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 / Auto et Moto
MOTOR Magazine Australia

MOTOR Magazine Australia

January 2020

If you love fast cars and everything surrounding them, then MOTOR is the magazine for you. From the hottest new cars to the wildest tuner vehicles, through the people who build, buy, race and repair them, MOTOR shines a spotlight on the late model car enthusiast lifestyle. Through 60 years of heritage MOTOR has built up a reputation as the car enthusiast’s bible.

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3 min.
dylan campbell

AS THE NEW DECADE COMETH, HERE ARE THE 10 NEW PERFORMANCE CARS I’M MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO DRIVING IN 2020 WELCOME TO A BRAND new decade – if you believe, of course, the new decade starts now, and not next year! And as you’ll read over page in our special Pace Notes crystal-ball-gazing feature, it’s looking like a fairly monumental one for the world of performance motoring. Forgetting the decade for a moment, this year alone is looking insane for new performance models, the pipeline spewing factory hot rods at unabated pace. Sluggish global economy be damned! And rather than list them all out, I thought I’d pick the 10 new performance models coming in 2020 that I’m personally most excited to drive. 10. MINI Cooper GP. I loved the old R56/R57 MINI,…

9 min.
2o2o vision our 20 predictions for the decade ahead

THIS IS BRAVE of us, one of those articles you re-read many years down the track and have a little chuckle to yourself. Hello to the readers from 2030 and beyond! But it’s something we felt we must do. As serial speculators here at MOTOR HQ, the next decade is looking mighty interesting for the new-car industry. Tightening emissions regulations – to the point of corporate strangulation – will form the core of the challenge, forcing a total rethink of model ranges and propulsion systems, manufacturers moving as quickly as possible to battery electric vehicles, abridged where possible with hybridisation. It’s going to cost them a lot. Petrol engines will become impressively efficient and lose cubic centimetres and cylinders along the way, while autonomy will further develop but won’t leave…

1 min.
education is the answer

In response to Morley’s blast of dual-cab utes and SUVs, if we actually taught people proper automotive driving skills, then people would have the knowledge and skill to jump into any vehicle and drive it safely and within its limits of handling and braking, etc. In this situation, whether someone jumps into a Picanto, Hilux, Landcruiser or Porsche 911 for the first time, they would drive each vehicle in a manner that did not exceed their ability, or the vehicle’s dynamic abilities. The result would be a massive reduction in vehicle crashes across the whole spectrum of vehicles on our roads. The Victorian and SA road tolls are way higher this year, and other states are probably not doing well either. If you actually want to lower the road toll,…

6 min.
the tribe

NSX PRICE GOUGE There’s probably an element of brand snobbery at work, maybe moreso in the US than here, but if Honda Australia wants to look for a reason no-one is buying their NSX they need to go no further than pricing. To compare our market to the US is pointless obviously, as taxes and such make the comparison null and void, but I’m going to do it anyway. A current base model Acura NSX sells for USD$157,000 (AUD$232,000), a current base model Nissan GT-R sells for USD$114,000 (AUD$168,000). Yet somehow Honda Australia sees fit to sell the NSX here for $400,000-plus, while Nissan Australia sells the latest GTR Premium for $197,000. So the NSX is roughly 38 per cent more expensive than a Nissan GT-R in the States but is 104 per cent…

2 min.
frank noronha

YOU ONCE HAD A Z3 M COUPE? That’s the first M I had, and I still regret selling that car. It was unbelievable in terms of how raw that car was. It had very few driver assistance aids, it’s basically you and the car. And I wanted to recapture that a little bit with the M2 Competition. DID ANYTHING ELSE COME INTO THE EQUATION? I was always a Porsche fan. So many missed opportunities. Back when I was driving the M coupe I was looking at 911s and tested a few but never got to the stage where I put pen on paper. HOW HAS THE EXPERIENCE BEEN? I don’t drive the M2 enough, it’s basically a weekend cruiser. It’s a very good car. WHY THE AUTO? I based my choice on the…

1 min.
on the wires

GET INVOLVED Pick your channel, enjoy daily content ON FACEBOOK @motorofficial The tribe: 54,391 ON TWITTER @motor_mag The mob: 3335 ON INSTAGRAM @motorofficial The voyeurs: 8588…