Filled with inspiring examples of stunning lighting fixtures, this magazine helps readers envision how lighting can change and update a home’s style. A room-by-room section showcases fixtures in every part of the house and offers lessons on how to layer lights to create the right effect. The magazine’s products guide features hundreds of inspiring lights, fans, and components for enhancing any home’s design. Plus, you’ll find a guide to purchasing the newest bulbs.

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living brightly

LIFE IS LIGHT-ACTIVATED. For doing my best work or easing into my most relaxed self, I need the right light. The past year brought the value of a well-lighted home into clear focus. In a positive spin on challenging times, pandemic restrictions have encouraged us to truly examine how our homes look and work. Natural light from big windows spills into my home office, but I still need task lighting. Overhead, pendants point a no-glare shine onto my work surface, and a floor lamp gives my face a healthy glow for video meetings. But I want more. A new chandelier over the dining table would freshen the look, and dimmers and smart features would make the space more flexible. Outdoor conversations could last longer if my patio had a cozy glow. Smart bulbs in the bedroom…

the latest in lighting

Make it pretty “Make your office a place you would be happy to have seen by others,” Cecil Adams, vice president and creative director, Currey & Company, says. “It is your backdrop for those conference calls. If you make it as pleasing and comfortable as the rest of your home, you may be able to get a lot more done.” Consider hiring an ALA-trained lighting designer to get the lighting right. EXPERT TIPS, TRENDS & INSPIRATION The task at hand For task lighting, Lauren Lovett, Hinkley product director, suggests a pendant or sconce to directionally focus light to your paper or screen and avoid eyestrain.…

home work

WORK VS. PLAY “A room can function as many things throughout the day,” Greg Martin, creative director, Kichler, says. “Having the ability to change the light depending on activity is key.” GET FOCUSED “At work, you benefit from cleaner, brighter, whiter light in task as well as ambient lighting, and that depends on the bulb you choose rather than the fixture,” Lauren Lovett, Hinkley product director, says. “LED retrofit can lights—kits that screw into the existing socket—give bright light from the ceiling.” LONG-TERM POTENTIAL “A lot of folks are seeking an upgrade in terms of task lighting—something really pretty to have out all the time,” Cecil Adams, vice president and creative director, Currey & Company, says. If desktop space is limited, a wall sconce—even a plug-in version—is an on-trend alternative for attractive…

smart start

SMART LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY can be a life changer, Kareen Stephens, director of brand management, Bulbrite, says. “You can go as big or small as you want. And it’s a lot easier than you think—you don’t need to be tech-savvy to set up smart products.” Here are three easy ways to begin. PLUGS/ADAPTERS Smart plugs are an easy plug-and-play way to test out smart technology. Inexpensive, they offer flexibility in making nearly any table or floor lamp a smart light (no smart bulb required). Some may have limited features. BULBS Smart bulbs have benefits beyond scheduling and remote on/off functionality. Many have the ability to change colors and even tune the shade of white. In most cases, you can just screw in the bulbs and set them up via a phone app. SWITCHES A…

remodeling with shine

“Technical innovations elevate LED lightbulbs to be a decorative asset. Today, vintage-style LED lightbulbs provide the same aesthetic as their incandescent predecessors and do it with great efficiency and an incredibly long useful life. ”—BRIAN BRANDES, senior vice president, product development, Satco|Nuvo CONSIDER LIGHTING EARLY in a remodeling project. “It may be necessary to remove existing fixtures, add new lighting fixtures, or move them from one location to another,” says ALA training consultant Joe Rey-Barreau, AIA, IES, architect, lighting designer, and associate professor at the University of Kentucky. “All these processes sometimes involve quite extensive electrical work.” It’s easier and less expensive to make decisions when the walls are open. Work with a lighting designer to lay everything out before positioning lighting so you can be intentional about it. Consider these kinds…

outdoor escapes

welcome home STYLE AND SAFETY GO HAND-IN-HAND. BRIGHTEN THE FRONT ENTRY FOR GUESTS OR EVERYDAY USE. backyard retreat WHEN THE SUN SETS, THE FUN STARTS. DESIGN HARDWORKING SPOTS FOR RELAXATION. Rating system Choose outdoor lights by weather resistance. DRY-RATED: no exposure to water DAMP-RATED: handles indirect exposure to water and can be used on a porch or in protected outdoor spaces WET-RATED: can weather the rain »Find lighting showrooms with outdoor design solutions at dining alfresco STEP OUTSIDE FOR A BITE TO EAT AND PLEASING AMBIENCE.…