all but hand on heart, we reckon you’ll never guess where A639 OUD spent a chunk of its life – and how the heck it was discovered. Yes, we’ve heard all manner of ‘barn find’ stories or even tales of wrecks dragged out of hedges to be rebuilt into time warp stunners. We’ve even told you about a special version of Atkinson cab being shipped across the world from Australia just so it can re-create a piece of Yorkshire transport folk-lore, but we reckon the story to this Roadtrain just takes the biscuit. In the ‘80s, the top of the range Leyland T45 model could be seen here, there and everywhere as this 4x2 32/38 tonner was a…

1 min.
aberdeen western peripheral route road run

An excellent turnout of over 30 commercial vehicles braved the rain to take part in the latest AWPR road run, writes Bob Weir. The run celebrates the recent opening of the long-overdue Aberdeen bypass. The run started at Ellon north of the city, and ended 60 miles later at Stracathro service station on the A90. The run is free to entrants and is proving to be a big success. The next run is scheduled for May 2020. Further information: Stuart Walker 07831 841024 SEND YOUR STORIES TO THE EDITOR hc.ed@kelsey.co.uk Heritage Commercials, Kelsey Publishing Ltd, The Granary, Downs Court, Yalding Hill, Yalding, Kent.…

2 min.
pollock’s tribute truck

Well-known Scottish haulage contractors; Pollock (Scotrans) Ltd has named one of its latest MAN TGX tractor units in honour of the late Frank Richardson, who was one of the first road transport enthusiasts to comprehensively record the fleet on film. During the 1950s and ‘60s, Frank Richardson grew up in the Berwickshire village of Cockburnspath, known as Co’path to its inhabitants. In those days, the main A1 trunk road connecting Edinburgh to London, ran through the village. At a time when most young lads were trainspotting, Frank became fascinated by road haulage vehicles. With a notebook and camera, he started to record the more intricately liveried Scottish fleets passing through this corner of the Borders. The then Musselburgh-based Pollock Transport became a personal favourite. Frank developed an encyclopaedic knowledge of this famous…

1 min.
great sale at green hill farm

HJ Pugh held the Green Hill Farm retirement sale at Linton, Cambridge on Saturday 16 November says Peter Love. There was an excellent crowd at this very intriguing; sale which was to be undertaken by another auctioneering company who withdrew that’s when H J Pugh of Ledbury stepped in. They staged an excellent sale here, which was laid out very well. Everyone was sensible and the 358 lots sold accordingly all in good weather at that. Here is a list of the lots relevant to Heritage Commercials please add VAT to all lots. SALE HIGHLIGHTS…