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where the heart is

WHEN I WAS IN MY 20S, BEFORE I HAD DEVELOPED ANY KIND of home-decor sensibility, an interior designer told me I should think of my surroundings as an extension of my outfit—that I should choose accent colors based on what I like to wear, because that environment would give me the same emotional lift. These days, I find that what I really crave at home is the opposite of my own maximalist style. On my walls, you won’t find a single framed magazine cover or personal photo but rather calming art that speaks to me, such as a set of ceramic birds that look as if they’re flying down my front hallway. Like nearly all followers of the Greek Orthodox religion, I have an icon corner (hung on the east side,…

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institutional memory

A STAFF WRITER UNTIL 2012, FREELANCE journalist Marcia Froelke Coburn returns to the pages of Chicago with her story “Call Jane” (page 90). Coburn joined the magazine in 1985, when it shared an office with then-parent WFMT. Her deskmate? Studs Terkel. “I remember exactly this conversation: Some woman called him up wanting to know: Should she and her family go on a trip to Nicaragua? Finally he says, ‘I’m gonna tell you this, and I’m gonna tell you this once: You wanna go to Nicaragua, go to Nicaragua. You don’t wanna go, don’t go.’ And he hangs up.” Jeff Marini, who photographed the “Best New Restaurants” cover story (page 75), modifies a portraiture axiom when shooting food: “If you have a dish that may not look wonderful but it has the…

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dear andrea thome

Sharon Oberst via Facebook This article was so helpful to understand what was happening, which was difficult to follow from a distance. Terri Carrick via Facebook To say the Sterigenics plant actually caused cancer has no basis in fact at this point. I respect Ms. Thome’s activism and can appreciate not wanting the plant operating if there is a risk. However, to jump to unsubstantiated claims is hyperbole. Jack dog via Chicagomag.com STEALS ON WHEELS “The Bicycle Thief” [February] has got to be the best bike story I’ve read in years. @bikinginla via Twitter As owner of an orange steel bike, my key lesson: “Had he been riding an average bicycle, Tom might never have been caught.” @paytonchung via Twitter My interests in crime, cycling, and wigs finally converge. @RottenInDenmark via Twitter LITTLE PARK OF HORRORS Yes, Maggie Daley Park can be stressful…

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rewinding the tape

By the early ’90s, local music producer Steve Albini had built a reputation as an abrasive advocate for underground bands, railing against major producers and labels, their royalties, and the commercialization of music. So when he signed on to produce grunge juggernaut Nirvana’s third studio album, In Utero, many of his followers wondered if he was committing his own cardinal sin: selling out. Undeterred, Albini proceeded to record it, only to find that Nirvana’s label, DGC Records, and the band itself later rejected his signature lo-fi sound and remixed much of the critically acclaimed album. With one job, Albini’s rock-solid reputation was suddenly up in the air, and with it his plans to build a revolutionary studio, as Mark Jannot wrote in his 1994 Chicago story “Sonic Youth.” He’s being squeezed…

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your best taco photos

@kristen.mendiola Photographer Kristen Mendiola shot these Big Star treats on one of her standing weekly taco dates with her boyfriend. “I’ve been making an effort to go to spots that have been around for a while,” she says. “The new and hot restaurants get all the buzz.” WE ALSO LOVED … @bientruchadude @_taco.star_ @itsmeganblog @emmynoms NEXT CONTEST Post your best shot of your favorite taproom on Instagram by April 15. Follow us at @chicagomag, tag us, and include #bestchicagolife to be considered. The winner will be featured in the June/July issue and will receive a free one-year subscription to the magazine.…

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talking points

1 Starting April 1, 20,000 state employees will get contracted step raises that ex-governor Bruce Rauner suspended in 2015. TBD: what will happen with back pay. 2 HBO’s adaptation of Richard Wright’s 1940 classic Native Son, filmed partially on the North Side, premieres April 6. Chicago-born artist Rashid Johnson makes his directorial debut, and DePaul University alumni Ashton Sanders and Kiki Layne star. Tune in to see how much still rings true in this modernized take. 3 Having cost the Cubs $625,000 per inning pitched in 2018, Yu Darvish is under a lot of pressure not to suck this season. Home opener is April 8. 4 Boeing votes April 29 on adding former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley to its board. Not psyched, probably: its factory workers. As governor of South Carolina, Haley stomped…