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Triathlete March/April 2019

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call of the wild

When you think of the word “explorer,” what’s the first thing that pops into mind? For me, it’s travel to new places, meeting new people, learning about their culture, and accomplishing something athletic along the way. In my 14 years of racing triathlon, I’ve done just that, traveling as far as Israel and Germany for races. But if there’s something I’ve learned from all of my triathlon adventures, it’s that you can be an explorer close to home, too. With that in mind, we’ve anchored this issue in a FOMOinducing travel feature starting on page 22. It’s full of the world’s best far-flung races—and more in the U.S as well—so you can get exploring no matter your passport status or time constraints. Curious about racing in the Far East? Our Salty…

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SIMPLER TIMES My husband Gary and I have been subscribers of your magazine for numerous years. He did his first triathlon in 1982 when he was 25 years old. Listening to him talk about his memories of the sport from the early '80s and on provides such a unique flavor, scent, and spice to our sport. His stories start before aero bars, wetsuits, gels, sports drinks, smart watches, power meters, chamois butter, etc. He reminisces about waiting two weeks to get the race results in the mail, and he still has hundreds of mailed race results sitting in a box in our garage. He still treasures a vintage Scott Tinley tri suit that he must be saving for good luck. He remembers the anxiety and excitement of spending over $300 for a…

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this month at

FIND ALL THESE STORIES AND MORE AT TRIATHLETE.COM/CURRENTISSUE 10 REMINDERS WHEN JUMPING BACK INTO TRIATHLON TRAINING Top coaches share advice on how to master those first few weeks. The Best Test Sets for Swim Learn why doing broken sets—rather than one long, continuous swim—is advantageous for testing. The Do’s and Don’ts of Race Travel From what to pack to the easiest formula for beating jetlag, we share travel tips that will help you cross that faraway finish line with a smile. Luscious Cramp-Busters Add a powerful dose of magnesium to your diet with these flavorful springgreens recipes. Beginner’s Luck Every week in “Beginner’s Luck,” Meredith Atwood helps new triathletes navigate the fun, challenging, and sometimes intimidating world of multisport. Twitter Poll What’s your dream tri vacation? 45% Bucket list race 33% Swim/bike/run/margarita 17% Off week 5% Aero testing LET’S CONNECT! Join the conversation at Follow us on Twitter:…

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bart aernouts

AFTER BART AERNOUTS' SECOND-PLACE FINISH AT THE IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP LAST YEAR, many people wondered: "Where did he come from?" But when you look closely, the 34-year-old Belgian is no rookie to the sport (nor to the Big Island). “I don’t have a cycling background. There’s a guy with the same name in cyclo-cross in Belgium, but he’s not me. I started to cycle with a road bike when I was 12 years old, but I was not a competitive cyclist when I was young. I also started running when I was 10-11 years old, but nothing really crazy–just for fun and not too ambitious. I remember I watched Luc Van Lierde winning Ironman Hawaii [Van Lierde is now Aernouts' coach] and at that time triathlon became a bit more popular…

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rachel brenke

RACHEL BRENKE’S TRIATHLON JOURNEY BEGAN INAUSPICIOUSLY, JUST THREE MONTHS AFTER HER YOUNGEST DAUGHTER WAS BORN IN EARLY 2015. “One of my girlfriends said, ‘You swam in high school, and you’ve been trying to run, why don’t you try a triathlon?’” Despite not having much cycling or running experience, Brenke says her eagerness to regain her health and lose weight after giving birth to her fifth child overrode her concerns about jumping headfirst into a new sport and putting on spandex for the first time in years. And there’s more: The stress of founding a fitness-focused law practice while parenting five kids with her husband, a military veteran and cyber-security analyst, and battling health issues related to a past thyroid cancer diagnosis (she’s now cancer free!) meant that Brenke, 34, needed an…

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work in progress

Like a lot of triathletes, Todd Crandell had an Ironman epiphany watching the race on television. “Holy s***,” he thought, “that looks pretty extraordinary. I want to do that someday.” Crandell was 20 years old at the time, a full-blown drug addict and alcoholic. He was watching the Ironman while sitting on a sofa in his Sylvania, Ohio, apartment, snorting lines of cocaine from the glass surface of a framed photograph. He had gone beyond noticing that the pic was of him—a gift from his father—gloving a high shot as the star goalie on the Sylvania Northview High School hockey team. Ironman was a nice thought. Stupid, but nice. Hockey was old news—a fading memory of great potential that had been muddied by drugs and drinking, run-ins with local police, and a…