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May 2020

QuizFest readers look at the magazine as an extension of their diary-- a place where they can answer questions honestly and get in touch with who they are as a person. Each issue is packed with quizzes on love, friendship, family, celebrities, fashion, beauty, and more!

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2 min.
what empowers you?

1 When are you the most proud of yourself? A. When I’ve made someone I love laugh B. When I complete a project C. When I do something people told me I couldn’t do 2 One goal you’d like to achieve is to: A. Expand my group of friends B. Learn a new hobby C. Get better at my sport 3 Who is at the top of your list of inspirational women? A. Ellen DeGeneres B. Taylor Swift C. Michelle Obama 4 Your friend has ghosted your texts all day. You: A. Call her to see if she answers B. Wait a day, then text her again C. Don’t think of it — she’s probably just busy 5 When you’re having a bad day, what’s your ultimate pick-me-up? A.Venting to someone I trust B. Blasting my favorite music C. Getting some fresh air 6 Which motto would you hang up…

1 min.
are you in the right friend group?

“WE’VE BEEN best friends SINCE DAY ONE! - KENZIE” DIRECTIONS: Read the statement, then write the number you feel is accurate in the space provided. When you’re done, add up all eight numbers to reveal your answer! 8-13 POINTS Deep down you know you haven’t found your crew. Your friends are fun to hang out with, but NO, YOUR FUTURE SQUAD IS STILL OUT THERE! something is missing. Don’t worry, you’ll fall into the perfect group when the time is right! 14-19 POINTS You’re still figuring out your place in your squad! So far, so good, but it’s a bit early to decide if they’re IT’S TOO SOON TO TELL! BFF material. Even if they end up being casual friends and not your best friends, they’re still great! 20-24 POINTS You and your girls are together for life! You can be…

1 min.
what should be your karaoke song?

“Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus Put your hands up, they’re playing your song! You’re the life of the party, so you need a song that’ll get everyone hype. This Miley classic is irresistible! “Baby” by Justin Bieber You take karaoke very seriously. From the first note of the song, it’ll be like you’re an actual popstar. Only a true pro could perform the entire “Baby” rap like you could! “Wannabe” by The Spice Girls There’s nothing like a throwback tune to make your karaoke experience memorable! You want share the mic with your closest besties, a.k.a. your very-own girl group! “Breaking Free” from High School Musical This duet is silly, a little corny and perfectly light-hearted. What more could you want in a karaoke song? Bonus points if you do Troy and Gabriella’s flyin’ dance…

1 min.
wh0 would be your zombies 2 squad?

THE ZOMBIES You can consider Zed your new best friend! The zombies are sweet, silly and really friendly. Sound familiar? Sure, you don’t have naturally-gray skin, but you’d get along with the zombies as if you were one of their own. Plus, you’d look great with green highlighs. Now, who is making you an honorary Z-Band? THE CHEERLEADERS You have what it takes to make it to the top ... of the cheer pyramid! Addison and Bucky could use a girl like you on their squad. You share the same drive and passion! You’re great at spreading school spirit and making new friends. All you need is your own uniform! THE WEREWOLVES The new kids in town are ready for you to join the pack! Willa, Wynter and Wyatt are protective of their friends and…

2 min.
what does your room reveal?

MOODY Dark paint on the walls? Check. Metallic accents? Check. Dim lighting? Check. While your aesthetic isn’t for everyone, it’s perfect for a mysterious girl like you to call home. Its vibe has an elegant edginess to it that you can totally relate to in your own life. DREAMY When it comes to interior design, you’re all about creating a whimsical escape for yourself that you can daydream in. You want your bedroom to be a little offbeat and playful just like you are. And with cute decals, fun patterns and pastel wall art, this one screams that. GIRLY From bows and unicorns, to tons of pink accents and glitter accessories, this room screams girly girl! It sums up your personality perfectly and is the ultimate sleepover location for you and your besties to catch…

2 min.
read his lips!

Plump middle It looks like you’re crushing on a dreamer, if the boy you like has lips like Jordan’s. He’s someone who reaches for he stars and has tons of goals. He’s one of the hardest working people around and will inspire you to be too. Full lips If your crush’s lips look like Charles’, it means he’s very caring. He has a huge heart and will do anything to make you smile. He’s someone who always puts others before himself and is fiercely protective of those he loves. Larger upper lip There’s no question about it, your crush is the life of the party. He’s someone who doesn’t get embarrassed easily and enjoys having all eyes on him — including yours. With him by your side you’ll never have a dull moment. Thin lips Liking a…