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“I could never walk away from Rookie [magazine] for a lot of reasons, but one of them is when you feel aware of some of what is wrong with the world, it’s good to not feel totally powerless.” —Tavi Gevinson, magazine editor and actress Read the full interview at chicagomag.com/tavi. FULL DINING LISTINGS ON YOUR TABLET! Find all of our dining critics’ carefully curated restaurant recommendations, sorted by location, in our tablet apps at chicagomag.com/ipad and chicagomag.com/android. DIGITAL EXCLUSIVES ON YOUR TABLET! Print subscribers can download the magazine’s editions for iPad and Android devices free. Get them at chicagomag.com/ipad and chicagomag.com/android. In episode 2 of Inside Chicago’s Best Bars, see how to make Sable’s cocktail Park Slope. Watch at chicagomag.com/sable. Follow Chicago on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Search for “Chicago mag” to find our social media feeds. FREE…

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makers’ mark

Ask a Chicagoan of a certain age what makes our city different, and you’re likely to hear some version of the following: We don’t just talk about stuff. We make stuff. Whether it’s fennelflecked artisanal sausages or skylineshattering towers, Chicagoans design and create some of the top things in the world. So when gift-giving season rolls around, why is it so hard to find help zeroing in on the best of these? I wondered about that when I moved back to Chicago four years ago. The solution: Chicago’s annual gift guide (page 108). Associate editor Carly Boers and her team spent months evaluating hundreds of local products, from toys to tech to topcoats, before selecting this year’s crop of 43. You’ll find everything from an incomparable $7.50 peppermint chocolate bar made…

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inside peek

CONTRIBUTOR The now-classic comedy Home Alone premiered 25 years ago. James Hughes, son of John Hughes, the legendary North Shore director who wrote the screenplay, reports an oral history of the movie (page 116). “One of my fondest memories is going to see Home Alone on opening night with my dad,” says Hughes, 36. “He befriended the manager of a multiplex, so we watched it in different theaters, seeing how people reacted in real time.” NEW HIRE Design director Katherine bryja Shady comes from The Hollywood Reporter, where she once met erstwhile Chicagoan Oprah Winfrey. “She was our Women in Entertainment cover star two years ago,” says Shady. “She knew I designed her feature, so she came to the office, sought me out, and gave me a hug. It was really cool.” ARTIFACT Cover star…

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ON OUR NOVEMBER COVER STORY Making a list of Chicago’s best pizza is an unenviable task [“Chicago’s Best Pizza”], but Chicago magazine’s effort is as good as any I’ve seen. Ed Fanselow on Twitter I started eating pizza in this town 63 years ago. The tastiest and zestiest thin crust by far, and second to none, is Barnaby’s in Northbrook. David Kreisman, Chicago Very incomplete list since [you] seemed to completely forget that there is a South Side. Jeremy Jerm vermin Paschke on Facebook ON A RISING BULLS STAR Good story [“It’s Good to Be Jimmy Butler,” November]. I’ve always thought of the face of the Bulls being Joakim Noah after Derrick Rose battled injury for so long. But I think Butler might earn that title this year. WhileFalseRepeat on Reddit How is it legal that Jimmy Butler doesn’t have…

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the new new year’s

THE INSIDER’S GUIDE TO CHI-TOWN RISING Break out the hip flasks: This month, the man who brought the NFL draft to the city, John Murray, mounts the first-ever Chi-Town Rising, a $4 million to $5 million New Year’s Eve countdown in which Times Square’s dropping ball is replaced by a mammoth Chicago star climbing the Hyatt Regency. The event kicks off at 6 p.m. in Pioneer Court and moves across the river at 11 to punctuate 2015 with “one of the largest fireworks shows in the city’s history,” says Murray. It will also be an utter infestation: 50,000 to 70,000 people are expected. Here are five places to enjoy the festivities without getting caught in the tourist throng. 1 SIGNATURE LOUNGE 875 N. Michigan Ave. Arrive early to get a south-facing view from the…

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winter escapes

TURKS AND CAICOS Supernaturally blue waters surround these islands just past the Bahamas. To do Help catch, tag, and release endangered green turtles with the resort’s naturalist at Amanyara. Flight 3 hours, from $551 IXTAPA/ZIHUATANEJO Tim Robbins pined for this Mexican fishing region in The Shawshank Redemption. To do Pair drama with romance at Capella Ixtapa, a resort with open-air suites and private plunge pools overlooking the Pacific. Flight 4.75 hours, from $510 ST. LUCIA With its green rainforests, silver beaches, and famed volcanic peaks, this spot hits the geography trifecta. To do The new school Dive Saint Lucia will get you scuba certified in two days and snapping underwater selfies with barrel sponges in three. Flight 5.5 hours, from $601 NOTE: All fares are round-trip on United Airlines in December.…