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editor’s note

CALLING ALL ARTS LOVERS One of the magical things about great writing—which includes Tom Chiarella’s unforgettable profile of actor Michael Shannon, this month’s cover subject (see page 82)—is that it makes you feel like you have transcended the page. This year, to coincide with our annual fall culture preview issue, we decided to make that experience a literal one. Cue Chicago’s first-ever Culture Festival! Scheduled for Saturday, September 26, at Venue Six10 (610 S. Michigan Ave.), the event is a series of five intimate 75-minute conversations and performances, bringing Chicagoans together with some of the most interesting people in architecture, literature, theater, comedy, and music. Chat with new Steppenwolf artistic director Anna Shapiro (see page 75), who’ll share a sneak-peek reading from the edgy theater’s next play. Ask blockbuster thriller writer Gillian…

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inside peek

CONTRIBUTOR Veteran sports journalist Ron Rapoport writes about Ernie Banks in this issue (see page 96). “When I first came to the Sun-Times in ’77, he had just been voted into the Hall of Fame,” says Rapoport, who spent 21 years in total at that newspaper before moving to Los Angeles in 2006. “He was a presence. You’d see him around the ballpark, giving autographs. It was only later that I saw there was a deeper, darker side.” ARTIFACT To stay competitive in a dogeat-dog economy, some people get master’s degrees. Others, like writer Rod O’Connor, go to Vienna Beef’s Hot Dog University (actual diploma pictured). Find out what he learned on page 30. BEHIND THE SHOOT “He’s very funny in an odd way,” says photographer Scott Council of our cover star Michael Shannon (see…

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talk to us

ON A QUIRKY CHICAGO BEAR This was one of the best and most fun interviews I’ve read [“The Wonderfully Weird World of Martellus Bennett,” September]. Can’t wait to watch your films, Martellus! LUCYrk78 on Twitter Best year ever, including Mike Ditka? Iron Mike’s best year had fewer receptions, but he also had more yards and twice the touchdowns. Calling Bennett’s skipping of voluntary OTAs a “holdout” seems like exaggeration to me. That griping aside, [this article was] worth a read. He’s proudly weird but he’s got a healthy viewpoint. Football doesn’t last long. Crathsor on Reddit ON JEFF RUBY’S REVIEW OF C CHICAGO wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed [“Sinner and Winner,” September]. It was a spot-on evaluation of a travesty that calls itself a restaurant, and Ruby’s review “as seen through the…

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the zopp effect

Business, politics, real estate, and city life: What you need to know this month It surprised many people in July when the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee endorsed two-term congresswoman Tammy Duckworth in the U.S. Senate race. For one thing, the DSCC doesn’t typically back a Senate candidate in an Illinois primary. But it’s not just the endorsement that has key members of Chicago’s black leadership up in arms. The DSCC never even interviewed Andrea Zopp, the former chief of the Chicago Urban League and an African American, who announced her candidacy in May. And that snub could lead to a much tighter race than first anticipated. You can see why the DSCC might latch on to Duckworth, 47, as a dream candidate. The first-term U.S. representative from Hoffman Estates is an Iraq…

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hurry up and wait

Wonder why emergency room wait times seem longer than ever? You can point a fractured finger at the Affordable Care Act, for one: 75 percent of ER docs say they're seeing more patients post-ACA, according to a recent survey by the American College of Emergency Physicians. The upshot? Bring a book. NOTE: Data are from 2014, the most recent year available. Source: Illinois Department of Public Health BIG QUOTE “The surprise is that aging is not just a continuum but is very much represented by a precise genetic switch that is thrown at an exact moment.” —Northwestern University biology professor Richard Morimoto to Discovery News on pinpointing when aging begins in worms: at their sexual peak. The finding could eventually lead to a gene-based fountain of youth for humans.…

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run like crazy

ROSEHILL CEMETERY CRYPT 5K Rosehill Cemetery October 10, $35, chicagoevents.com This candlelit course weaves past the graves of Oscar Mayer, John G. Shedd, and 10-plus Chicago mayors, so you can say thanks for the hot dogs, aquariums, and political high jinks. INFECTED ZOMBIE RUN 5K Swallow Cliff Woods, Palos Park October 3, $60, runfromtheinfected.com Motivation to book it comes from zombies who try to snatch the flags tucked into each runner’s waistband. THIS RUN’S FOR JACK 5K Ackerman Park, Glen Ellyn October 18, $25, jacksfund.org The blasé rules say you can stream a video of the course and “run/walk a treadmill, around the neighborhood or don’t run at all.” WORLD’S LARGEST CORN MAZE 5K Richardson Adventure Farm, Spring Grove October 18, $31, allcommunityevents.com Ropes across wrong turns keep you from getting lost in this labyrinth (see: The Shining) shaped like the Blackhawks logo. MUDDY…