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to your health

I WAS A PREEMIE WITH SIGNIFICANT HEALTH ISSUES FOR THE first few years of my life, so I got my fill of doctors’ offices early. That may be one reason I never seemed to get around to finding a primary care physician or why I’m five years late on getting my first mammogram. Then a couple of months ago, while on a trip overseas, I caught a head cold and had awful ear pain on the return flight. At first, I tried to do what I always do: Take some vitamins and wait it out. But as the weeks wore on, my symptoms only got worse, until I had near-constant vertigo and dizzy spells. Then, while leaning over to pick up my dog, I lost my balance and fell. That was…

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the fantastic mrs. foxx

PHOTOGRAPHER LUCY HEWETT SAYS her shots of the Cook County state’s attorney, Kim Foxx (page 68), playing Uno and eating Cheetos at home with her family are the most realistic lifestyle photos she’s ever taken. “I don’t think I gave one direction. I was truly being like a documentarian. They were just laughing and singing together the whole time. It was one of my favorite shoots ever because you just can’t create that kind of energy.” For “Top Doctors 2019” (page 100), deputy design director Emily Johnson bought 6,148 pills and capsules. In photographer Jason Little’s studio, she scattered them across a backlit setup of glass, Plexiglas, and colored gels to create the pills-within-a-pill look. “The studio floors are old and wooden, so they bounce. We had to walk around on…

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big little tales

@patrickcsisson via Twitter What a unique way to share what Chicago is truly all about. @amicuscuriae06 via Twitter HONORING THE CITY’S HEROES I adored The Great Believers! It is the first book I have devoured in ages. So happy to see Rebecca Makkai getting the recognition she deserves [“Chicagoans of the Year,” December]. @ElizabethaRush via Twitter Wonderful to see something positive happening! More power to Jahmal Cole’s group, My Block, My Hood, My City! @lettier_ryan via Instagram TEMP’S DOWN, SURF’S UP One of my best friends is the guy who surfs in the snow on your December cover. Did you know he’s also a badass lawyer at the Exoneration Project? @darcycamden via Twitter CHEERS TO BURGERS Great essay by Carrie Schedler [“How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Eat a Cheeseburger,” November]. As a fellow food writer struggling with that arbitrary…

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untrue confessions

In the summer of 1998, two boys — one 7, the other 8 — were charged with the murder of an 11-year-old girl named Ryan Harris in Englewood. The boys had confessed under interrogation, but a month later, lab tests found traces of semen on the girl’s clothes, and the charges against the prepubescent boys were dropped. But how did the mistake happen? Jonathan Eig used the case to talk about the problems with implementing interrogation tactics on youths in his January 1999 Chicago story “Making Them Talk”: When the police were finished with the two children, after they had fed them McDonald’s hamburgers and held their hands and reminded them of the difference between good boys and bad boys, they may have left the door to the interrogation chamber open…

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your best pizza photos

@eatfreepizza This pesto pizza was made by Billy Federighi, Cecily Rodriguez, and Brad Shorten, friends who get together once a week or so to bake artisanal pies. Their ’za experiments outpace their appetites, so the trio uses Instagram to give away the extras for free. WE ALSO LOVED … @eatloveplay @marlomarisie @pretty.delish @coffee.escapades NEXT CONTEST Post your favorite winter activity on Instagram by January 23. Follow us at @chicagomag, tag us, and include #bestchicagolife to be considered. The winner will be featured in the March issue and will receive a free one-year subscription to the magazine.…

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talking points

1 If you notice a lot of violet skullcaps at O’Hare on Jan. 2, it’s because every bishop in the U.S. is convening at Mundelein Seminary, at the request of Pope Francis. Top of the agenda: the ongoing sex abuse mess in the Catholic Church. 2 Tune your banjo for a minor-key farewell: The store at the much-beloved Armitage location of the Old Town School of Folk Music is closing this month. 3 R. Kelly keeps rebounding from gross allegation after (really) gross allegation. Will that change once people hear his accusers speak? They get the Lifetime treatment in Surviving R. Kelly, a docuseries premiering Jan. 3. 4 Major League Soccer continues trying to make fútbol a thing in the U.S. This year’s draft — histrionically dubbed SuperDraft — takes place Jan. 11…