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Men's Fitness South Africa July - August 2019

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men's fitness

It’s a mindset Spring is such an amazing time, everywhere in the world but especially in South Africa. The Jacaranda trees start to blossom and fill the streets of Pretoria in bright colours. The leafy suburbs of Johannesburg come alive; joggers are out and smiling early in the morning and the gyms are packed to the rafters – hell, even the retail space starts to pick up in sales again. It’s generally a time that people are happier, feel more positive and enjoy a gusto for life. I’ve actually spent quite a bit of time listening to motivational speakers the past couple of weeks, not due to a lack of motivation on my part, but rather to get some added inspiration. So, what do we do? Do we stay in bed…

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advisory board

STRENGTH TRAINING CJ Murphy, M.F.S. Owner, Total Performance Sports, Everett, MA Jim Smith, C.P.P.S. Owner, Diesel Strength & Conditioning Zach Even-Esh Owner, Underground Strength Gym, Edison, NJ WEIGHT LOSS Bob Harper Fitness expert; trainer, NBC’s The Biggest Loser Chris Powell, C.S.C.S. Trainer; author; transformation specialist, ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss Frank G. Bottone Jr., Ph.D., R.D. Author, The Diet Denominator: Fill Your Tank for Less FINANCE Roy Cohen Career counselor; author, The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide; careercoachny.com Chris Bart, Ph.D. Business consultant; author, A Tale of Two Employees DERMATOLOGY Tina West, M.D. Board-certified dermatologist; founder of the West Institute, westskinlaser.com Annet King, Director of global education, the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica PHYSICAL THERAPY Jay Dicharry, M.P.T., C.S.C.S. Director of biomechanics, Rebound Physical Therapy FOOD Danny Boome Celebrity chef, currently on Good Food America for Veria Living Candice Kumai Author, Clean Green Drinks, candicekumai.com Devin Alexander Celebrity chef; host,…

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Be a stairs master We won’t sugarcoat it: Running stairs blows. The upside is that it’s a quick way to break a sweat and turn your legs to jelly. But how hard do you need to go to reap the benefits? To find out, scientists at McMaster University in Canada had subjects run on a StairMaster and then run one or two flights of stairs in short intervals. In the end, both protocols increased peak oxygen uptake — by 12% in the first test and 7% in the second — and demonstrated that brief and intense stair climbing could improve cardiovascular fitness in about 30 minutes. Carb up for the long run (literally) Researchers believe carbs can bolster your health and promote faster recovery from exercise because they stabilise blood sugar levels during…

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get yourself some wife insurance

Trying to keep your head out of the marriage noose? Well, stop. Because tying the knot can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Men and women who got hitched have lower cortisol levels than those who never marry or those who are no longer married. Prolonged stress ramps up levels of cortisol, which can interfere with your body’s ability to regulate inflammation, spurring or worsening the progression of many diseases. Marriage — having someone to talk to and be with at the end of every day — helps couples unload psychological stress, whereas single dudes, mindlessly swiping through dating apps, just have, well, other single dudes. (Psychoneuroendocrinology)…

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what winners know

USN Hardcore Whey GH Hardcore Whey gH is a unique formulation of premium quality whey protein with an optimal amino acid content. It also contains an advanced Hypervol Glycotrans system to drive the protein into your glycogen stores as well as creatine and taurine to boost strength and endurance. Tribulus Terrestris is added for powerful increases in muscle power and performance. R294, usn.co.za TW Steele Dakar TW996 In Dust We Trust. Designed together with the Coronel brothers, this limited-edition Dakar timepiece features a big calibre chronograph, 46mm steel case, black leather strap with orange stitching and a special Coronel Dakar 2019 Logo on the case back. In line with their start number, it is limited to 347 pieces. R9 500, twsteeleshop.co.za The Beard Pro Combo Beard Shaper The Beard shaper is a device that helps you shape…

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game changers

Guys will probably be fighting online for millennia about the best time to get protein during the day. To add to the chorus, a new study from the University of Illinois in the US recently tackled the subject in a two-phase experiment on rats. • First, they gave two groups three meals a day with 16% of calories from protein — one fed animal-based protein from whey or eggs, another plant protein from soy and wheat — and found that the animal group had increased muscle synthesis, while the veggie eaters gained 20% more body fat. • The second part focused only on whey protein with one group getting a balanced amount of protein through the day, while the other got ramped-up protein as the day went on. The study…