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The Fight for East Chicago: Portraits of Resistance Photojournalist Alyssa Schukar has been taking portraits in East Chicago, Indiana, since August, not long after the city’s mayor announced that lead levels in the ground around the West Calumet Housing Complex were dangerously high and that residents would soon be forced to evacuate. Activists say the government knew about the dangers for years, and they are fighting to ensure that the community’s concerns are heard as officials sort out cleanup and relocation efforts. “Everyone deserves the right to exist and live in a clean environment,” says Schukar. “These are people who are often overlooked. I want to help amplify their voices.” See the rest of Schukar’s photos at chicagomag.com/eastchicago. ON YOUR TABLET Print subscribers can download the magazine’s editions for iPad and Android devices free. Get them…

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life and death

Last January I lost a friend to cancer. Jay Michael was just 34 but had already built a high-profile real estate business and starred on a Bravo show. Always beautifully attired but with a raw (and slightly inappropriate) sense of humor, he oozed charisma. Shortly after his diagnosis of stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the spring of 2015, Jay reached out to me to ask if he could blog about it for Chicago’s sister publication Splash. He titled the series My Choice to Live. In the beginning, it was hard for me to fathom that this vibrant young guy could be facing anything other than a return to great health. Over the ensuing months, we corresponded regularly. Thanks to his local fame, each of his blog posts—accompanied by stark and ever-scarier photos…

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behind the shoot

It took an army to stage the shot of novelist Kathleen Rooney on page 44. “I wanted an elevated viewpoint, so I climbed the stairs at the Harold Washington Library L,” says photographer Clarissa Bonet. “I had my husband, who was down on the street, on the phone giving her my directions.” OUTTAKE Task 1 in picking overseas getaways for the travel package (page 98) was tracking down all foreign destinations with nonstop flights from Chicago. If you are curious, there are 69 in all. The farthest? Hong Kong, at 7,778 miles, or 16 hours. CONTRIBUTOR Photographer Stephanie Gonot brought her splashy still-life treatment to a series of cancer breakthroughs (starting on page 87). “I was initially worried the shots were too happy-looking,” she says. “But together, they convey the idea of battling cancer.” PHOTOGRAPHY:…

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talk to us

ON RAPE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST MARC WINNER My deepest thanks to David Bernstein and Chicago magazine for this profile of the entitled North Shore boy next door [“The Reckoning,” December]. On behalf of [Winner’s accusers], we are so grateful that “the reckoning” is finally coming to pass. Lesley Chase Barton on Facebook How long would Mr. Winner be in jail now if he had been black and/or poor? Kirkus 1964 on Chicagomag.com ON OUR CHICAGOANS OF THE YEAR What an incredible issue and incredible heroes to our city [“Chicagoans of the Year,” December]. I’m so happy Carrie Meghie is among them. She is a hero to my family and a zillion others at the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital. Stephanie Feher Krol on Facebook ON FATHER PFLEGER’S MISSION As much as Pfleger pisses me off, I am in…

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obama’s chicago breakup

In 2005, shortly after his election to the Senate, Barack Obama used the royalties from Dreams from My Father to buy a Georgian revival on Greenwood Avenue in Kenwood. He didn’t live there long, of course: He moved into the White House a little more than three years later. “Oh, he’s not going to live there again,” one of his neighbors told me in 2015. An ex-president, with his retinue of Secret Service agents and gawking tourists? Too disruptive to densely populated Kenwood, she surmised. It’s been pretty clear for a while that she was right. For one thing, the Obamas have said that they’ll stay in Washington, D.C., for at least two more years so daughter Sasha can graduate from Sidwell Friends School. Then they’re likely to move to New York…

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boomerang cabinet

ARNE DUNCAN The former U.S. secretary of education joined the social progress organization Emerson Collective last March and recently launched an employment program for young out-of-work black men. BILL DALEY He succeeded Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff and, like Emanuel, eventually came back here. Daley heads U.S. operations for Argentiere Capital, a Swiss hedge fund. DAVID AXELROD Besides offering near-nightly commentary on CNN during the 2016 election, the former senior adviser now directs the Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago. SUSAN SHER These days, Michelle Obama’s first chief of staff serves as senior adviser to the University of Chicago president, Robert Zimmer. DESIRÉE ROGERS The former White House social secretary is Johnson Publishing Company’s CEO. At least for now. The company sold its flagship magazines EbonyandJetlast June, leaving her future with the company uncertain. MICHAEL STRAUTMANIS Valerie Jarrett’s…