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Meet Sporty, the River North Dog Who Is Able to Walk Himself There’s no better way to stroll downtown than with Sporty, an 8-year-old golden retriever who can carry his own leash. Commuters, shoppers, tourists—just about everyone smiles at this talented canine. “It’s crazy how smart he is, anywhere he goes in the city,” says David Duncan, Sporty’s owner. Duncan thinks Sporty seems to derive a sense of pride from it. “He really became a better dog once we put the leash in his mouth.” —BETTINA CHANG Read more atchicagomag.com/sporty. VIDEOS How does a Second City show come together? Go behind the scenes of A Red Line Runs Through It at chicagomag.com /secondcity. FREE E-NEWSLETTERS Weekly email newsletters alert you to the latest in dining, culture, shopping, and current events. Sign up at chicagomag.com/newsletters. SOCIAL MEDIA Follow Chicago at facebook.com/chicagomagazine,…

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Confession: Just four years ago, I wouldn’t have thought twice about the plight of homeless animals. As someone reared in a house without pets, I can pinpoint my animal awakening to February 2013, when I went to a PAWS Chicago fundraiser and saw a volunteer holding a shelter puppy named Capricorn. I touched his head, and it was love at first nuzzle. By the end of that weekend, Gus, as I’d renamed him, had come home with me for a trial run. Within a few days, I knew there was no way I’d be returning him. So when it came time to work on our pets feature for this issue, it was imperative to me that we find a way to include Chicago’s homeless animal population. Our idea: Every shelter has pets…

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CONTRIBUTOR Chicago went novelist on novelist in tapping Pushcart Prize winner Joe Meno (Hairstyles of the Damned) to profile Jesse Ball (page 88). “It was wild learning about the high-wire act he puts himself through, writing books with almost no revision,” says Meno. BEHIND THE SHOOT What all went into photographing this month’s pets package (page 64)? In a single day, Chicago dealt with 10 animals, two duck diapers, three potty accidents, one vial of FerreTone oil, and 30 laps around the studio by a Pekingese mix named Champagne. NEW HIRE David McAninch joins as features editor after stints at Saveur and National Geographic Adventure and eating his way through southwestern France for his forthcoming book, Duck Season (HarperCollins, February 2017). “After a year in a tiny village and another chained to my desk writing,…

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ON A WEST SIDE KID’S STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE When I think of what is possible for a magazine story to illuminate, this is what I’m thinking about [“Can Jerryon Stevens Be Saved?,” June]. Amazing, moral, empathetic, coherent, and unsparing—the right medicine for this city. Tony Fitzpatrick on Facebook I understand how [this family] feels. Your ZIP code, especially in Chicago, can be a matter of life and death. @Keziah38261579 on Twitter I’m done with Chicago mag [getting] its rocks off playing voyeur to black Chicago. Completely irresponsible and just plain fucked up. @vebeans on Twitter ON CHICAGO SKY STAR ELENA DELLE DONNE Now there is a great role model who also just happens to be a great athlete [“The New Superstar in Town,” June]. C.J. O’Neill on Facebook ON RIGHT-WING SUPERDONOR RICHARD UIHLEIN Just tossed my Uline catalog [“Anatomy of a Megadonor,”…

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On a sun-drenched afternoon in mid-May, dozens of protesters costumed in hardhats and limegreen smocks marched outside the Loop office of Friends of the Parks. The faux workers chanted their disgust with the preservation group for jeopardizing plans to make Chicago the site of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art—and potentially costing the city hundreds of construction and tech jobs. “A small group of elitists with no commitment to the brown people of this city!” bellowed Rev. Leon Finney. “Public enemy No. 1!” Earlier that month, Mellody Hobson, an influential financial executive and George Lucas’s wife, similarly lashed out at the group, calling it “no friend of Chicago” and accusing it of blocking an institution that would inspire the city’s “young black and brown children.” A commenter on FOTP’s Facebook page…

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oddball outings

If you’re a recovering ghost hunter Grave Robbing 101 Folk historian Adam Selzer knows (somehow) the tricks of the tomb-robbing trade. He’ll give you a crash course in the techniques of the 19th-century “resurrection men” who dug up bodies (for med schools) from Lincoln Park, once the city’s main graveyard. mysteriouschicago.com PRICE $20 WHEN Various dates or by appointment WHERE Lincoln Park If you’re afraid of boats Pedway Tour Chicago’s network of elevated, enclosed paths offers a new perspective on the city’s architecture. Second City alum Margaret Hicks leads groups along the labyrinth, everywhere from City Hall to Macy’s. chicagoelevated.com PRICE $20 WHEN Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays WHERE loop If you’re tired of Frank Lloyd Wright Fossils in Skyscrapers Move over, Sue: There’s a new fossil in town. In fact, there are hundreds—embedded in the stone that makes up some of the city’s tallest…