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make your summer music plans here

From stalwarts (such as Lollapalooza and Ravinia) to new events (such as the Windy City LakeShake), there’s a lot of great summer music to keep track of. Chicago has all the latest dates, ticket information, and headliners at chicagomag.com/summermusic. “As a child, I never thought I could be openly gay. Also, I never imagined I could be openly gay and running for office. . . . I’m now able to say I’m an openly gay Latino man and win a district that’s overwhelmingly Latino.” —Carlos Ramirez-Rosa Read more about the new 35th Ward alderman on page 22, and find a Q&A with him at chicagomag.com/ramirezrosa. THEATER BINGE-WATCHING IS BECOMING A THING The House Theatre’s The Hammer Trinity is a nine-hour production (including dinner break), and the Hypocrites’ All Our Tragic clocked in at 12 hours.…

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prepare yourself

Google the phrase “be prepared”— the famous Boy Scout motto—and the top result you get isn’t for that organization’s website. It’s for one that sells “emergency essentials” such as hand-crank radios, water filtration systems, respirator masks, and powdered honey (powdered honey?). You’ll understand why when you read Rod O’Connor’s fascinating story about the rise of the “preppers” next door (“Surviving the Apocalypse in Suburbia,” page 86). The people O’Connor interviewed aren’t religious fundamentalists getting ready for the Rapture. They’re regular Chicagoans—people who might even be your neighbors—who have watched disasters both manmade (9/11, Greece’s financial collapse) and natural (Hurricane Sandy, Ebola) and wondered, What if something even worse happens here? Instead of dismissing such worries, as most of us do, these people have taken concrete steps to address them. So before you…

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inside peek

CONTRIBUTOR Assistant editor Carrie Schedler (her face is obscured above because she reviews restaurants) first spoke to LouisJohn Slagel while writing about the best pork dishes in town for our October 2014 issue. Meat purveyor to some of Chicago’s top restaurants, Slagel lent us a pig for the accompanying photo. “He’s built a mini-empire for himself,” says Schedler, who profiles the farmer this month (page 76). “It’s been quite a rapid ascent.” UPDATE Nearly three years ago, former Oklahoma State basketball star Darrell Williams was convicted of sexual assault, and the Chicago native’s career seemed finished. But last year, an Oklahoma appeals court overturned the conviction. Senior writer Bryan Smith reported this story in “The Long Rebound” (September 2014). Since then, Williams has gone on to play for the Division II school Texas…

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talk to us

ON OUR COVER STORY I’m really bummed the Chicago Spire [“City of Skyscrapers,” April] isn’t one of the [tallest residential buildings in America]. I hope whoever ends up with the assets continues the project at the right time. GUINESS,Reddit ON A WHITE SOX STAR The greatest part of this [“Who Is Jose Abreu?,” April], and the thing that gives me faith in baseball players again, is the knowledge that there is a player out there who is actually grateful for the opportunity. I am so tired of seeing these millionaires spending foolishly and walking around like they are gods. Abreu is truly a humble guy, who is clearly appreciative of where he came from and where he is. Great story. 7PHARAOHS, Reddit The idea of Abreu picking up English through watching the National Geographic Channel…

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food fight

Business, politics, real estate, and city life: What you need to know this month The words “Cheese, Swine & Wine” welcome diners to the Purple Pig. These days, a fitting tag line would add “And the Best Lawyer You Can Find.” The principals of the popular downtown restaurant—recognized on Michelin’s Bib Gourmand list since 2011—have been embroiled in a nasty legal fight since November. That’s when restaurateur Scott Harris, a part owner of the Purple Pig, sued most of his partners after discovering what he alleges was a series of improper payments made to them out of restaurant coffers. Those partners have since countersued with titillating claims of their own. Just you wait. Now Harris, who has remained mum about the dispute outside of court filings, is shedding light on the situation. He…

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why is chicago so kinky?

1 LEATHER DADDIES Chaps-clad fetishists have whipped on in for the International Mr. Leather contest since 1979. 2 ZOMBIE BOOBS Night of the Stripping Dead, an event at the Admiral Theatre, tries to make reanimation sexy. 3 PHILANTHROPIC S&M The nonprofit kink club Galleria Domain 2 advocates free expression through sex. 4 CATHOLICS That’s Chicago-born sex columnist Dan Savage’s take: “There’s a lot of repression.” PHOTOGRAPHY: (HARRIS) ALEX GARCIA/CHICAGO TRIBUNE; (BANNOS SR. AND JR.) ABEL URIBE/CHICAGO TRIBUNE; (ALL OTHERS) ISTOCKPHOTO…