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Chicago magazine

Chicago magazine January 2016

Since 1970, readers have turned to Chicago magazine for expertise on Chicago’s dining, shopping, and entertainment scenes, as well as for award-winning reporting on the key people and issues in the city. Get your digital subscription to Chicago magazine today.

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Chicagoland Publishing Company
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“It’s as I tell kids and as my mother used to tell me: If you can’t be a pine at the top of the hill, be a scrub in the valley, but be the best little scrub you can be.” —Representative Danny Davis on why he won’t run for u.s. senate Read Carol Felsenthal’s interview with the nine-term Democrat at chicagomag.com/davis. FULL DINING LISTINGS ON YOUR TABLET! Find all of our dining critics’ carefully curated restaurant recommendations, sorted b location, in our tablet apps at chicagomag.com/ipad an chicagomag.com/android. DIGITAL EXCLUSIVES ON YOUR TABLET! Print subscribers can download the magazine’s editions for iPad and Android devices free. Get them at chicagomag.com/ipad and chicagomag.com/android. In episode 26 of Inside Chicago’s Best Restaurants, see how the pizza at Spacca Napoli gets made. Watch at chicagomag.com /spacca. Follow Chicago on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube,…

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goodbye, garry

“t’s not classy to dance and shout when a person loses their job,” a retired Chicago police officer emailed me on December 1, minutes after Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the ousting of Garry McCarthy, the police superintendent. “But in this case I’m not only dancing, I’m singing and juggling.” Such celebrations greet the ignominious end of the four-year tenure of Chicago’s top cop, handpicked by Rahm. McCarthy “has become an issue . . . and a distraction,” the mayor said in his press conference. But the “issue” goes far beyond how the police department handled the killing of Laquan McDonald. The issue is the systemic lack of transparency—even deliberate obfuscation—on the part of not only the department but also the mayor’s office. The stonewalling, the foot dragging, the high-handed response to Freedom…

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inside peek

CONTRIBUTOR New Jersey artist Chris Gash has been illustrating Rod O’Connor’s Urbanist columns since the September issue. “I’m always trying to keep up with Rod and hopefully be as fun or funny as he is,” says Gash. “I’ve learned a few things from the column, but I have to say discovering ‘bronies’ [September] was the big one.” Gash’s work has appeared in Time, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. ARTIFACT Senior editor Lauren Williamson took a class with Mickey Alice Kwapis while writing a profile of the millennial taxidermist (page 88). Her project? Stuffing the dead mouse shown above. “Something weird happened around the eyes when he was drying, so unfortunately the finished product doesn’t quite honor him,” says Williamson. “But I tried.” CUTTING ROOM FLOOR Annie Dorsen, the theater writer and…

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talk to us

ON OUR HOME ALONE ORAL HISTORY An awesome, comprehensive behindthe-scenes guide to one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time [“Holy Cow, Home Alone Is 25!,” December]. Dan on Twitter For anyone who loved Home Alone (everyone, right?), you must read this oral history. Seth Gruen on Twitter ON OUR INTERVIEW WITH CHI-RAQ DIRECTOR SPIKE LEE I must admit that when I first heard about this movie I was concerned and protective of the city I love, but as I learned more and read this interview [“Spike Lee Sounds Off,” December], I’m certain this is a story that must be told, and Spike is just the director to tell it. LAX on Chicagomag.com Spike, you say you make movies to raise issues so that solutions can be proposed [by other people]. But you’ve been making movies since…

4 min.
a better way

Business, politics, real estate, and city life: What you need to know this month On December 1, the same day Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy got canned (er, asked to resign), Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced his new task force on police accountability. It’s what Chicagoans have been asking for, right? An independent group looking over CPD’s shoulder? Not quite. Initially, at least, the group of six (which includes the city’s inspector general, Joseph Ferguson, and is led by former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick) was charged with three duties: looking at how the city’s existing Independent Police Review Authority handles police-involved shootings (such as the mishandling of the killing of Laquan McDonald, which led to McCarthy’s downfall), assessing how the CPD deals with cops who have repeated complaints against them, and offering up “best…

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writing history

1 It pushed the Great Migration as a way to punish the South. At first, the paper discouraged blacks from going north because of the racism its founder, Robert Abbott, faced in Chicago. But as the Great Migration began, Abbott noticed it was damaging the South’s economy by removing its labor base. This convinced Abbott, Michaeli writes, that it was “an effective tactic for hurting the white South.” The paper started encouraging the exodus. 2 It helped swing the presidential election to John F. Kennedy. The Defender was initially critical of Kennedy because of his inconsistent civil rights record. But a campaign adviser—and Defender columnist—convinced him that he could win the black vote if he courted it the way his opponent, Richard Nixon, did. By making overtures such as calling Coretta…