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patrolling the fort

Think of the greatest battles in the history of the world; NSW vs QLD in State of Origin, Superman vs Batman in the pages of comics, Mario vs Bowser across decades of video games. Well, now we have another one to add to the list. Cattus vs Doggus in Fortnite. In truth, the giant fight had been coming for a long time. Even as far back as last month’s issue of KRASH Presents… Fortnite magazine we were talking about the giant eye under Polar Peak; proof that a huge beast was trapped within the ice. After a meteor from the volcanic eruption struck Polar Peak, it started an unstoppable chain of events, leading to the escape of the monster. It was named Doggus and it begun swimming around the island and occasionally…

3 min.
hellfire from above

First you pull the pin. Then you throw the Air Strike canister to the location you wish to target. After a small delay and warning siren, about 120 metres above that strike zone missiles will spawn. They will rain down at random upon a nine-metre radius on the ground. In total 20 missiles drop, with each detonation blasting 75 points of damage to players, and 200 points of damage to buildings, in a wide 3.5 metre radius. That’s some serious power! So how do you make the most of the Air Strike? 1 You can stack two Air Strikes, so if you have two – or if one of your squad mates has one as well – try unleashing a double attack. Throw one canister at your enemy’s location, and a second…

3 min.
advanced combat techniques

1 Let’s start with something simple. Learn to move in unpredictable ways. Don’t run in straight lines; don’t always strafe sideways; don’t follow the obvious path from one location to another; don’t jump without purpose. Players get used to seeing each other move in certain ways, so if you don’t follow those rules you become a much more difficult opponent to hit. 2 Stay on top of all the changes. Whenever a new item or weapon comes into the game, study it and think about how you might be able to use it. But don’t just think of it from an attacking perspective; also consider how you might defend against it. 3 Don’t just stop at additions either; think about what items have been vaulted or tweaked, and how their removal of…

2 min.
get physically ready

Being good at eSports requires a lot of the same physical training as playing real world sport. You don’t need to be super strong or crazy fit, but your body needs to be sharp and ready to go. You need to eat well so your mind and muscles good energy to feed on and don’t become lethargic during high-pressure competition. Here are some easy things you can do to help improve your physical performance in Fortnite: • Make sure you keep up your exercise. Ride your bike, go for a run, hit the waves, play some sport; whatever it is that you enjoy and can do. Make sure every day you do something so your body doesn’t get slow and lazy. • Aiming takes great hand-eye coordination, and this is something you…

6 min.
we want to see in fortnite

As you know, Fortnite is the biggest video game in the world. In fact, it’s more than just a game, it’s a pop culture phenomenon. Everybody is talking about it; not just gamers. It’s in the news. It’s in the playground. It’s been discussed by worried parents who are concerned it’s simply too awesome and might blow their child’s mind. And when anything gets this big, there are companies out there that will pay good money to be a part of it. We’ve already seen this happen a few times in Fortnite. The Marvel Avengers films have appeared in the game twice now in different ways, changing up the gameplay in innovative and interesting ways. And recently we saw the mighty John Wick make a cameo, with his house, car and…

1 min.
what other crossovers can we expect?

It’s not just movies that we’ve seen Epic Games partner with in Fortnite. There was the huge Marshmello DJ set, the Weezer album launch and, more recently, a tie-in with Nike Air Jordan shoes. All of these provided unique and powerful experiences within the Fortnite world that you cannot get anywhere else and helped make the game more awesome without breaking it. So why not do more? If it’s big in popular culture, then it can be big in Fortnite. We expect to see more in-game music events happening over the coming months and years. Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, The Killers, Kanye West, Beyoncé, The Chainsmokers and Tool are just some of the superstar acts with upcoming album launches. We could also see more happening from the world of sport. While it’s…