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Triathlete Buyer's Guide 2019

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gear that sparks joy

Like the rest of America, I was watching Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up on Netflix recently, which got me thinking about my own stuff, the literal bulk of which is tri-related. I don’t buy new stuff often, but man do I have a heckofa time letting go of the old. Partly because I anthropomorphize everything, especially bikes (hello diva Pinky, dependable Qee, smasher F-Bomb…), partly because I look at it all and remember some of the most thrilling, fun moments with family and friends, and I don’t want to let go. But as I started to Kondo my tri-life, I found it was easy to surrender some of the more sentimental items in favor of things that truly spark joy. Thirteen-year-old Pinkie does not hold a candle to the awesomeness that is…

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Adam Chase BOULDER, COLO. TESTED: RUNNING SHOES Adam is sometimes called the “Shoemelier,” given his long-standing affinity for running shoes. He serves as president of the American Trail Running Association and practices law in Colorado, where he runs on all surfaces. Toni McAllister MURRIETA, CALIF. TESTED: RUNNING SHOES, SUNGLASSES Toni loves all things multisport but admits running is her passion. As Triathlete magazine’s managing editor, she always shows up for work in her runners—ready to squeeze in a road or trail session whenever possible. Casey Maguire LOS ANGELES, CALIF. TESTED: MEN’S CYCLING SHOES Casey is a Southern-California native and a self-proclaimed gear geek. When he’s not working as a sports physical therapist or neurotically tinkering with his gear, he enjoys cycling, surfing, and trying to keep up with his five kids. Sara McLarty CLERMONT, FLA. TESTED: WOMEN’S WETSUITS, GOGGLES Sara has spent more hours in…

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protect your heart

TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING CAN HURT YOU. Going too hard or too long can damage your heart forever and could mean an end to sports. The Haywire Heart is the first book to examine the new research on heart conditions in athletes. You’ll find what to watch for, what to do when arrhythmia strikes, and how to protect your heart today so you can enjoy the sports you love tomorrow. From an expert team led by cardiac electrophysiologist, John Mandrola, MD, The Haywire Heart shows endurance athletes how to reduce the chances of a crippling—and potentially fatal—heart arrhythmia. Lennard Zinn breaks down how an athlete’s heart is different. Chris Case offers vivid case studies of elite and age-group athletes as well as a frank discussion of exercise addiction. Dr. Mandrola…

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Quintana Roo HydroSix $800; Quintanarootri.com THE DRAW: RACE-DAY WEAPON This marvel of a suit feels fantastic on the shoulders, thanks to precise seam placement in the chest/shoulder panels. Core rotation also feels unimpeded, and buoyancy is moderate—quite an accomplishment for a suit this flexible. Wetsuits generally give hyperflexibility but not much buoyancy or vice versa. With that said, be careful taking it on and off, as the wrists are somewhat delicate—cut down the practice usage and save this baby for important races to max its life-to-money-spent ratio. (Note: Should you hurt this precious bundle of joy, it does come with a two-year warranty.) This is the serious triathlete’s secret weapon for throwing down some fast swim splits this year. Aquaman Bionik $509; Aquamantri.com THE DRAW: TRANSITION KING The feature that always stands out on Aquaman suits is…

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men's wetsuits

Blueseventy Reaction $550; Blueseventy.com THE DRAW: BUOYANCY, PERFECTED The combo of 4mm neoprene in the chest and 5mm in the core, hips, and lower torso produces a high-float, low-drag sensation that feels fast. This suit will let you swim with a natural kick while making sighting and rotation a breeze. Its shoulders favor a wide, high stroke, though it does take some breaking in to increase flexibility. Once worn in, it’ll keep you warm in pretty frigid water and has a lot of life to give. Just be sure to lube up on the wrists to avoid T1 frustration. Zoot Wave 1 $250; Zootsports.com THE DRAW: BEGINNER BOON Zoot infused the Wave 1 with a lot of perks for an entrylevel suit. It has a great buoyancy profile, with extra thickness in the pelvis for easier sighting…

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men's wetsuits

Huub Axiom 3:5 $280; Huubusa.com THE DRAW: SERIOUS FLOAT Don’t have a swimming background? This suit floats high in the water and keeps your hips up well for sighting. The tradeoff for all that help? The suit is snug over the shoulders, which could be a bother if you’ve perfected your stroke and snugness impedes it. Built rock solid, the Axiom 3:5 should last a good while. The low neck doesn’t chafe, and the like-a-glove fit keeps water and air bubbles out without restricting breathing. That A+ fit also helps maintain a sense of body alignment in the water. Colting SR02+ Swimrun $550; Swimcolting.com THE DRAW: WARM AND FLOATY Jonas Colting is a decorated ultra-distance triathlete and one of the winningest swim/run athletes on the planet, so when he makes a suit, pay attention. The SR02 offers…