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Weight Watchers January - February 2018

WW magazine is packed with recipes, tips, trends and ideas for living a delicious, healthy life! *Tasty WW friendly recipes *Inspiration and advice from WW members *The latest in wellness news

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meet mindy grossman, ceo of weight watchers

The first time I joined WW, I was a teenager and I went to a Meeting with my mom. I wanted to be a cheerleader and knew I needed to lose weight to do so. I was very determined, lost the weight, and joined the squad. When I think back to that time and compare it with how I felt when I became president and CEO of WW last July, I’m just as determined, but have an entirely different perspective on weight and life. Today, I weigh 35 pounds less than my heaviest adult weight and 25 pounds more than my lowest adult weight, but I am happier now than I was at either of those points. In 2017, not only did I take this inspiring and rewarding job, I also…

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wellness for all

Years ago, I applied for an internship at the US Supreme Court. During my interview— when asked if prisoners ought to be taught technical and life skills while serving time—I repeated something my mom used to tell me: The ideal way to grow people is the same way you grow tomatoes. A tomato plant can nourish itself with water, air, and sun, but without the right support system (like room to grow and a trellis), most tomato varieties won’t survive. In the same way, even though everyone has personal responsibility, it’s our duty as citizens to set up an environment where people can acquire the skills they need to thrive in a community. When we do this, we all benefit; when we don’t, we all stand to lose. (I got…

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ww magazine turns 50!

Jean Nidetch founded Weight Watchers in 1963. Five years later... 1960s February 1968 The first issue of the monthly Weight Watchers magazine (WWM) hits newsstands. An image of a Red, White, and Blue Parfait graces the cover (find this recipe online!). March 1968 Without requesting permission from her employer, Annemarie Huste, Jackie Kennedy’s private chef, speaks exclusively to WWM about the former First Lady’s food preferences and shares three recipes. Readers love the scoop, but the chef gets fired for her lack of discretion. 1970s November 1972 The presidential election comes alive as WWM encourages readers to vote. In an article called The Woman’s Voice, Marjorie Marks writes, “So, in this election, it doesn’t matter if you vote for a Democratic candidate or Republican candidate or Liberal— or whatever. There is no right or wrong choice. The only…

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introducing freestyle

HERE’S WHAT’S NEW More Foods That Are Zero We’ve greatly expanded the foods that have a SmartPoints value of zero—including some that you might not expect, like eggs, shellfish (shrimp and lobster), beans, and corn. You’ll have more options to plan meals and snacks, making this our most livable plan yet. Less Measuring and Tracking Zero Points foods form the foundation for a healthy eating pattern. We want you to enjoy these foods and easily incorporate them into your routine, which is why you don’t need to weigh, measure, or track them. Roll Over Unused SmartPoints Along with more Zero Points foods, on WW Freestyle up to 4 unused daily SmartPoints can be rolled over into your weekly bank for a day when you need them. Not a Member? Go to weightwatchers.com and see…

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getting to know becky ann baker

ACTRESS NEW YORK CITY AGE: 64 WEIGHT LOSS: 30 lb* MEMBER SINCE: 2009 “Within my first year, my blood pressure was great, my cholesterol was great.” I’m a character actress. I was never the ingenue; I was the best friend, the mom. For me losing weight didn’t change the kind of work I was getting. But it made me feel so much better. When you get cast for a role, the first person you talk to is the costumer, and you tell him or her your measurements, what you weigh, what your sizes are. It’s much easier to do that now. In 2017, I was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Girls: Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series. I had more fun dressing up! It’s a lot easier to step onto the red carpet now that…

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hear it first: double your pleasure

THE LACK OF A WORKOUT BUDDY is the number one reason people give for failing to fit in fitness, according to the Physical Activity Council’s 2017 Participation Report. That’s a pity, because exercising with a friend can bring you more benefits than just moral support: Research shows it may also lead to greater weight loss. Want to find a partner-in-fitness? Try one of these ways to connect. BY JESSICA CASSITY MAKE THE ASK If you can’t get a friend on board, invite an acquaintance to join you for a walk or weight-training session. No bites? Strike up a conversation at the gym or a workout class and see where it goes (after all, you’ve got at least one common interest). SWIPE RIGHT Search meetup.com for local groups seeking new members (think hiking…