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chicago magazine

EDITOR IN CHIEF AND PUBLISHER Susanna Homan EDITORIAL EXECUTIVE EDITOR Terrance Noland DESIGN DIRECTOR Katherine Bryja Shady FEATURES EDITOR David McAninch SENIOR WRITER Bryan Smith SENIOR EDITORS Tal Rosenberg, Lauren Williamson DINING EDITOR Amy Cavanaugh CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Mark Bazer, Mark Caro, Tom Chiarella, Marcia Froelke Coburn, Adrienne Gunn, Ted C. Fishman, Nina Kokotas Hahn, John Kessler, Jake Malooley, Edward McClelland, Heidi Mitchell, Mike Thomas, Bill Zehme CHIEF CONTRIBUTING DINING CRITIC Jeff Ruby CONTRIBUTING CULTURE CRITICS Meaghan Garvey, Graham Meyer, Taylor Moore, Kris Vire, Claire Voon, Lauren Warnecke CONTRIBUTING COPY EDITORS Robert Loerzel, Amy Schroeder EDITORIAL INTERNS Emma Jackson, Ariana Portalatin, Tyra Nicole Triche SENIOR DIGITAL EDITOR Matt Pollock ASSISTANT DIGITAL EDITOR Hannah Edgar DIGITAL PRODUCER Lynette Smith SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO EDITOR DS Shin DEPUTY DESIGN DIRECTOR Emily Johnson PHOTO DIRECTOR Michael Zajakowski ART DIRECTOR Jessica Sedgwick CONTRIBUTING DIGITAL IMAGING SPECIALIST Andrew Davis CONTRIBUTING PHOTO ASSISTANT Patrick Crowley PREPRESS/DESIGN MANAGER Tom Kadzielawski PRODUCTION SPECIALIST…

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the right idea

IN APRIL 2017, I POPPED OVER TO MY NEIGHBOR’S CONDO, where she was hosting a Greek Easter celebration. She had a relative there I had already met a few times — an overbearing mother who wanted me to know her son had just launched an internet company weeks earlier and it was going to be the next big thing. Cameo cofounder Steven Galanis, 30 at the time, was slumped on the couch, likely stuffed with lamb and pastitsio. I learned a little about the premise: Celebrities would record personalized video messages for anybody willing to pay. The next question from my neighbor: Did I know any celebrities I could introduce him to? At the office the following day, I mentioned the business to colleagues as something we should look into. At the…

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potted plant

FOR THIS MONTH’S COVER STORY, Chicago’s art team got a privileged look inside the Cresco Labs facility in Joliet. Like a Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of cannabis, the plant has specialized rooms for, among other things, growing various strains, producing chef Mindy Segal’s edibles line, even hand-rolling joints (apparently this is one endeavor where mechanization can’t match the human touch). There would be no falling into the weed equivalent of a chocolate river at Cresco. “None of us could ever be alone,” art director Jessica Sedgwick says. “We even had to be escorted to the bathroom.” Brian Sorg has a self-described run-and-gun approach to his photography. So for documenting funnyman Bashir Salahuddin’s return to Chicago (page 106), Sorg didn’t even want it to feel like a photo shoot: “We did it…

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worthy honorees

@katiekelley1991 via Twitter I’ve cried on benches in gardens all over the Loop. It’s a crier-friendly city. Carlene Chess via Facebook We need more people like Candice Payne. This caring Chicagoan took action that saved 122 homeless people from possibly freezing to death during the 2019 polar vortex. @Jenna_P7 via Twitter I was fortunate to read Alex Kotlowitz’s powerful first book, There Are No Children Here, in grad school. Telling stories to ask questions, giving people the tools to tell their own stories — he deserves [this honor]. @MaryTodoric via Twitter A TEARFUL DEBATE Finally! The second any minor inconvenience arises at work, I now know where to go [“Where to Cry Downtown,” November]. @pacunamatada via Twitte I cast my vote for the end car of the Blue Line coming back from O’Hare when you’re 19 and you just dropped…

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more money, more problems

▪ In Siobhan and Clyde Engle’s marriage, she brought a vivacious sociability, and he provided the funds that allowed her to be as high society as she desired. But trouble was on the horizon by the end of the ’90s, when Clyde faced multiple lawsuits alleging he had profited, through self-dealing, from the ruinous ends of several companies he owned or controlled. Shane Tritsch’s January 2000 Chicago story “Vonnie and Clyde,” which chronicled the Engles’ ostentatious lifestyle and related legal problems, included a family photograph from Hawaii that the couple used in a Christmas card wishing recipients “gentle breezes, calm seas, and a clear sky.” In the background of the photo, though, as if in defiance of that sweet wish, a bank of clouds slides along a distant mountain ridge that…

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your best brunch photos

@vintagemodernlove What refined brunch spot was graphic designer Amanda Mastenbrook visiting when she captured this delish-looking quiche and elegant table setting? None. The Andersonville resident crafted this meal at home. “Monday brunch can be a thing when you’re unemployed/freelancing, right?” she wrote in her post. WE ALSO LOVED … NEXT CONTEST Post your best pet photo on Instagram by January 15. Follow us at @chicagomag, tag us, and include #bestchicagolife to be considered. The winner will be featured in the March issue and will receive a free one-year subscription to the magazine.…