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the man i know

THE FIRST TIME I MET BILL KURTIS I WAS a 19-year-old journalism major, invited by one of his colleagues to watch a live newscast at CBS-2. As the crew counted down to the start of the show, I became alarmed that there was no one sitting at the anchor desk. With about 10 seconds to go, Bill sauntered in, took his seat (“5 … 4 … 3 …”), turned to the camera (“2 … 1 …”), and said with his trademark gravitas, “Good evening, I’m Bill Kurtis.” I was in awe. A few years later, I was working in public relations for a wireless phone company launching a new digital service. The executive team had decided to invite Bill to speak at the unveiling, and the task fell upon me to…

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touch of class

FOR HER PHOTO SHOOT FOR “BEST Public Schools” (page 88), we asked Whitney Young principal Joyce Kenner to bring a handful of students to populate the background. “I assumed she would grab some who were hanging out for summer school or lived nearby,” design director Katherine Shady says. “We were about to start when she stopped, gathered the students, and let each know why she chose them.” One, for example, had won a spoken-word poetry competition; another had helped the principal draft a response letter to LGBTQ issues at the school. “I immediately understood why Dr. Kenner was being featured.” This issue marks the return of writer Robert Reed to Chicago’s pages after a 10-year hiatus. “Right now I think the issue of disruption is so important: politically, in business, and…

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er docs tell all

Oh, my heavens, you need to make “What Trauma Docs Know” [August] a regular feature. My son and I were pushing each other out of the way trying to read it. And while I am still laughing — the death notification to the owner of the stolen wallet, for example — there were some great teaching moments as well. Your best article of the year — maybe of the decade! Barbara via Chicagomag.com These stories put me on the edge of scalpels and sutured my soft spots. High kudos to surgeons in Chicago’s trenches. @HaikuFest via Twitter COMMUTE OF THE FUTURE I love the idea of a high-speed rail line [“Hyperloop of Faith,” August], but there is zero chance of it ever happening. Paul via Chicagomag.com This is the type of innovation that could help American cities…

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cancer cluster

In the 1980s and 1990s, Amoco Research Center in Naperville was at the center of a medical mystery: The employees there were developing brain tumors at an alarming rate. At least 19 did so — five of whom worked on the same floor of the same chemical research building. “If the entire country had the same cancer rate as that building, brain cancer cases would increase sevenfold,” Jonathan Eig wrote in “Nightmare in Building 503” (September 1998). An excerpt from that article: A wristwatch. Gold face, gold band. Something the company presented him in honor of long years of service. The owner has just finished a barrage of medical tests, and the doctor has delivered the worst possible news. It is a brain tumor, it is malignant, and it is already…

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your best grilling photos

@ohernstockfarms Fifth-generation cattle farmer Patrick O’Hern took this shot of rib eyes he made on his Lake View rooftop. The grilling authority’s secret to a good rub? “A few shakes of spicy smoked paprika from the Spice House.” WE ALSO LOVED … @chitowngrillgang @ozzie_eats @crispypigskin @bbq_bboy NEXT CONTEST Post your favorite cocktail on Instagram by September 15. Follow us at @chicagomag, tag us, and include #bestchicagolife to be considered. The winner will be featured in the November issue and will receive a free one-year subscription to the magazine.…

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talking points

1 The Bears’ pursuit of their first winning season since 2012 begins Sept. 9. Expect Mitch Trubisky and do-it-all RB Tarik Cohen to flourish under pass-happy new coach Matt Nagy. 2 A 1960s local collective of art weirdness gets its due when Hairy Who? opens Sept. 27 at the Art Institute of Chicago. Brace yourself for questions from your kids. (Hello, random detached genitalia.) 3 City Council reconvenes Sept. 20. Burning issue on the docket: Ameya Pawar’s proposal for a universal basic income. The pilot would give 1,000 families $500 a month, no strings. 4 Piano legend Ramsey Lewis plays his farewell show on Sept. 1 at the Chicago Jazz Festival. Not a jazz nerd? You’ll still recognize his riffs from “Hang On Sloopy.”…