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Town & Country features the latest in luxury, from beautiful homes, sumptuous dining to exotic locations. In 11 gorgeous annual issues, Town & Country covers the arts, fashion and culture, bringing the best of everything to America's trendsetters

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“Alvin Ailey pulled things out of me that I didn’t even know were there,” says Donna Wood Sanders, pictured here with the legendary dancer and choreographer in our November 1982 issue. “There was always more to do, more to learn, more to grow.” This December, as the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater celebrates its 60th anniversary at New York’s City Center with premieres and dozens of Ailey classics, Sanders recalls one of her favorite performances: Cry, a solo Ailey dedicated to black women that she danced in front of 5,000 people at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Athens. Do yourself a favor and look it up on YouTube.…

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editor’s letter

Every year around this time I print out Walter Hoving’s introduction to Tiffany’s Blue Book of 1961. And each year, “Can Taste Survive in America?,” the question that Hoving, then chairman of the board of Tiffany, posed to clients (and ultimately the whole country—the essay was printed in its entirety in an ad in the New York Times), feels more urgent. It’s a treatise on taste, yes, but it has nothing to do with the elitist idea of good taste being about one group knowing more, knowing what is better, than another. Hoving instead emphasizes the importance of integrity of product, of company, of brand, and the necessity to maintain the trust we all place in one another to deliver the best, our best. Alexis de Tocqueville is his counterpoint here.…

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REED KRAKOFF For “HOW TO WEAR A DIAMOND” (page 188), the chief artistic officer of Tiffany & Co. photographed seven iconoclasts modeling pieces from his new Tiffany Blue Book collection. “Each individual styled it in a unique and personal way, challenging the rules of high jewelry.” CHRISTINA TOSI The founder of Milk Bar has long collected dessert memories, and in “SWEETEN THE DEAL” (page 178) she shares the sweetest: her grandmother’s Christmas cookies. Tosi’s Milk Bar: All About Cake came out in October. ANDREW GOLDMAN “I pride myself on being a pretty good interviewer, so meeting Chris Wallace—who is arguably the best interviewer alive—was pretty daunting,” says the author, who profiled the Fox News anchor for “MAN IN THE MIDDLE” (page 160). JANINE DI GIOVANNI The veteran reporter interviewed Rosamund Pike, who plays journalist Marie Colvin in…

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“Philosophy is a big word,” Karl Lagerfeld said. “I’m just a designer.” It was only a couple of days after Lagerfeld had shown a new collection for Chanel, and he was dodging the topic he’s constantly called on to address by fashion tea leaf readers: inspiration. When he sketches, he continued, he does so “for the garbage bin.” In other words, don’t read too much meaning into his interiors, his sets, his collections. “My secret is I don’t analyze. I don’t have the recipe to tell you,” he told T&C. “Most of the things I do quite well I see when I sleep. I always have a pad next to my pillow.” Lately Lagerfeld has been dreaming of journeys, both physical and of the mind. In November Chanel is expected to…

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well traveled

86 CANNON Nestled in the heart of Charleston, 86 Cannon is a luxury boutique inn located in a fully restored, three-story circa 1860s home. It is the ideal getaway for those looking to immerse themselves in the charm and history of the Lowcountry. 86CANNON.com / 843.779.7700 PREFERRED HOTELS & RESORTS Preferred Hotels & Resorts represents the finest and most diverse global portfolio of independent hotels and independent hotel experiences. Five distinctive collections allow travelers to craft their own inspirations as they travel the world in search of memories and new opportunities. PREFERREDHOTELS.com OCEANIA CRUISES Experience the world’s most alluring destinations as they were meant to be: amidst ambiance befitting true connoisseurs. With Oceania Cruises, enjoy the finest cuisine at sea and comfortable elegance aboard award-winning mid-size ships. OCEANIACRUISES.COM ORVIS The Orvis Hybrid Wool Fleece Jacket — fleece fortified with merino…

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who’s that girl?

“I’ve always loved playing dress-up,” says Ella Hunt. And while the actress admits to ransacking her mother’s vintage collection back in her native England, these days the clothes she’s trying on are more likely to come from a costume department than Mum’s closet. That’s because the 20-year-old Hunt, who recently moved from London to New York City, has found herself in seriously high demand. This month she’s starring in the movie musical Anna and the Apocalypse—a dark comedy that shows off her dramatic chops, singing voice, and dance moves—and she’ll also appear in the moody indie The More You Ignore Me. Plus, she’s currently filming a period comedy series about the poet Emily Dickinson for Apple’s yet-to-launch streaming network. All and all, it’s an auspicious start in America. If her projects seem…