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Classic Pop March - April 2021

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steve jansen: wired for sound

“Quiet Life was the first time we began using drum machines; The Roland CR-78, which came with a bunch of presets with rhythm styles such as Bossa Nova, Samba, Waltz etc. This addition to our work procedure actually came from producer John Punter as a means of getting a new session underway. It provided that extra groove to perform to. But with the Quiet Life album specifically this wasn’t so much in evidence as the rhythm box was not necessarily intended to remain in the mix for a track such as Despair, it was simply used as a click-track for the piano to be performed to as there were no drums. Ultimately, on Despair the click-track was then kept in as part of the song as it added a nice…

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classic pop moments

5 MARCH 1984 Howard Jones had already enjoyed three major hits by the time his debut LP landed in March 1984. It was no surprise then that Human’s Lib shot straight to No.1, so eager were audiences to get their hands on a complete album from the Southampton-born synth-popper. Thirty-seven years on, despite its massive commercial success (it spent a total of 57 weeks in the charts and has been certified double platinum by the BPI) and the fact that four of its singles – New Song, What Is Love?, Hide And Seek and Pearl In The Shell – went Top 20, it’s a puzzle why it’s not talked about in the same exalted manner as some of the other synth-pop classics of the era such as Dare or Architecture &…

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new releases

STEVEN WILSON THE FUTURE BITES CAROLINE INTERNATIONAL A STUDIO WIZARD AND GIFTED MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST, STEVEN WILSON’S SIXTH SOLO ALBUM IS HIS MOST COHERENT AND CHART-FRIENDLY RELEASE TO DATE Steven Wilson’s come a long, long way. His first release was apparently a cassette in 1983, when he was 15, as part of the duo, Altamont. In the 90s, he made waves with No-Man’s underrated art-pop and Porcupine Tree’s ingenious prog-rock. But though neither were fashionable, nor – initially, at least – especially successful, Wilson’s never been dissuaded from his musical path, whether exploring ambient electronica with projects such as Bass Communion or overseeing 5.1 remixes of acts including King Crimson and ELP. Now, just as he’s slowly moved towards the mainstream, so the mainstream has edged closer to him. He’s crept up the charts with five solo…

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perfect introduction to miles

After Miles Davis’ bassist Marcus Miller featured on Cupid & Psyche 85, the jazz great covered the album’s breezy single Perfect Way on his 1986 album Tutu. It became a regular in his live set, too. “Miles covering Perfect Way was an extraordinary surprise,” admits Green Gartside. “I assume Marcus told Miles about us and that’s how he got to like it, and after making Perfect Way Miles invited me over to his apartment a couple of times.” Green insists Davis wasn’t as eccentric as the myths imply. “Miles was a bit crazy, but nowhere near as crazy as people painted,” is Green’s summation. “He was incredibly gracious, showing me paintings that he collected and playing me some live recordings.” Davis eventually played trumpet on the intro to Provision’s single Oh Patti…

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bowie keys man set for duran duran’s latest

Another major idol of Duran Duran’s graces their forthcoming new album – former David Bowie collaborator Mike Garson. The avant-garde pianist worked with Bowie on multiple projects over the years including Aladdin Sane, Diamond Dogs, Young Americans and Heathen. Garson hooked up with Duran after plans for the Bowie Celebration tour were scrapped due to the pandemic. They collaborated on its livestream replacement on 9 January where they performed Five Years together. The track is accompanied by a new video by director Gavin Elder. Nick Rhodes commented: “Although it’s five years since David left Planet Earth, his vast catalogue of songs remain as significant and inspirational as they always have been. Mike Garson’s heartfelt celebration show was a testament to the breadth of influence that David had on other musicians.…

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ten city reform after 25 years for celebratory new single

After a mere 25 years away, Ten City have made a comeback. The Chicago house hitmakers – Byron Stingily and Marshall Jefferson – reformed to release a new single Be Free – and it’s a typically uplifting dancefloor banger with killer falsetto vocal hooks. Stingily explains: “Be Free encompasses the spirit of dance and house music. Many times, people focus on our differences, but Be Free speaks to how we are more alike than different. It’s a song about respecting and appreciating our differences.” Ten City struck gold with hit singles Devotion, Right Back To You and That’s The Way Love Is, which peaked in the UK at No.8 in 1989.…