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February 2020

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it’s the (global) economy, stupid

Restoring, driving, and enjoying old trucks is a truly American-centric hobby. In fact, that’s true about car culture in general. We’re Americans and we like our cars. That’s been true since Henry Ford rolled the first Model T off the assembly line and into our collective hearts. Cars have been the underlying subject matter in a number of historical events that have shaped our nation. We remember the bullet-riddled Fordor from the Bonnie and Clyde shoot-out and the convertible Lincoln that Kennedy was assassinated in. We remember the car we almost crashed when the old man taught us how to drive and the car our buddy used to sneak out on a Saturday night. For many of us, our childhood and adolescent memories are peppered with cars. No other country…

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classic trucks

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part time

01. Rack ’n’ Roll Ready for better steering for your classic Chevy? Rack-and-pinion power steering from Performance Online is available for ’60-’87 Chevy C10 and GMC C15 pickups and is designed to provide better steering and much higher performance, driver comfort, and feedback. The package is engineered with correct Ackerman steering geometry (preventing tire slip during cornering) and reduced bumpsteer. It will work with any height coil springs and stock or drop spindles and performs well on lowered vehicles using airbags. Antisway bars can be used without any modifications. Choose from ’60-’66, ’67-’72, and ’73-’87 C10 and C15 applications. • For more information, contact Performance Online at (866) 884-7309 or www.performanceonline.com. 02. Department of Lubrication Red Line Oil, a recognized name in motorsports, has entered the street performance market with several new lubrication products,…

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chip’s c/28

Chip Foose is a truck guy. His first car was a ’56 Ford F-100 Big-Window that he still owns to this day. We used to see Chip’s root beer brown ’56 F-100 parked in front of his office back in the early ’90s when he was a designer for Hot Rods by Boyd. Chip was fresh out of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and his office walls were covered with concept illustrations that included a few Harley-Davidsons rebodied as a two-wheeled ’57 Chevy Bel Air, a ’63 Corvette Sting Ray, and maybe even an early Ford Mustang. That was when Boyd’s shop was a maze of industrial units collected one-by-one leading to the original free-standing building at 8400 Monroe in Stanton, California. It was something to see; the…

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stealth mode

In a sea of vibrant paint and chrome plating, you’ll often find that subtlety makes a bold statement in the world of classic trucks. David Zambon’s ’53 Ford F-100 is a great example of subdued perfection, as it features an understated color combination with an incredible level of detail inside and out. It certainly jumped out at us, while we walked the aisles of the Grand National F-100 Reunion in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. As it turns out, the truck was fresh out of David’s shop in Dyer, Indiana, after a nine-year build. David grew up in a Ford household, and he always had a soft spot for ’53-’55 Ford trucks. He has been interested in the hobby for nearly his entire life, and his journey with this particular truck began more…

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week to wicked

Seems like only yesterday—or October of last year—since we last transformed a ’67-’72 C10 in a matter of five short days. But here we are again, this go ’round with a ’71 long-turned-shortbed Chevy that’s just itching to be updated with new suspension, drivetrain, brakes, and steering components, a fresh set of wheels and tires, and some minor interior redecorating between now and Friday. Day one started off as usual—wrenches and sparks flying as the United Pacific Industries C10 was stripped of its stock underpinnings in preparation for the installation of all the Classic Performance Products (CPP) hardware it was about to receive. That will include CPP’s Totally Tubular control and trailing arms, fully adjustable coilovers, upsized disc brakes, and complete power steering system. Near the end of day two, the majority…