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gastronomy for all

THROUGHOUT THE YEAR, THE MEMBERS OF OUR DINING team — editor Amy Cavanaugh and writers Jeff Ruby and John Kessler — painstakingly visit Chicago’s many new restaurants to come up with our annual list of the very best ones. Narrowing down and ranking these places is the subject of serious debate, but all three were unanimous in their top choice this time: Noble Square’s Jeong (page 72). In the course of assembling this year’s rankings, something stood out: a new level of accessibility among the restaurants that made the cut. For instance, the top three spots feature shorter and more affordable tasting menus than you see elsewhere in town. You’ll also find an abundance of global street food — including Japanese okonomiyaki, Chinese dumplings, and Indian chaat—at places that are just…

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a postscript

REBECCA MAKKAI WAS ON TOUR FOR her 2018 novel, The Great Believers, a Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award finalist, when a woman approached. At the time of the 1990 ACT UP demonstration in Chicago, a backdrop for a chapter in the book, the woman worked for the American Medical Association, one of the groups targeted. “She told me her heart had been with the protesters, but was told by the AMA not to go out there,” says Makkai. “It reinforced to me that there were different perspectives from that event I still wanted to cover.” She shares some of those in the oral history that starts on page 100. Nolis Anderson may be the only photographer in town with a doctorate in pharmacy. Before he was shooting the likes of…

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tastes like home

@asterlax via Twitter This is awesome! Love it when you guys cover the real Chicago and not just what downtown has to offer. @yesregal via Instagram There’s something so beautiful about being able to go into a Mexican store and feel at home. Being called “mija” definitely adds to the experience. @xingonalove via Twitter When I was 22, I moved to a ski town in Colorado, and for the first time in my life, I was in a place with almost no Mexicans. I took a bus two hours out of my way to get to the only supermercado. That was the only place I felt at home. thelaughingpear via Reddit READERS CHIME IN ON TOP BIRDS Costco has the biggest chicken out of all of these and one of the cheapest [“10 Rotisserie Chickens, Ranked,” February]. It…

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the goat

In the last challenge of Top Chef’s season 4, Stephanie Izard, one of the finalists, told the judges that her biggest weakness was second-guessing herself. Then she won. After she got back to Chicago, Kevin Boehm and Rob Katz of Boka Restaurant Group had no trouble believing in her when they sank $1.5 million into the place she was opening. In 2010, Cassie Walker (now Cassie Walker Burke) shadowed Izard for Chicago during the moment of held breath before the launch of Girl & the Goat. On its face, it sounds like a shrewd investment. Izard won a reality show watched by millions and refused to stop there. By thinking of herself as a brand, she has extended her 15 minutes of fame some two years and counting. That she’ll star…

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your best doughnut photos

@ajamarneelondon To fill the pastry case at the Logan Square standby Fat Rice on weekends, sous chef Aja London and head chef Abe Conlon play with inventive takes on Macanese treats. Says London: “We try to pay homage to the history of the idea, while adding our own nuance.” Recent examples: cured duck yolk shortbread and a guava cheese roll. London posted this picture of other creations, including the Aleppo-spiced and mango-glazed mochi doughnuts in the middle, made to be “crispy on the outside with a chewy center.” WE ALSO LOVED… NEXT CONTEST Post your best shot of a Chicago hot dog on Instagram by April 15. Follow us at @chicagomag, tag us, and include #bestchicagolife and the name of the vendor to be considered. The winner will be featured in the June/July issue…

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talking points

1 Qantas launches the first-ever direct flight from Chicago to Australia on Apr. 15. Even so, plan for killer jet lag: The trek lasts more than 17 hours and lands you in Brisbane two days after takeoff. 2 Snack maker Mondelez, formerly of Deerfield, follows in the foot-steps of Google and McDonald’s in moving its headquarters to Fulton Market on Apr. 6, bringing with it more than 400 employees. Oreos are now “on trend.” 3 When the NBA world descended on Chicago in February, it was met with a relentless refrain of “Fire GarPax.” Fans may finally get their wish after the Bulls’ season mercifully ends on Apr. 15. A front office shakeup is expected. 4 Incest, German mythology, horses leaping into an open fire, oh my! A complete rendition of Wagner’s 18-hour…