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it’s complicated

AS WE WORKED ON OUR ASSESSMENT OF Rahm Emanuel’s tenure (page 74), I thought back to the encounters I’ve had with the outgoing mayor over the years. When he was first elected in 2011, I was the editor of another local magazine, and we decided to do a story on him. Our photographer spent the morning shadowing him, and we scheduled the last shoot on the roof of City Hall, envisioning a scenic portrait for our cover. At first the mayor smiled and posed gamely, but after about five minutes, he declared, “We’re done!” and marched out. I continued to bump into him at events every few months, but our friendly hellos cooled when I landed at this magazine three years ago (possibly because Chicago’s coverage hasn’t always been favorable). Last August,…

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inside peek

Time Capsule VICKY CHEN HAIDER (PICTURED) was the fiction editor at Playboy when she died in the 1979 crash of Flight 191 (page 82). Writer Bryan Smith discovered that her onetime coworker Laurence Gonzales had given a small piece of the wreckage he’d found at the site to her widower, Syed Haider. When Smith asked about the memento, Syed had to search his cabinets and drawers to find it. He finally unearthed it, still in the same Dunkin’ Donuts bag in which he’d received it. He had taken it out only once before. Edward McClelland, who examines Rahm Emanuel’s legacy (page 74), began covering Chicago politics for the Reader 20 years ago. One of his first assignments? A congressional race including a young long-shot challenger by the name of Barack Obama. When photographer…

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chicago’s forgotten pro-choice warriors

DINING OUT(SIDE THE CITY) I can confirm El Pollo Vagabundo [“The 30 Best Suburban Restaurants,” March]. By far my favorite Mexican food in the world. tuna_HP via Reddit Sad that Schaumburg doesn’t have a decent restaurant worthy of this list. Hopefully that will change when Phat Phat opens. Patti Christine via Facebook HERE’S JOHNNIE’S Why must you taunt this good Italian Catholic boy with an article about an amazing beef sandwich [“The Art of Ordering a Sandwich at Johnnie’s,” March] on a Friday during Lent? That’s just mean. (But it does give me something to look forward to tomorrow.) John Corrao via Facebook TO PSYCH OR NOT TO PSYCH Hell no. Not interested in some secret [designer drug] party where no one even knows what they are taking [“A Very Serious Party,” March]. Dylan Jacob Butler via Facebook I need friends…

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the art of the steal

▪ In December 1978, the Art Institute of Chicago made a chilling discovery: Three paintings by postimpressionist master Paul Cézanne were missing. Suspicions centered on one Laud Spencer “Nick” Pace, who worked in packing and shipping. He had asked about the value of one of the pieces and been seen carrying a package outside their storage location early one morning. When police searched his place, they found Plexiglas and a handwritten story about robbing the Art Institute—Pace claimed it was fiction—but no art. He received a suspended sentence for taking the Plexiglas. As William Currie noted in his May 1979 Chicago story “The Theft,” Pace was “one of the more unusual personalities involved in the whole affair.” Nick Pace wants someday to be knownas a writer. In fact, he says he…

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your best museum pics

Winner! @mz_exposure Mari Zamora had been on Instagram for only a few weeks when she posted this month’s winning shot of a staircase and artwork in the Museum of Contemporary Art. “This was a good sign that I should keep going,” she says. WE ALSO LOVED … @aliceaolive @alivalera @artist_chrisarnold @derryhenrick NEXT CONTEST Post your best shot of a Chicago sunset on Instagram by June 15. Follow us at @chicago mag, tag us, and include #bestchicagolife to be considered. The winner will be featured in the August issue and will receive a free one-year subscription to the magazine.…

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talking points

1 Kapuki, a 13-year-old eastern black rhinoceros, is due to give birth to one very big baby (80 to 100 pounds!) this month at Lincoln Park Zoo. Follow #RhinoWatch for updates, because why wouldn’t you? 2 Spoiler alert! A Chicagoan will be named best chef for the Great Lakes region at the James Beard Awards May 6. The city swept all six nominations in that category and is represented in nine others, too, including Rising Star Chef of the Year (MFK’s Alisha Elenz). 3 The trial of Ricardo Munoz on domestic battery charges is set to start May 15, five days before he ends his 26-year run as 22nd Ward alderman. Also ending: his nearly 30-year marriage. 4 Another first from the 2019 election: three-fifths of the aldermen that will be sworn in…