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“Having cancer puts things in perspective. I will never be cured. My doctor told me, ‘We don’t use the R-word [remission].’ ” Chicago Teachers Union head Karen Lewis on her ongoing battle Read Carol Felsenthal’s interview with the CTU president at chicagomag.com/lewis. BEST RESTAURANTS! Looking for a great place to dine? Find all of our critics’ starred restaurant reviews, sortable by price, cuisine, amenities, or location, at chicagomag.com/best. DIGITAL EXCLUSIVES ON YOUR TABLET! Print subscribers can download the magazine’s editions for iPad and Android devices free. Get them at chicagomag.com/ipad and chicagomag.com/android. In episode 27 of Inside Chicago’s Best Restaurants, Matt Holmes of Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba makes pulpo a la gallega. Watch at chicagomag.com/babareeba. Follow Chicago on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Search for “Chicago mag” to find our social media feeds. FREE E-NEWSLETTERS Weekly email newsletters alert you to…

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crisis point

On September 11, 2001, I awoke to news reports of a plane crashing into an office building not far from my apartment. Even before the second plane hit, nearby hospitals had mobilized an army of health care workers in Lower Manhattan, ready to treat the hundreds of injured people who would surely emerge from the towers. Of course, scarcely anyone did emerge. But one tiny light on that horrific day was the visible power of New York City’s medical system. Within five miles of the World Trade Center lay two hospitals with Level 1 trauma centers—those specially equipped to deal with the most dire penetrating injuries, such as those from guns and bombs. Distance matters. As Adrienne Hurst explains in “Critical Conditions” (page 15), people who get shot more than five miles…

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inside peek

CONTRIBUTOR A former Tribune reporter, David Mendell first encountered South Side tennis coach Kamau Murray (page 58) when Mendell was thinking of profiling one of Murray’s protégés, Taylor Townsend. “We had a 10- to 15-minute convo, and he starts talking about trying to get this tennis facility built on the South Side and how there are all these talented kids who don’t have opportunity,” Mendell recalls. And with that, he knew he had his next story. ARTIFACT In his Urbanist column (page 22), Rod O’Connor writes about riding on a Zamboni. If he ever needs proof of his bucket-list-worthy activity, he can use the photographic evidence above. NEW HIRE Originally from West Salem, Wisconsin, deputy design director Emily Johnson spent 12 years in Los Angeles, where she worked for The Hollywood Reporter, Capitol Records, and…

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talk to us

ON SANDRA BLAND l’ve been waiting for an article like this [“An American Tragedy,” January], and it’s just as heartbreaking and enraging as it should be. JSA lowe on Twitter The cop had the right to ask her to exit [her car], and she definitely should’ve just done what he said. But anyone with an iota of people-smarts can tell he was challenging her to pick a fight. israel signs on Chicagomag.com Sandra should have never been arrested. The events that took place that day were heartbreaking, and it saddens me that a police officer escalated the situation. dana on Chicagomag.com ON TERRORIST ATTACK PROSPECTS Islamic extremism is frightening [“Could It Happen Here?,” January], but so is the way we so excitedly respond to it. Mike Ellis on Facebook ON ROGERS PARK HOT SPOTS Anyone actually from the neighborhood would laugh…

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critical conditions

Business, politics, real estate, and city life: What you need to know this month When the University of Chicago Medicine announced in December that it would open a new trauma center on the South Side, activists cheered. Now, finally, there would be more help for victims of all-tooroutine shootings in that part of town. But that’s not the only reason to rejoice. The new facility, scheduled to open in 2018, will help address a key vulnerability: Among major U.S. cities, Chicago is particularly illequipped, in terms of trauma center capacity, to handle a Paris-style terrorist attack. The main factor is surge capacity, or the ability to handle a sudden influx of patients. “If there were some mass shooting [in Chicago], then very quickly any one of these hospitals might run out of…

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indoor thrills

SKYDIVING! iFly An ultrapowerful fanning system at the top of this indoor skydiving venue’s vertical wind tunnel levitates your whole family. $70 for firsttimers. Naperville and Rosemont, iflyworld.com THRILL LEVEL ✸✸✸ RACING! K1 Speed Play real-life Mario Kart and grab a cocktail under the same roof. Go-carts hit 45 mph, and built-in trackers let you prove you won by 0.2 seconds. $20 a race. Addison and Buffalo Grove, k1speed.com THRILL LEVEL ✸✸ SURFING! Moirai Health and Fitness Surfboard aerobics is a new workout, because of course. Challenge your core on a wobbly plank designed to simulate ocean turbulence. $35 a class. Northfield and Chicago, moiraihealthandfitness.com THRILL LEVEL ✸ TRAMPOLINING! Sky High Sports Play some hyped-up dodgeball or burn 1,000 calories an hour (seriously) in a grown-up “airobics” class at this trampoline park. $12 an hour. Niles and Naperville, nil.skyhighsports.com THRILL LEVEL ✸✸…