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Chat 20-May-2021

Published by TI Media Limited Chat is the most outrageous, inspiring, emotional real life title around. Packed with astonishing true stories, big prize puzzles and loads more, it's your unmissable women's weekly. Whether it's tear-jerking tales of triumph over tragedy, the most heart-warming pictures or the best of bonkers Britain, all human life is here. Beyond the rollercoaster ride of true stories, Chat is also jam-packed full of your favourite puzzles with big cash prizes, the canniest bargain shopping features, health advice you can trust, readers' tips, the latest telly news and loads more.

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United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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3 min
ask dr martin

Something wrong with his semen? Q My boyfriend’s semen has a yellow tinge. Is that normal? Clara, London A It could be. Normal semen is grey-white in colour, becoming clear after a few minutes if it’s left to stand, but this does vary from one man to another. Food or medicines can have an effect, for example turmeric, or some vitamin supplements, can cause a green or yellow tinge. The antibiotic metronidazole can turn semen yellow-brown and anything containing lots of colouring – sweets, drinks, even beetroot – can affect semen colour. If the yellow tinge is normal for him, or if it comes and goes over a couple of days, it’s probably safe to ignore, but if it persists, he should check with his doctor to rule out rarer causes such as an…

5 min
a not so gentle giant

Katie Brown, 36, Nottingham Huddling outside the takeaway with the girls, I gulped down a slice of pizza. ‘Good night?’ grinned one of the delivery drivers, pulling up outside. It was October 2010, and I hadn’t had such a fun night out in ages. ‘Yes,’ I smiled, rather shyly. And it got even better, as this gorgeous hulk of a man wandered over. We got chatting. He was enormous, at least 6ft, towered over me. But rather than be intimidated by his size, his warm smile and kind eyes made me feel safe. We swapped numbers. A few dates later, I was even more certain that, despite his huge 32st frame, John, then in his 20s, was a gentle giant. He doted on my daughter, Rhianna, then age 2. When she felt poorly, he’d help make a bed up for her on…

1 min
we won!

Chat winners issue 07 (18 February) £1001 CASH E Wilkin, Norwich £1000 CASH E Townson, Beckenham £500 CASH M Clarkson, Whitby; D Furness, Northolt £250 CASH A Akujee, Manchester £150 CASH G Norris, Northampton £100 CASH J Ellis, Cardiff; G Spenton, Wisbech; W Netto, Bristol; B Leonard, Chester; S Peel, Colwyn Bay £60 CASH S Haigh, Doncaster £50 CASH J Gavin, Birmingham; J Fieki, Dagenham; C Timmins, Newent £30 CASH W Edgar, Omagh; S Edwards, Rugeley; I Williams, Walsall; F Scott, Torquay; A Emsden, Coventry £25 CASH J Edmunds, Mold; B Evennett, London; J Kilvert, Southampton; Y Hinchcliffe, Huddersfield; A Hope, Walsall; M Currall, Workington; M Wilkinson, Grimsby; D Munro, Melrose; P Wallace, Ballyclare Chat PUZZLE 2 REBUS Chat PUZZLE 11 839 Chat PUZZLE 16 PALEOLITHIC ERA ● All contributions to Chat must be original, not copies or duplicated to other editors. Subject to these conditions, £25 will be paid for all rights in…

1 min
welcome to this week’s chat…

How much did the tooth fairy bring when you were a kid? I felt lucky to pocket 50p, whereas five-year-old Amaya (p19) woke up to £50 under her pillow! What she did with it shows what a special girl she is. Another big-hearted lady is Charlotte, who adopted her pooch Bumble knowing that he didn’t have long (p24). Now she’s making his doggy dreams come true. And Christine’s act of kindness – and forgiveness – will have you asking if you could ever do the same (p6). You’ll find all your faves like puzzles, fashion (p12), food (p40), health (p20) and loads more. Stay safe and well this week.…

1 min
just genius

A cut above the rest Use an egg slicer for mushrooms, cooked beetroot, cucumber, tinned potatoes and any other similar vegetables. It makes chopping quick and easy!Brita Bevis, Sleaford Optical solution To clean glasses with dirty or cloudy lenses, apply a small amount of vinegar to a cotton pad and wipe. This is also a great way to clean kitchen glassware.Dan Parkinson, London Marked improvement When it came to covering up marks on my leather couch, I tried everything from turps to household cleaning liquids but nothing would work. That was until I tried my brown shoe polish, which was the same shade as the couch. It worked a treat.Claire Prince, Bootle Dirt buster Add a couple of heaped tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda, along with your regular detergent, to a white wash. It leaves clothes whiter…

1 min
how to wear… pretty pastels

STYLE TIP A versatile frock will have all your summertime style needs covered. Wear with a cropped jacket that highlights the waist. STYLE TIP Transform a satin skirt for daytime wear by pairing it with an oversized sweatshirt and chunky trainers. STYLE TIP Step out in style in leg-lengthening wide-leg trousers. Swap out trainers for heels, for a dressier feel. STYLE TIP Allow this statement knit to take centre stage by teaming it with a classic white shirt and blue jeans.…