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July 2021
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Published by TI Media Limited Chat it’s fate is the leading psychic magazine everyone trusts. No other publication has the content and variety of our paranormal true life stories, which make readers gasp in awe but, believe us, every word is true. Our 13 columnists are Britain’s foremost psychics and they solve problems on anything from love, past lives, to dreams and spirit guides. They have helped thousands and guide readers on their psychic path. Other features are positively mind-expanding as they explore every singe possible spiritual dimension. We are the perfect medium for the lovers of the paranormal.

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United Kingdom
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chat it’s fate

When I was a kid, I used to play a game with my brother and sister where we’d hold a shape in our mind – triangle, star, circle etc – and the others would guess what it was. We were actually right a lot of the time! Maybe that was luck, or maybe siblings do have a telepathic link – but either way, if you’re interested in developing your mind-reading skills, then our article on p12 has all the information you need! As a horse lover myself, I couldn’t help but notice that there are a few horses in the mag this month – there’s our feature on horses in folklore on p22 and our lovely story about how one lady healed her own traumatised horse on p44. I recently made…

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double dare you

Lisa West, 30, from Portsmouth Walking back from school, where we lived in Poland, I always used to run past the big, detached house at the end of our road. There was something about that place that gave me the shudders. Number 11 was a grand old house with its own grounds – and it was unique because it was the only property on the street that hadn’t already been split up into flats. It was set back off the main road, in acres of land that backed onto fields, and should have been a desirable property – but somehow, it wasn’t. It was grey and foreboding, with thick metal railings around it which screamed ‘keep out’, and a high gate that was always locked. The windows seemed to stare out over the…

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odd death

That night, I ran home, as fast as I could. Mum had just finished making the family dinner. ‘Did you have fun playing with your friends?’ she said, putting a bowl of pasta in me. ‘Y-yes,’ I said, my heart thumping. There was no way I was going to admit what we’d been up to. I’d be in so much trouble. But it played on my mind, and I barely slept that night. The next day, as I walked quickly past, trying not to look at it, I couldn’t help but notice that there were horses in the field next to the creepy house. A couple of days later, they were gone. I found out later what had happened to them. The owner of the horses had put them in the field together for breeding reasons,…

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did you know?

Borley Rectory in Essex was described by paranormal researcher Harry Price as ‘the most haunted house in England.’ He believed that he spotted the ghost of a nun moving towards the stream at the back of the garden while he was visiting. The nun was said to have been walled up alive as punishment for an affair with a monk. Other ghosts at the house included a boy in Victorian dress, a phantom coach, and disembodied voices – however its secrets were lost forever when it was burnt to the ground in a fire in 1939.…

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halls of horrors

One thing the UK isn’t short of is haunted houses! They’re ten-a-penny on this fair isle – and a lot of them are owned by the National Trust or English Heritage and open to the public. So if you want to do a spot of ghost-hunting, check one of these places out for yourself! Ham House, Richmond A grand 17th century mansion that was home to King James I, Ham House has appeared in all sorts of films and TV dramas, including the 2009 film Young Victoria. It’s haunted by the ghost of ruthless duchess, Elizabeth Murray, Duchess of Lauderdale, who’s rumoured to have poisoned one of her husbands, and who played a dangerous political game by allying herself with both Oliver Cromwell and Charles II during the Civil War. She also regularly took…

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from the heart

WHAT S IN YOUR spooky snaps? Guardian angel Dear Sally I took this picture of my daughter Montana on her first birthday on 7 June 2020 and I think that’s an orb next to my daughter’s leg. I took another picture literally seconds after and it wasn’t there! She’s been a very ill baby who’s been in hospital for nine months since she was born. We also recently lost a very close relative! I’d love it if you could get back to me – it’s been a rough few years and I’m still freaking out about this picture! Shannon Townsley, North Ayrshire Dear Shannon Thank you for the lovely picture of Montana, what a gorgeous girl. I can clearly see what you describe as an orb, however, I feel this is a little bit more and I…