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Owner Driver

Owner Driver

Issue 324

Owner/Driver is the biggest circulation truck publication in Australia due to the complete information mix (covering news, people and technical issues), with a broad spread of new and used trucks, parts and service and trucking jobs and TBM's own distribution system using our own long standing distributors across Australia. Owner/Driver is popular because it makes the effort to move around Australia. Monthly, it continues to follow its initial creed 'Dedicated to the success of the person behind the wheel'. 

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2 min.
roaring in the new ’20s

So we’re entering a new decade – the ’20s. It may seem strange for anyone under the age of, say, 40, but up until this year, the ’20s was often referred to as the ‘Roaring Twenties’, meaning the 1920s. Most of us have had parents, grandparents or great grandparents who were born or who lived in the ‘Roaring Twenties’. So what will this new ’20s deliver? Will it be as ground breaking as it was in the 1920s? Back then, 100 years ago, the Great War (or World War One as it would be renamed later) had ended and it was a time of jubilation and prosperity. George V was the British king and Billy Hughes was Prime Minister of Australia. Anyone going to the cinema in the 1920s would have been enthralled when they…

1 min.
owner driver

EDITORIAL Managing Editor: Greg Bush Ph: 07 3101 6602 Fax: 07 3101 6619 E-mail: greg.bush@bauertrader.com.au Digital Content Manager/Deputy Editor: Cobey Bartels Ph: 0409 044 128 E-mail: cobey.bartels@bauertrader.com.au Technical Editor: Steve Brooks E-mail: sbrooks.trucktalk@bigpond.com Contributors: Warren Aitken, Frank Black, Steve Brooks, Warren Clark, Rod Hannifey, Michael Kaine, Sarah Marinovic, David McKenzie, Steve Skinner, Ken Wilkie Cartoonist: John Allison PRODUCTION Sub-editor: Cat Fitzpatrick Designers: Bea Barthelson, Christie Webster Print: APN Print ADVERTISING Brand Sales Manager (Qld): Sean Owens Ph: 0439 739 933 E-mail: sean.owens@bauertrader.com.au State Sales Manager (Qld): David Wiltshire Ph: 0466 009 383 E-mail: david.wiltshire@bauertrader.com.au Sales Manager (Vic): Matt Alexander Ph: 03 9567 4211 E-mail: matt.alexander@bauertrader.com.au Sales Manager (NSW): Antony Bladen Ph: 0437 371 097 E-mail: antony.bladen@bauertrader.com.au Sales Manager (SA): Nick Lenthall Ph: 08 8212 6256 E-mail: nick.lenthall@bauertrader.com.au Sales Manager (WA): Greg Boase Ph: 0408 516 176 E-mail: greg.boase@bauertrader.com.au Agency Sales Manager (NSW): Max Kolomiiets Ph: 02 8275…

2 min.
mccoll’s and cub in drought relief effort

McCOLL’S TRANSPORT has linked with Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) for a Water on Wheels initiative designed to deliver recycled brewing water to farmers affected by drought. The start of the pilot program saw about 25,000 litres of water delivered to a Southern Downs farm recently. Free non-potable water used at CUB’s Yatala plant is being delivered to farms within 50km of the Newell or Pacific Highways in Queensland and NSW, to be used on crops or livestock as the drought persists. McCool’s fleet comprises a specialised bulk tanker division catering for the task. “We have hundreds of drivers travelling throughout Australia to farms every week to pick up milk supplies,” McColl’s Group business development manager Andrew Thompson says. “We have seen first-hand how dry many parts of Queensland and New South Wales are and…

2 min.
victorian truckie’s fire relief run

CAHILL TRANSPORT DRIVER Adrian Richards stepped up recently alongside his wife Linda Morris, to help deliver much-needed supplies to fire-affected Aussies. News of rapidly spreading fires across New South Wales and Queensland filling the airwaves around the nation has inspired Cahill Transport driver Adrian Richards and his wife Linda Morris to help out. “We were sitting down watching the news and saw the fires,” Adrian explains. “Linda and her family lost everything in the Ash Wednesday bushfires back in ’83 when she was just a teenager – she sat there crying watching the news and asked me what we can do.” Being a truckie, Adrian was quick to consider pulling together enough supplies for a run in the truck to deliver some aid to the worst hit towns. “We originally thought about a car load…

2 min.
global protection for owner-drivers

THE TRANSPORT WORKERS’ UNION (TWU) is welcoming a major step forward that it says will ensure that transport supply chains are safe and sustainable with the publication of guidelines from the United Nations labour body. The guidelines follow agreement by global governments, worker representatives and employers, which met in Geneva in September, and are seen as a prelude to a potential treaty on making transport safer and businesses more sustainable. The guidelines acknowledge that “pressure from supply chain entities can be an underlying cause of transport workers adopting riskier and unsafe driving practices”. It adds that “the road transport industry is characterised and impacted by multiple supply chains and contracting chains which often lead to pressures on margins that can leave transport workers unable to exercise their fundamental principles and rights at…

2 min.
drivers ‘doing the right thing’

A RECENT NATIONAL HEAVY VEHICLE REGULATOR (NHVR)-led operation targeting fatigue showed 93.9 per cent of truck drivers are complying with fatigue regulations aimed at keeping everyone safe on our roads, the NHVR reveals. NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto says Operation Wake Up intercepted 4,096 drivers over an eight-day period in December last year at more than 80 locations and mobile patrols across Australia. “Driving tired is one of the most significant causes of crashes on our roads and professional truck drivers need to carefully manage their rest hours to make sure everyone gets home safe,” Petroccitto says. “I’m encouraged to see that the compliance rate has increased from the 93 per cent recorded during a similar operation in May and that vast majority of drivers are doing the right thing, however we will continue…