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all amelia island

Not all islands are created equal. Nestled off of Florida’s northeast coast, Amelia Island is an exquisite blend of beautiful beaches, natural preserves, and fine dining. With all of its unique offerings it’s no surprise that visitors have rated Amelia Island as a top destination on both Conde Nast’s and Travel + Leisure’s list of Top 10 U.S. Islands. With over 13 miles of beaches, water sports, nature walks, boating, fishing, luxury resorts, and a five-star restaurant, Amelia Island has something for every traveler. FAMILY FUN STAY Whether you want a quiet family getaway or a family reunion, Amelia Island accommodates groups of all sizes. Beachfront rentals are great for larger families. If you’re looking for luxury, Amelia’s oceanfront resorts offer a variety of rooms and activities created with families in mind. DO…

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about a girl and a dog

EARLY ON IN THE PLANNING OF THIS ISSUE’S PETS GUIDE — our first in nearly four years—we had the idea to put Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s dog, Hank, on the cover. But we didn’t know if the mayor would go for it. We needn’t have worried. The way first lady Amy Eshleman tells it, once word got back to their 12-year-old daughter, Vivian, it was a done deal. On the day of our shoot, Amy and Vivian arrived at the studio with their freshly groomed goldendoodle. Vivian, who chose Hank’s name when they got him three and a half years ago (“We decided we needed a man in the house,” jokes Amy), went into photo assistant mode, cajoling Hank into various poses for more than two hours. “Hanky, look at me!” she’d…

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a mission from god

WHEN CHICAGO PHOTO DIRECTOR Michael Zajakowski was tasked with scouting locations that matched those in The Blues Brothers for our spring fashion special (page 94), he knew he had his work cut out for him. The movie, after all, was filmed here more than 40 years ago. Some spots remained, like in front of the Calumet River rail bridge near the Skyway, featured in the movie poster and in our opening shot, and Pilgrim Baptist Church of South Chicago (called Triple Rock Baptist in the film). For other scenes, he had to get creative. The mural that backdropped a dance number outside Ray’s Music Exchange (what was, in reality, Shelly’s Loan & Jewelry Co. on 47th Street) had faded badly, so he found a similar but vibrant one outside the Avalon…

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portraits of homelessness

In school there were always photographers who made homelessness their subject. They always approached it the same way: the subject would be passed out or arms outstretched, almost never aware of the photographer. This wouldn’t add anything to the limited interactions most of us have with these people already. Lloyd DeGrane’s photographs get everything right those photos got wrong [“Life and Death on the Streets,” February]. Powerful and personal portraits of Chicago’s mostly ignored, with captions that’ll leave you with your mouth agape. Lenny Gilmore via Facebook DeGrane’s portraits of Chicago’s homeless evoke Depression-era photographer Dorothea Lange’s iconic Migrant Mother. Both photographers capture a moment in the life of an American in trouble. I am pleased DeGrane reports the occasional success story of a homeless Chicagoan finding shelter—and perhaps an exit from…

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the birth of a radio star

In Now that This American Life is the standard against which all radio programs are measured, it can be hard to remember when the show, then called Your Radio Playhouse (hence “act 1,” etc.), was only on Chicago’s airwaves—and even harder to remember a time before that. Marcia Froelke Coburn profiled creator Ira Glass in 1995, almost a year before its premiere, when Glass was an NPR correspondent creating pilots and “on the brink of becoming,” in Coburn’s words, “a hipster version of Garrison Keillor.” After a long tedious process of trying to find a certain perfect moment in the interview with [a computer hacker called] Eli (“Which one do you like? This one? Or this?”), Glass and [tape editor Emily] Hanford have come to an agreement. He switches reels, splices…

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your best pet photos

@cecil_and_uno Not long after Amber Hampton, an associate creative director at Leo Burnett, adopted Cecil and Uno from PAWS Chicago in 2015, she created an Instagram account for the cats, who she says are naturals in front of the camera. She was relaxing in her Old Town apartment one day when Cecil approached her and posed for this shot. “It was one of those happy accidents,” says Hampton. “I think he knows he’s good-looking.” WE ALSO LOVED … @buster_the_van @jennblagg @georgie.pants @ragdollsbarneyandbo NEXT CONTEST Post your best shot of a dive bar on Instagram by March 15. Follow us at @chicagomag, tag us, and include #bestchicagolife and the name of the bar to be considered. The winner will be featured in the May issue and will receive a free one-year subscription to the magazine.…