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An Artist’s Take on the World Series Chicago commissioned graphic artist Matt Maldre to create scorecards for each game of the World Series, including every hit, run, and out, plus all sorts of fun drawings, notes, and trivia. “A scorecard is kind of like a web comic,” says Maldre, a Cubs fan since 1984, “a narrative in visual form.” See all the scorecards at chicagomag.com/scorecards. ON YOUR TABLET Print subscribers can download the magazine’s editions for iPad and Android devices free. Get them at chicagomag.com/ipad and chicagomag.com/android. VIDEOS Find out why artist Indira Johnson is installing Buddha sculptures around the city at chicagomag.com /ripples. FREE E-NEWSLETTERS Weekly email newsletters alert you to the latest in dining, culture, shopping, and current events. Sign up at chicagomag.com/newsletters. SOCIAL MEDIA Follow Chicago at facebook.com/chicagomagazine, twitter.com/chicagomag, and instagram.com/chicagomag.…

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real supermen

We were standing on the rooftop of LondonHouse Chicago. Around us, a camera flashed as dusk fell and streetlights began twinkling below. The three doctors, a little stiff in suits instead of scrubs, followed our direction as they posed first as a group, then one by one. “Do the Superman!” I yelled over the noisy wind to orthopedic surgeon Samer Attar. For a moment, he put his hands at his waist just as I had demonstrated. Then he shrugged and stuck one hand back in the pocket of his rarely worn gray suit. After the shoot, we made small talk. “How long were you in Syria?” I asked. “Two weeks,” he said. “That’s really the longest you’re supposed to stay and continue to operate on so little sleep.” He went on to…

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inside peek

CONTRIBUTOR Photographer Alyssa Schukar captured Chicagoans celebrating rites of passage (page 104). “There’s a commonality to these ceremonies across different cultures, whether it’s a birthday or retirement or quinceañera,” she says. “They connect us as humans.” ARTIFACTS Larry Yando (page 56) dons this hat and scarf in his ninth appearance as Scrooge in the Goodman’s A Christmas Carol. “I never expected to be doing it for nine years, but I always finish the run feeling happy and uplifted,” he says. “Kind of like Scrooge.” CUTTING ROOM FLOOR At nearly 6-foot-7, the Joffrey’s Fabrice Calmels, participating in The Nutcracker (page 92), holds the Guinness World Record for tallest ballet dancer. “Someone with a high center of gravity has a hard time twisting, jumping, landing, rotating,” he says. PHOTOGRAPHY: (SCHUKAR) TOM MCKENZIE; (HAT AND SCARF) PETYA SHALAMANOVA; (CALMELS)…

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talk to us

ON ARNE DUNCAN’S PLAN TO STOP GUN VIOLENCE WITH JOBS Thank you so much for the article about Duncan and the Emerson Collective [“Can Arne Duncan Save Chicago?,” November]. I have often thought that the root of the violence here is a lack of options and jobs and have felt impotent to make a difference. Email from Margaret O’Connor This guy helped in the dismantling of the Chicago public school system, which has contributed to the gun violence problem, and now you all are propagating the idea that he can “save the city”? Well, let me be first in line to tell him, and you all, to kiss my ass. Dion McGill on Facebook I’m curious what the naysayers are doing to help communities beyond their own borders. Perhaps we should uplift that effort rather…

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the return of luxe living

Five years ago, with the housing market still wobbling, you wouldn’t have found much demand for units in a Gold Coast high-rise with a golf simulation room, an in-house car and driver, and top-of-the-line everything. But when empty nesters Diane and Vince DiBenedetto recently had the chance to upgrade from their nearby not-too-shabby residence by buying into the ultraluxurious 9 West Walton, still under construction, they didn’t pause, despite the hefty price tag. (The couple wouldn’t say what they’re paying, but the building’s upper levels are in the $10 million range.) Diane, an interior design consultant, and Vince, who owns an insurance company, will have 7,000 square feet on the 32nd floor, complete with panoramic views, a customcarved marble fireplace, and amenities such as a two-story fitness center with yoga and…

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diy ice rink

1 “Get 20 sheets of 4-by-8-foot treated plywood. Cut 10 of those in half lengthwise. The shorter pieces form the walls, and the uncut pieces go on the ends to catch any pucks that miss the net,” says Mary Cook Gallagher, who’s managed to squeeze a rink big enough for four-onfour play into her (admittedly spacious) Sauganash yard for the past eight years. 2 “With a sledgehammer, pound fence posts into the ground in the shape of a 40-by-80-foot rectangle. You want 20 36-inch posts on each of the long sides and 10 58-inch posts on each of the short ends—spaced two per board.” 3 “Connect the plywood sheets to the posts and each other with screws and flat steel brackets, and secure the corners with L-brackets. Make sure the screws aren’t…