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woman on the verge

LAST FALL, I HEARD FROM A FRIEND ON THE WEST COAST I hadn’t seen in a few years. Sarah Zapp runs an organization called Beyond Board that aims to increase diversity — and the number of women—in leadership capacities. She wanted me to attend a networking event she was setting up in Chicago. When I arrived, I found myself seated at the same table as Janice Jackson, the CEO of Chicago Public Schools, who had been in her position for less than a year at that point. We got to talking about the issues surrounding her job, from the teachers’ union’s demands to the ongoing debate over the role of charter schools. I found her to be open, engaging, and smart. Toward the end of our conversation, I asked what a new…

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chicago med

FOR HIS IN-DEPTH STORY ON UCHICAGO Medicine’s historic twin triple transplants (page 78), Chicago senior writer Bryan Smith sat in on a heart surgery there. “There were three big circular white lights shining down, and there wasn’t anything within 10 or 15 feet of the operating table. It was really like being in a spotlight,” he says. “But it struck me just how calmly and undramatically the surgeon and his team dealt with things. It wasn’t like on TV.” To create the image that opens our Green River tribute (page 86), photographer Jason Little attached a tube to a bike pump and deputy design director Emily Johnson shot the soda through an open-bottom bottle. “It hit the ceiling,” Johnson says. Though Clarissa Bonet had never done a magazine fashion shoot (page 102),…

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echoes of the riot

@KentRoseNotes1 via Twitter “Blood in the Streets” [August] highlights a recurring issue in my beloved city of Chicago: Altruistic commissions issue recommendations and minuscule actions are taken to actually implement these recommendations at the scale needed to address the underlying issues. @ArchiJake via Twitter Such a well-crafted article. So powerful hearing about the events sequentially and in [witnesses’] own words. @GrahamLeeAuthor via Twitter This story is fascinating to me. I’ve been teaching it to my students for years and so often their own parents are unaware of this event. @maria_pfister via Twitter This piece is epic, comprehensive, and accessible to most. @englewoodelaine via Twitter [Robert Loerzel] knows how to dig deep into fascinating Chicago history stories. Outstanding reporting. @Mark_D_Spencer via Twitter AN UNCOMPROMISING MAN The first thing I read today was Mark Caro’s profile of Nick Kokonas [“ ‘A Man Worth Killing,’…

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playground politics

▪ As the presidential election once more inches to the top of the news cycle, many Democrats are looking back to the last contender, Hillary Rodham Clinton, to see where the party faltered. In our September 1994 issue, published a year and a half into Clinton’s first term as first lady, writer Cynthia Hanson looked even further back, to Hillary’s childhood in suburban Park Ridge. In “I Was a Teenage Republican,” friends and former classmates attested to the ironfisted morality she exhibited at a young age, like when she found a litter of baby rabbits and enlisted pal Jim Yrigoyen’s help. “She asked me to watch the rabbits while she went inside for a few minutes,” Yrigoyen recalls. “Well, one of the boys demanded a rabbit, and I succumbed to peer…

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your best fest photos

@joshuamellin Photojournalist Joshua Mellin stitched three shots together to show this gate-crasher in the act at Pitchfork in 2011, back when “half the people there were crashers,” he says. He saw his subject successfully disappear into the crowd. WE ALSO LOVED … @byrachelkupfer @barrybutler9 @xicana_foodrist @whomejerseylee NEXT CONTEST Post your best shot of the city lights on Instagram by September 15. Follow us at @chicagomag, tag us, and include #bestchicagolife to be considered. The winner will be featured in the November issue and will receive a free one-year subscription to the magazine.…

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talking points

1 Marijuana cultivators must start growing this month to have a crop ready for recreational sale in January, according to pot experts. White Castle and Taco Bell are presumably planning accordingly as well. 2 Things could get prickly at Chicago Public Schools: A report prepared by CPS and the union on salaries and benefits released this month will help aides, security officers, and custodians decide whether to strike. The union authorized a walkout but must wait 30 days after the report comes out to do it. 3 Derrick Rose uses the title everyone secretly wants for their own memoir for I’ll Show You, out Sept. 10. Yes, he talks about his 2016 rape trial. No, he doesn’t offer any details beyond blanket denials. 4 Is John Dillinger really buried under three feet of…