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Choose the Perfect Paint Colour for your Home

Choose the Perfect Paint Colour for your Home

Choose the Perfect Paint Colour for your Home
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Filled with expert advice and all the latest paint colours and trends, you’ll find plenty of decorating ideas in this new bookazine. There are also stunning real homes, all of which illustrate how choosing the right paint colour can turn a blank canvas into a unique space.

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Choosing a new paint colour for your home is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to update a space, allowing you to quickly give a tired-looking or uninspiring room a fresh new style. In Choose The Perfect Paint Colour For Your Home, the team at Real Homes reveals some of the latest on-trend colours, showing you how to use them to stunning effect in your decorating schemes. Whether you want to embrace the dark side and introduce dramatic shades, go for one of the new modern neutrals as a backdrop to your space, or perhaps try out the latest blush pink tones, you’ll find plenty of ideas to help you recreate your favourite look in your own home. You’ll also find expert advice on the best ways to introduce paint…

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how can i be creative with colour to add a new look to my rooms?

FUN WITH FURNITURE Finishing touches that make people look twice are part of the fun of decorating. A two-tone effect can integrate a piece of furniture into the scheme, and add lots of individuality and fun to a space. Paint a wall in two colours with a simple divide and follow the line onto a piece of furniture – but make sure you use the right paint type for each surface. Clean and lightly sand the furniture’s surface, remove any dust and apply a coat of quick-drying primer or undercoat. Lightly sand and remove dust again before applying two coats of paint in the lightest of the two colours. Measure and mark the point at which the darker colour will follow from the wall. Apply low-tack tape then two coats of…

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what are the best products to use?

It’s all too easy to feel like a DIY demon when you whip out a paintbrush and tin of emulsion. Transforming a room with paint can be fast and effective when done properly, but disastrous when done wrong. Here’s how to make the right decisions before picking up a brush: US ING NEW HARDWEARING PAINTS Painting used to be straightforward; water-based emulsion for walls and solvent-based satin or gloss for woodwork. Everyone knew what to use – until the industry became concerned about Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions, and it became much more complicated. Solvent-based paints were rejected for emitting too many VOCs into the air, and new formula water-based paints were developed to be as tough and hard-wearing as the old solvent ones. Now when you choose paint, most of it…

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i love on-trend blue shades – how can i use them in my home?

Now that we’ve all used about fifty shades of it, we can safely say we’ve reached the peak of the ‘grey period’. While I love the colour for its versatility, it’s time to move on. But what’s next? I’ve been swapping greys for inky blues for some time: a great foil for brightly coloured accents, the steely tones work especially well with trendy copper and brass finishes and accessories. My love and use of blue isn’t simply a designer whim though, but based in colour theory. Thinking about the effect colours have on each other, as laid out in Isaac Newton’s colour spectrum, is a great way to start a new scheme. Newton placed blue opposite yellow on the colour wheel, with oranges and reds as its complementary shades, hence…

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how can a mood board help me plan my home transformation?

STORMY DINING ROOM This room takes inspiration from the dark and sandy hues of a stormy day out at the beach, producing a palette ranging from deepest blue-black to warm peach. Tonal blues have been used to create a gradient or ‘ombre’ wall. Neutral shades of grey and taupe are introduced in the rug and sheepskin, accessorised with driftwood and natural textures HOW DO I PUT TOGETHER A MOOD BOARD? Use a sheet of A3 card to collate samples, colour swatches, textiles and photographs relating to the room to be decorated. Having all the elements of the room in one place allows you to see if they balance as a scheme, and the overall look you’d like to achieve. Substitute alternative samples, shades etc., until you’re happy with the mix before investing any…

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will dark colours work successfully in my scheme?

HOW CAN DARK COLOURS CHANGE THE FEEL OF A ROOM? Dark colours make all spaces – large and small – feel cosier, snug and way more sophisticated. Lighter shades, particularly white, can feel very static, simply because there are no subtleties within this hue; it literally reflects all the colours at once. However, once you start dabbling with darker shades, things start to get really interesting. As the light changes throughout the day, so does the colour. You will see lots of undertones appearing – black-blues, green-greys and so forth. ARE THERE COLOURS THAT ARE ON-TREND? Black is always current, as is deep grey, though I like to push things a little further and veer into mulberrys and deep blues. But you don’t have to follow trends – you should choose hues that…