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Click Science and Discovery Magazine for Preschoolers and Young Children

Click Science and Discovery Magazine for Preschoolers and Young Children

May/June 2021
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Just right for inquisitive young children, each issue of CLICK is a journey of discovery about the world around them, one exciting topic at a time, sparking a lifelong love of reading and learning about nature, the sciences, and the arts. Grades 1-2

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who are the helpers? who are the helpers?

Today Mom and I are running errands after school. She says I can help and that there are lots of other helpers around. I’m going to look for them! I see one! The crossing guard stops the cars so we can cross the street safely. These dog walkers exercise pets to help owners who are not home all day. What a fun job! I spot window washers way up high as we pass tall buildings. They work hard to keep the windows clean. We stop at the library. The librarian helps me find some books about dogs. Next Mom wants some apples. The grocer at the store is putting out some fresh ones. Yum! Then we stop at the dry cleaner’s. They wash clothes that can’t go in our regular washing machine. I’m thirsty, so Mom buys…

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doctors’ helpers

Going to the doctor helps you stay healthy. But who helps your doctor take care of you? Let’s find out! The receptionist at the front desk says hello with a smile. She lets the doctor know you’re there for your check-up. She also answers phone calls from people who want to see the doctor and helps them make appointments. Doctors and nurses use lots of tools to help you stay well. A scale measures how much you weigh. Another measuring tool shows how tall you are. Keeping track of your weight and height helps doctors make sure you’re growing the way you should. The nurse checks your blood pressure with a cuff. The measurement tells her how hard your heart is working to move your blood. An otoscope helps the doctor see inside your…

2 min.
our stream team

Hi! My name is Trevor. I’m 5 years old, and I live in Missouri, near a river called the Jacks Fork. Before I was born, my grandpa Ted and grandma Pat decided they wanted to help keep the river clean. So they started a club called Stream Team 713. I like our other name better—the Jacks Fork River Rats! The River Rats make sure the water is clean and healthy for fish and people. And now I’m big enough to help take care of the river too. Come see! Picking up trash is sort of like a treasure hunt. My friends and I find bottlecaps, cans, candy wrappers, and all sorts of stuff. But there used to be even more garbage here. In one weekend, my grandparents once picked up 6 tons of…

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help on wheels

1. When people need to work up high, I lift them up, up to the sky. 2. My lights flash bright, and on I zoom. Sick folks inside. Hey! Give me room! 3. I roll down a city street, Sweeping up to keep it neat. 4. When things get hot, I can’t move slow. I carry water and go, go, GO! 5. I bring letters, cards, and more To your mailbox or your door. A. 4 Fire trucks carry everything firefighters need to put out fires—ladders, hoses, water, and more. B. 5 Postal workers load trucks with mail and packages to deliver. Sometimes they bring your issue of Click! C. 3 Brushes on street sweepers spin and scrub the pavement clean. Some also have hoses to suck up the dirt. D. 1 A ladder isn’t long enough for a…

4 min.
ant picnic

Jules loved watching ants. She followed them as they marched through the garden. She turned over logs to see them scurry underground. Sometimes she found them carrying leaves that were bigger than the ants. “Look at that ant,” said Jules, as she sat down to her family’s picnic. “She’s carrying a giant cookie crumb.” “Yuck,” said Jules’s cousin Sarah. “I’ll stomp on any ants that try to take my lunch.” “Don’t hurt them!” said Jules. She helped Dad brush the ants off the picnic blanket. Jules took a bite of her tuna sandwich. She wished it was gone and she could eat the cookies that Sarah and Uncle Tim had brought. “I like cookies better than tuna,” she said. “I wonder if ants do too.” “That’s a good question,” said Uncle Tim. “Scientists are trying…

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help a scientist

Count birds Every February people around the world join the Great Backyard Bird Count. Scientists use the bird counts to learn how birds are doing and how to help them. Go to birdcount.org to start counting. Be a bee photographer Take photos of bumblebees and share them at bumblebeewatch.org. Scientists will help figure out what types of bumblebees you found and make a map to keep track of them, so they can help the bees stay healthy. Report a mosquito bite No one likes getting a mosquito bite. But if you report the bite, scientists can make a map of where mosquitoes are biting and help protect people from getting more bites. Go to vectorecology.org /outreach/mosquito-bite-app to get started.…