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 / Auto et Moto
VW Camper & Bus

VW Camper & Bus

February 2020

VW Camper & Bus magazine is the number one worldwide magazine dedicated to the iconic VW Camper. It contains everything any Bus fan would ever need to know including news and products, entertaining and knowledgeable history features to a useful step-by-step ‘How To' section. The magazine also includes a variety of readers' content from inspirational road trips and stories to features on everyday Camper Vans. It covers vehicles dating way back to the initial launch in 1950 up to the present and the very latest Camper available on the road today.

United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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vw camper & bus

EDITORIAL Editor: James Peene Email: james.peene@kelsey.co.uk Art Editor: Michelle Mitchell Sub Editor: Kay Harker Contributors: Hans Klapp, Mark Walker, Paul Bussey, Mike Trippit, AS Designs, Paul Knight, Steven Hall, Richard Gunn ADVERTISEMENT SALES Hill View Media Ltd Director: Ben Foster 01366 728488 / 07976 256205 ben@hillviewmedia.com Director: Keith Foster 01366 728488 keith@hillviewmedia.com Senior Sales Executive: Amy Wattam-Foster 01366 728488 amy@hillviewmedia.com PRODUCTION Hill View Media Production Manager: Jo Foster 01366 728488 jo@hillviewmedia.com MANAGEMENT Chief Operating Officer: Phil Weeden Chief Executive: Steve Wright Finance Director: Joyce Parker-Sarioglu HR & Operations Manager: Charlotte Whittaker Senior Print Production Manager: Nicola Pollard Print Production Manager: Georgina Harris Print Production Controller: Kelly Orriss Retail Director: Steve Brown Audience Development Manager: Andy Cotton Subscription Marketing Manager: Debra Hagger Head of Events: Kat Chappell…

2 min.

Kinky, dirty and cheap. And gone way too soon The air-cooled VW scene is not just about cars. It’s about the people who are into them. When you start going to shows you enter into a clique. You hang out with your own crew and get to know and see the same familiar faces year in, year out. They’re part of the furniture – the VW landscape if you will – and you can’t imagine the world without them. Sadly, one of those faces is no more. Mick Tattersall was his God-given name, but Kinky Mick, or Tatty were the more familiar and justifiably apt names most of us knew him by. Even if you didn’t know him on a personal level, if you’ve ever been to a show we can…

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events list

24 January 2020 March issue on sale Shop.kelsey.co.uk/subscription/ vwc 15 – 16 February 2020 Dub Freeze Stafford County Showground, ST18 0BD www.dubfreeze.co.uk 14 March 2020 UK Cruise to Ninove Folkestone (UK) to Ninove (Belgium) facebook.com/ukcruisetoninove 15 March 2020 Freddy Files Ninove (Belgium) facebook.com/ukcruisetoninove 21 – 22 March 2020 VolksWorld Show Sandown Park, Esher www.volksworldshow.com 7-10 May 2020 Derbyshire Dubs Wardlow, Derbyshire www.derbyshiredubs.co.uk 8 -10 May 2020 VW Campout Budel Bay, Northumberland www.vwcampout.co.uk 21-25 May 2020 Dubs in the Middle 7 Evesham, Worcestershire www.dubsinthemiddle.co.uk…

2 min.

RIDGEMONKEY CONNECT Space is always at a premium, no matter what VW Camper you own. So, whilst you could try and squeeze your regular pots and pans from home inside your Bus, you’re much better off buying stuff that’s fit for purpose. Like these offerings from RidgeMonkey. Their multi-purpose pan and griddle set cost £32 and has removable handles for more compact storage. The griddle plate doubles up as a lid for the deep pan and the non-stick coating really is non-stick. And if you like that, how about the matching Compact Toaster and Utensil set? That little lot is just £28. Get you some of that from www.campervantastic.com SSP Mahogany Steering wheel Whilst there’s nothing wrong with a stock VW tiller, you can’t beat the feel of a nice woodrim wheel in…

6 min.
swamp thing

Having written one or two of these features over the years (!) there appears to be a common theme appearing. We’ve noticed that a great many former modified Golf owners eventually turn to the dark side and go air-cooled. The really weird thing is, they don’t just turn their backs on comfort, reliability and performance, they go the whole hog and get into arguably the least comfortable, most unreliable and woefully underpowered (from the factory) air-cooled VW possible - a Split Screen Bus. In fact, we honestly couldn’t tell you how many Split owners have switched allegiances from Golfs, but we can tell you that Darren Chown joined their ranks a little over 13 years ago. Air head An aerospace engineer by day, Darren sold his Mk 2 Golf and went Bus…

1 min.
the c&b mood board

Holidays are coming. Holidays are coming. Okay, so there are no prizes for guessing when we put this issue to bed, but those Christmas ads for a certain fizzy beverage got us thinking – what happened to all the Coca-Cola cars we used to see? Maybe it was just an early ’90’s thing, but we can remember seeing a whole bunch of VWs rolling around with the famous livery slapped on the side. If you had a red VW you were already more than half way there, slap a vinyl sticker on and bosh, you’re good to go. With the popularity of logo’d up Buses, you’d think we’d be overloaded with beverage inspired Panel Vans, but they’re pretty thin on the ground. If you’re looking to build something different then…