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meet osteria del mercato

At Osteria del Mercato, the market is your menu. Diners will have the opportunity to select high-quality products from the most beloved parts of Eataly’s market counters, including La Macelleria (butcher) and La Pescheria (fishmonger) to enjoy at the table! STRAIGHT FROM THE MARKET The menu represents Eataly’s fresh market counters — the highest quality cured meats and cheeses from our Salumi & Formaggi counter, humanely-raised and sustainable meat from La Macelleria, sustainable and traceable fresh-caught fish from La Pescheria, and housemade fresh pasta — and highlights seasonal recommendations with ingredients from Italian and local producers. Guests are also encouraged to visit Eataly’s fresh counters and handpick cuts of meat and seafood. Once you choose your cut, Eataly chefs will prepare it simply with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. TASTE PIZZA…

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the face expert

Dr. Anthony Geroulis For the last 34 years, Dr. Anthony Geroulis has focused solely on facial cosmetic surgery. His skilled hands combined with his artistic ability allow him to give his patients exactly what they ask for – natural looking and long-lasting results that are specific and unique to each individual. Whether your concern is excess skin of the upper eyelids, puffiness in the under eyes, jowls, loose neck skin, undesired nose shape, recessed chin, or any other facial concerns, Dr. Anthony Geroulis has a solution. Join us for a comprehensive consultation and see what the Face Expert recommends for you. Your face, his expertise. Anthony Geroulis, MD, FICS Board Certified - American Board of Cosmetic Surgery Clinical Professor, University of Chicago Medical School Top Doctor in U.S. News and World Reports NORTHSHORE: NORTHFIELD NORTHWEST SUBURBS: ST.…

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plot twist

IN THE SPRING OF 2002, WHILE WORKING AS A NIGHTLIFE columnist for the Sun-Times, I was invited to the red carpet premiere of Stolen Summer, a film written by Chicago’s Project Greenlight winner Pete Jones and coproduced by Matt Damon, who attended the event alongside stars Aidan Quinn and Bonnie Hunt. I recall asking an organizer if any similar happenings were coming up. Her response? The local film industry had so dried up that there hadn’t been a major premiere in Chicago since 1991’s Backdraft. A few months later State Street Pictures released Barbershop, but while Chicago saw the occasional film and TV project, things didn’t pick up steam until Illinois passed the film tax credit act in 2008, laying the groundwork for Cinespace, the subject of our cover story (page…

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final exam

DAVE KASNIC, WHOSE PHOTOGRAPHY has appeared in publications like Bon Appétit and the New Yorker, shot “Chicagoans of the Year” (page 74), and one honoree held particular significance: Dawoud Bey, his former professor at Columbia College. “I never got the feeling that Dawoud was all that interested in my artwork during school. He was fairly tough on me,” Kasnic says. “Him sending me a note after the shoot saying he had fun was meaningful to me because I had never known, like, what do you actually think of me?” In this issue, celebrity fashion stylist Marcellas Reynolds details his childhood abuse publicly for the first time (page 59). “It’s almost therapeutic,” he says. “Secrets become cancerous. Now I feel freer than I have in a really long time.” His book Supreme…

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portrait of a big personality

GiuseppeZangara via Reddit An exquisite profile of a vulgar rich man. @KathleenMRooney via Twitter Most interesting? Most vacuous, perhaps. Brian Kelley via Facebook PIZZA YOUR MIND While the rest of the world debates if pineapple belongs on a pizza, here in Chicago we can discuss if raspberry jam and shishito peppers should ever be placed on a pizza crust [“The Best Pizza in Town,” November]. Doc_Dante via Reddit The most interesting thing about this article is it’s a long list that leaves out Piece, Pequod’s, and Vito & Nick’s — which on most lists would be in the top five. petmoo23 via Reddit The pretentious recipes and predictable locations were redeemed somewhat by the inclusion of Rosangela’s, the excellent and lonely entrant from the South Side. John F. Bramfeld via Chicagomag.com Labriola is underrated for deep dish. Glad to see…

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apocalypse’s horsemen

In February 1977, candy company heiress Helen Brach went missing. What happened to the Glenview widow remained a mystery for years. Then, in 1994, horse salesman Richard Bailey was indicted for, among other things, conspiring to have Brach murdered. The case also blew the lid off a downstate network of horse traders and stable owners scheming to get wealthy people — often lonely women — to buy overvalued animals. Prosecutors argued that Bailey was worried that Brach, whom he had persuaded to invest in racehorses and show horses, would expose him. Gretchen Reynolds covered the case for Chicago in her story “Horses, Money, Murder.” By late 1975, Brach was the proud if befuddled owner of three thoroughbreds and brood mares, purchased for about $100,000 from Bailey’s brother P.J. The horses were…