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Perlen Poesie

Issue 35, December 2017

Beads and other components become jewelry art: 100 pages with at least 15 tutorials in different skill levels from around the world, with clear graphics, beautiful photographs. In addition, news, technique courses, tipps & tricks, artist presentations, trends and history.

United States
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fuel to fire your creativity

Dear Beaders, You are fond of fine handwork and enjoy beauty, colors and shine. You are open to new ideas. Some of you prefer to work the projects exactly; others are inspired by our projects to create your own ideas. You complement your outfits with an accessory and/or love jewelry to be the star of show. You all, dear readers, are who we have in mind when designing Perlen Poesie! In 2009 our magazine appeared for the first time. Now we are in the 10 year – which we are very pleased about. More and more bead enthusiasts turn to us and offer their own jewelry designs for publication. Therefore, at this point, we would like to give a heartfelt thank you to both our readers and the contributing jewelry designers! And…

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beads with multiple holes from prehistoric times

The Swabian Jura, sometimes also called the Swabian Alb or Swabian Alps in English, is a low mountain range, more precisely a high plateau, the largest part of which lies in Baden-Württemberg. In the summer of 2017, six caves in the Ach and Lone Valleys, entitled “Caves and Ice Age in the Swabian Jura”, received UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage status. Here, archaeologists have discovered many thousands of years old sculptural legacies of human kind. The caves are sites of the oldest art objects in the world: carved from mammal bone, e.g. a horse’s head, an aquatic bird, a human-like figure with the head of a lion, a finger-sized statue of a female torso – “the Venus of Hohle Fels” (also known as “the Venus of Schelklingen”) – named after its…

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January 6–8, 2018 Bijoutex Messe München München, DE www.trendset.de January 11–14, 2018 Pasadena Bead and Design Show Hilton Pasadena Hotel Pasadena CA, USA www.beadanddesign.com/shows/pasadena.php January 19–22, 2018 Bijorhca Expo Porte de Versailles Paris, FR www.bijorhca.com January 27–30, 2018 Creativeworld Messe Frankfurt am Main, DE www.creativeworld.messefrankfurt.com January 27–February 3, 2018 The Tucson Bead Show Casino Del Sol Tucson, US www.thetucsonbeadshow.com February 16–19, 2018 Inhorgenta Munich Messe München München, DE www.inhorgenta.com March 7–10, 2018 Abilmente Messe Vicenza, IT www.abilmente.org March 9–11, 2018 Lauschaer GlasPerlentage Elias Glashütte Lauscha, DE www.farbglashuette-lauscha.de March 14–18, 2018 Creativa Westfalenhallen Dortmund, DE www.westfalenhallen.de March 15–17, 2018 Bead Fest Texas Sheraton Arlington Hotel Texas, US www.new.beadfest.com March 22–27, 2018 Baselworld Messe Basel Basel, CH www.baselworld.com March 23–25, 2018 h+h cologne Messe Köln, DE www.hh-cologne.de…

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seen …

Send them to us at: editors@perlen-poesie.com Fine precision in small spaces The Matubo seed bead is now available in size 11° (manufactured by Matura Beads s.r.o, Czech Republic). It is available in a wealth of colors and coatings. What’s exceptional is that these very small beads are produced using press molds rather than the usual method of using glass tubes that are cut. This way, they are very precise in both shape and size. Seen in Project 4 “Square Flower” Ring by Nela Kàbelovà on page 41 of this issue. www.maturabeads.cz A new shape of bead The Semi-Circle (abbrev.: SC) is a flat semicircular bead with its two holes bored crosswise, made by All Beads CZ. Available in one size (5x10mm) and many colors. It was seen on the website of its designer, Anke…

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plan and play

F rom this combination she has created something wonderful. Let’s start by saying that she i s an “HSP”, as scientists put it, a Highly Sensitive Person. She speaks openly about it. It doesn’t mean that someone is ill, but has a particularly sensitive nervous system that perceives subtleties in the surroundings quickly and with a wealth of nuances, processing complex information that one feels more intensively and in which impressions long resonate. It is the opposite of being a “thick-skinned person” – even if they would like it sometimes, because life with its many “disturbances” (stimulus flooding) is often too strenuous. By the way, scientists estimate that 15–20 % of the population is highly sensitive, but try to ignore it. For about 10 years, she has also suffered from…

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to catch a crystal

And so we continue w ith o ur clever S warovski bezels. This t ime we’ll be addressing three bezels for more common crystals in rather square forms: Classical Square 16 mm, Octagon 18 x 13 mm and Square Octagon 23 mm. The basic technique used was explained in issue 34 of Perlen Poesie, and is based on the popular RAW (Right Angle Weave). More extensive information is available in the book “To Catch a Crystal”, published by BEADERS BEST Publishing: www.perlen-poesie.com/books. Important here is the careful attention needed to produce this narrower version, which guarantees a s ecure h old o f the c rystals w ith the maximum amount of surface left visible. Legend/Material: sb11 Miyuki seed beads 11° Duracoat galvanized silver (4201) sb15 Miyuki seed beads 15° matte opaque cobalt…