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Chat 22-Jul-2021

Published by TI Media Limited Chat is the most outrageous, inspiring, emotional real life title around. Packed with astonishing true stories, big prize puzzles and loads more, it's your unmissable women's weekly. Whether it's tear-jerking tales of triumph over tragedy, the most heart-warming pictures or the best of bonkers Britain, all human life is here. Beyond the rollercoaster ride of true stories, Chat is also jam-packed full of your favourite puzzles with big cash prizes, the canniest bargain shopping features, health advice you can trust, readers' tips, the latest telly news and loads more.

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welcome to this week’s chat…

Do you believe in ghosts? I always answer that question by saying I’d have to see one to believe, but I must admit that when I read a story like Shirley’s (p54), a shiver does go down my spine! June’s story is much cheerier (p24). She loves her hubby Alan so much she’s married him four times! And Debbie has a chilling warning about a man who seemed charming but was anything but… (p44). There’s loads more gripping true life, cracking crimes, prize puzzles, bargain fashion and some tasty-looking inspo for your tea tonight! Stay safe and well this week. Subscribe from just £10.99* Subscribe online at magazinesdirect.com/26BW or call 0330 333 1113 and quote code 26BW** *Payable every three months by UK Direct Debit. Offer closes on 31 October 2021. **Calls charged at no more than a…

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picture perfect

Here I am with my daughter Aubree, 3, during a brief rest stop on our day of exploring all around Llyn Brenig. It was absolutely beautiful and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. Daniella Harden, Llanfwrog My lovely Dad and I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating his birthday at our local pub recently. We were so excited to be reunited after eight months apart. He’s so full of fun, you’d never have guessed he was 85! Miriam Doe, Highcliffe Despite having a horrendous start in life, I think it’s obvious Ally, our cocker spaniel rescue, is very happy in her fur-ever home! Who says dogs can’t smile? Fiona Lindley, Castleford I was super excited to see ‘what’s occurring’ when we visited Barry Island, home of Gavin & Stacey, last summer. I even got a cheeky picture with…

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a knife to the heart

Shannon Beattie, 24, Perth Music pulsed as I scanned the party for familiar faces. ‘Hi, can I get you a drink?’ asked a voice behind me. It was a guy with blue twinkly eyes, a cheeky grin. ‘Wine, please,’ I smiled. As he handed me a glass, he winked. ‘I’m Robbie,’ he said. ‘I know,’ I replied. Robbie Smullen had a reputation as a local bad boy. I knew he’d been in trouble with the law before. But now, as Robbie chatted to me, he made me feel like the only girl in the world. I was 19 and Robbie, then 18, was a charmer, topping up my drink, joking. When we kissed later, I was thrilled. Next day, he invited me swimming at our local leisure centre. Within days, we were inseparable and he moved into my flat. ‘I think I love…

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win! £500 cash!

NUMBER JIG What do you get if you add together the years in which Joan of Arc, Joan Crawford and Joan Rivers each died? Fit these numbers into the grid. One number doesn’t fit. This is the prize answer. 3 digits 207 220 401 446 510 519 570 629 835 900 4 digits 2040 2817 3479 3953 4889 5422 6744 6794 7068 7452 7491 7905 8537 5 digits 14154 16380 16749 35855 47086 47474 54520 63887 64895 82522 94997 6 digits 296209 299246 877815 7 digits 3645949 3665374 6892119 8 digits 11756493 65599319 95628663 96148949 Your answer: WIN £250 Puzzle 1 SPIRAL XWORD John Amery and William Joyce are among the most recent men to have been convicted of what crime in the UK? The answer to each clue begins with the last letter of the preceding answer. The shaded squares will spell out the one-word answer. 1 Twelve (5) 2 The Bare _, The Jungle Book song (11) 3 Infirmary, clinic (10) 4 Herman _, author of Moby-Dick (8) 5 Supposed viscous ghostly substance (9) 6 Cantaloupe, for example (5) 7 Seven-a-side ball sport (7) 8 Country bordering Belgium, France and Germany (10) 9 Armoured…

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just genius

Milking it I didn’t have any suitable pots for my strawberry plants so I recycled some plastic milk bottles for the job. After painting them to match the fence, I cut a hole for the plants, filled it with compost, planted a strawberry plant and then reshaped the handles to hang on the fence. They are thriving. Ann Wilson, Clackmannanshire Soak it up When making pies with wet filling, sprinkle semolina in the bottom. It soaks up any liquid, doesn’t affect the taste and can be used for sweet or savoury fillings. No more soggy bottoms! Su Davey, Colchester Protection Tired of the birds damaging my newly sown flowers, l decided to unravel a bath scrunchie and secure it with sticks and tent pegs. My tender plants are now able to grow without being disturbed. Janet Friett, Ellesmere…

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the man in the mirror

Joey James, 22, North Weald, Essex Grabbing my pink My Little Pony pyjamas, I tiptoed to the bathroom, turned on the shower and threw them under the water. I giggled as I hauled the soggy PJs back out onto the floor. ‘Muuum!’ I shouted. ‘My pyjamas are wet.’ There’s no way she’ll make me wear these to bed now. Disgusting girly things! My dad Malcolm, then 33, and my brother Phil, then 6, always wore the same PJs. Grey top and checked tartan bottoms. And I wanted to be just like them. ‘Not again, Courteney!’ my mum Nicky, then 30, sighed. ‘Can I wear some of Phil’s?’ I asked. ‘OK,’ Mum said, ruffling my long hair. I was always sabotaging Mum’s attempts to put me in girls’ clothes, even licking the sleeves of my dresses to make them too wet to…