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The Soltis Family Starts Selling Booze Again—Legally This Time When Al Capone was in his prime, there weren’t many gangsters in Chicago who held their own against him. Joe Soltis was one. The self-proclaimed beer baron owned saloons, many of which brewed their own beer. When Prohibition hit, he transitioned to bootlegging, according to Steve Soltis (above left), who acquired his great-grandfather’s former property in south suburban Thornton. Steve has been restoring the building for the past three years and will reopen it in July as Soltis Family Spirits. The 18,000-square-foot distillery will produce pecan whiskey, gin, and spiced rum to sell at retail stores, as well as offer tastings and tours. Steve says his family did not object to the switch from beer to hard liquor: “Joe made whiskey, too, though he…

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oh, susana

Last July I got a text message from a prominent society figure. “Excited for dinner tomorrow!” he wrote. “What time is best? I will make a reservation outside at Gibsons.” I was confused. I hadn’t seen him in months and didn’t remember making plans. “Wait, what dinner?” I replied. “Name the time, and I will be there.” He responded: “That message was not for you!! I’m so sorry. I was typing Susana Mendoza.” Humph. For years I have thought of myself as the only Susanna in Chicago. No offense to the countless Sues and Suzannes or to CBS-2’s Susanna Song (hearing her introduce herself on-air always makes me do a double-take). My last name has changed a couple of times over the years—married, divorced—so I mostly introduce myself as just Susanna. And then this powerhouse…

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inside peek

BEHIND THE SHOOT Associate art director Jacqueline Cantu and photographer Clayton Hauck got stranded while shooting the boat party scene that launches “Best Summer Ever!” (page 48). “We tooled out in this dinghy to get a better angle, and the motor died,” says Cantu. “Our captain had to dog-paddle us in.” CONTRIBUTOR Taylor Callery, whose work has appeared in The Atlantic, Harper’s Magazine, and The New York Times, illustrated “What Cops Know” (page 78). “I’ve done no shortage of politically loaded work,” says Callery. “But the hardest part of this one was reading the quotes—narrowing down these horrible experiences into an image.” OUTTAKE Rich Melman (page 104) on growing up with a tough-guy dad: “We lived in a onebedroom apartment in Logan Square until I was 17—my parents in the living room, my brother and…

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ON EMERGING POWER PLAYERS I love everyone on this list [“Who’s Got Next?,” June]. Each one is a pillar of the community! @chancetherapper on Twitter “Ignore Eve Ewing at your own intellectual, political, and cultural peril.” Truer words have never been spoken. @nothing_natural on Twitter ON BLACK FLIGHT This is perhaps the dumbest article I have read today [“Chicago’s Population Problem,” June]. Property taxes are skyrocketing, and the author brings in an expert who thinks “the tax argument is really a canard.” What on earth is the point of this discussion? johnbpowers onChicagomag.com ON ESSAYIST SAMANTHA IRBY I tell people that their lives will be better the moment Samantha enters their psyche [“The World’s Loudest Inner Monologue,” May]. Marty Winefield onChicagomag.com I sincerely doubt I am unique in having no interest in the bowel habits of a person I do not…

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the call of the north

Business, politics, real estate, and city life: What you need to know this month As I sauntered down Milwaukee Avenue (fittingly, as you’ll soon see) in Wicker Park on a sunny afternoon this May, a digital billboard caught my eye. Atop a pack of fresh-faced 20-somethings (the very same types that live and party in this once-hipster neighborhood) hoisting drinks in what looks to be a German beer garden, the headline proclaimed: “This Is Summer in Milwaukee.” The subtext was clear: The party is way cooler up north. Oh, really? First, former Indiana governor Mike Pence made a lame pass a few years ago, also via billboard, at area businesses “Illinoyed” by our state’s taxes. Now here comes Milwaukee—or, as I like to call it, Chicago’s Canada—pleading for us to ditch our metropolis…

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bluestown vs. brewtown