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Chicago magazine

Chicago magazine May 2016

Since 1970, readers have turned to Chicago magazine for expertise on Chicago’s dining, shopping, and entertainment scenes, as well as for award-winning reporting on the key people and issues in the city. Get your digital subscription to Chicago magazine today.

United States
Chicagoland Publishing Company
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on chicagomag.com

Can Chicago Make Its River as Beloved as Its Lakefront? On a March Sunday in Pilsen, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Building on Burnham, a plan to invest in the river and other natural areas in the city. “Chicago’s river is a longer waterway than Chicago’s lakefront,” Emanuel said in an interview with Chicago. “When you think of the lake, that’s our front yard; this is our backyard, the spine of the city.” Among Building on Burnham’s projects is the Paseo, a multiuse trail, running roughly parallel to the South Branch of the Chicago River, that will connect Pilsen to Little Village. Unlike the North Side’s 606, it won’t be elevated, but it should still be a major improvement for cyclists and pedestrians. Read more about the city’s plan at chicagomag.com/burnham. ON YOUR TABLET Print subscribers…

1 min.
here and now

Stepping into a new role at a magazine midissue is one thing; it’s quite another when that issue is Chicago’s blockbuster annual ranking of the best new restaurants, a hugely influential collection of reviews of the top dining newcomers in the city and suburbs. So it’s fitting that the first person I met on my first day here, in mid-March, was dining editor Penny Pollack, a 29-year Chicago veteran. I’ve been reading— and making reservations by—her recommendations for years, but until now, I didn’t fully appreciate how hard earned her expertise is. She and her team make two anonymous visits to each restaurant they review, bringing extra guests and ordering multiple appetizers, entrées, and desserts. (Fun fact: Penny has five credit cards with different pseudonyms so that her identity remains a mystery.)…

1 min.
inside peek

OUTTAKE Black steel blades aren’t the only special touch on Patrick Kane’s skates (At Work, page 160). “He has eight sets of blades with his name and number on them,” says assistant equipment manager Jimmy Heintzelman. ARTIFACT Ted C. Fishman’s story on crude oil trains in Chicago (page 90) was a family affair: His daughter, Chicago senior editor Elly Fishman (above at age 2 with her dad), edited the piece. “When he used to look over my papers in high school, he’d always tell me to start over,” says the younger Fishman. “This time I had the upper hand.” BEHIND THE SHOOT How do you photograph a moving target? From a moving car, of course. That’s how Taylor Castle snapped the action shot of bike messenger Nico Deportago-Cabrera on page 103. “Most things I shoot…

2 min.
talk to us

ON REBUILDING CHICAGO’S IMAGE These ideas aren’t a makeover, [they’re] a marketing campaign [“Spin City,” April]. Chicago needs to reduce crime, work on segregation, and [crack down] on pickpocketing. The statistics that make Chicago notorious are what keep tourists from visiting. No marketing campaign will overcome that. Kelly Kaufmann on Facebook We are billed as a city of neighborhoods. Can we spend some money on improvements there instead of just downtown? M Sylvia Castle on Facebook 1. [Charter] bus parking that’s not three to four miles from Michigan Avenue. 2. Lower the sales tax. A lot. 3. How about some clean public toilets? 4. Free Wi-Fi in more places. Like the street. 5. Pursue a clean, family-friendly hotel in Hyde Park. (Hint: Museum of Science and Industry = kids.) Peter Smith on Chicagomag.com 1. Remove Rahm. 2. Remove Rahm. 3.…

5 min.
frenemy of the state

Business, politics, real estate, and city life: What you need to know this month The presidential campaign should have been fun this time for Rahm Emanuel—not like in 2008, when he quipped that he hid under the table while his friends Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton battled for the nomination. This time, he endorsed Clinton before she even officially announced her candidacy and, thanks to their decades-long friendship, was poised to be a star on the trail. How times have changed. Since the video of the Laquan McDonald shooting was finally released in November, this election cycle has been anything but enjoyable for Emanuel. It’s been downright humiliating, thanks in large part to the rebuke from Hillary and Bill, who act, in public at least, as if they’ve never made his acquaintance.…

1 min.
reinventing the wheel

WEIGHT At 525 tons, this Ferris wheel weighs twice as much as the old one, which meant the roof of the parking deck on which it sits needed reinforcement. Between that and building the support walls underneath, workers poured 13,000 cubic feet of concrete—enough to pave almost a mile of sidewalk. STRENGTH The frame can withstand winds of 90 miles an hour, or the equivalent of a Category 1 hurricane. Eight support beams extend 110 feet from the base, through the pier, and into bedrock. ORIGINS Dutch Wheels in the Netherlands designed the ride, and parts were built across Europe: the spokes and center hub in the Netherlands, motors in Germany, lighting in Denmark, and gondolas in France. Estimated total cost: $26.5 million. HEIGHT Two hundred feet— 33 percent taller than before! SCALE Laid…