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the empress finds her groove

TWO WEEKS AFTER LORI LIGHTFOOT’S HISTORIC WIN, WE arrived at her temporary office space on LaSalle Street for this month’s cover shoot. We were squeezed into her packed schedule, and the mayor-elect’s initial anxiousness to get back to matters impacting the city was obvious. A friend of hers, sensing that we could use some help lightening the mood, pulled up a “Lori’s Bash” playlist on an iPhone. As Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls” began to play, Lightfoot started lightly tapping her toes. She even let out a little fist pump at one point. Then, when our stylist stepped in to roll up Lightfoot’s shirtsleeves, we caught a glimpse of our subject’s dry wit, which she hadn’t exhibited much on the campaign trail. “I guess I have to accept that you’re the boss…

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sketched pads

WHEN IT CAME TIME TO ILLUSTRATE OUR architecture-oriented homebuyer’s guide (page 78), there was only one person for the job: Phil Thompson, a Ravenswood artist who specializes in intricate line drawings (self-portrait, above). His prints of Chicago neighborhoods and L trains are in demand, but he’s perhaps best known for his depictions of local residences. “There’s so much building stock that is 100 or more years old,” he says. “It’s almost like dusting through an archeological site except it’s in plain view for everybody.” For our shoot of S.L. Huang (page 30), photo director Martha Williams wanted an “industrial wasteland, where nature is taking back the landscape” to match the tenor of Huang’s speculative fiction. She found it at the abandoned South Works steel plant site rife with crumbling ore walls. Jake…

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emanuel’s legacy

“What Rahm Leaves Behind” [May] depicts the mayor accurately: He wants a Chicago that’s more white and rich, pushing the blue-collar whites, blacks, and Hispanics out to the suburbs and making Chicago unaffordable for most people. He wants to erase the history and the great architecture from the neighborhoods and replace it with dreary, unimaginative housing. Steve Howard via Chicagomag.com I liked and voted twice for him. He closed schools because Daley didn’t. It’s hard to fix the problems of Chicago; it’s like peeling an onion. sandygoodman3533 via Instagram Author Edward McClelland at least acknowledges the racial divide, which is usually missing from broad, sweeping takes of the city. But this is still a very white perspective. The issue with black Chicago is not that the neighborhoods are in a Rust Belt decline, it’s…

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for the love of money

For a while, trademark attorney Dean Olds and his wife, Suzanne, led a storybook North Shore existence with their three children. But after he started spending much of his time and considerable wealth on an attractive young German man named Helmut Carsten Hofer, she filed for divorce. The flow of money to Hofer, purportedly to set up a chauffeur business for the two men in Munich, was stemmed by the proceedings. Then, days after Christmas in 1993, Suzanne’s sonin-law found her bludgeoned to death in her garage. Hofer was arrested on murder charges. While Hofer sat in Cook County Jail awaiting trial, Olds groused about his entrepreneurial woes to Nancy Millman for her 1994 Chicago story “Dangerous Liaison.” “My wife had cut off all funds for Germany,” he said. “You could…

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your best taproom pics

Winner! @otisandthings Kristen Dill brought her dog, Otis (the good boy in the foreground), to Dovetail Brewery to hang out with his friend Aurora. Though the pups look thirsty for suds, they were actually being offered (nonalcoholic) treats, just out of frame. WE ALSO LOVED … @chicagobrewnchew @sheath2 @prairiedigitalphoto @ladywiththeappetite NEXT CONTEST Post your best shot of an outdoor festival on Instagram by July 15. Follow us at @chicagomag, tag us, and include #bestchicagolife to be considered. The winner will be featured in the September issue and will receive a free one-year subscription to the magazine.…

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talking points

This summer’s essential cocktail party fodder 1 Original R. Kelly whistleblower Jim DeRogatis packs nearly 20 years of his reporting into Soulless: The Case Against R. Kelly, out June 4. Among the book’s revelations: how the infamous sex tape got from the singer’s gym bag to DeRogatis’s mailbox. 2 Fulton Galley, scheduled to open in June, puts a spin on the seemingly ubiquitous food hall: It’s also an incubator for each of the five rising-star chefs with spaces there. 3 Illinois says “No smokes for you!” to anyone under 21 when it ups the legal age to buy tobacco products on July 1. (Nice try — e-cigarettes count, too.) 4 Billy Idol performs July 3 at the last Naperville Ribfest before the annual meatstravaganza moves to Romeoville next year. With the number of people…