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February 2022

Modern Gardens is the exciting new magazine that helps today’s busy professional create fresh, exciting outdoor spaces… without having to expend too much time and effort! Each month the magazine will feature new garden ideas and keep you up to date with gardening trends, as well as give you tips on the plants to grow, the tools to buy and landscaping to inspire. Our key focus is to help you create the garden you want in the space you have, for a price that’s right. - The trends: create the garden that’s perfect for you, no matter how much space you have - Inspirational features: we reveal fabulous gardens, hints and tips from readers & experts alike - Family: create an outdoor space that’s perfect for you and your children - Flowers: the best plants and how to grow them - Vegetable tips: grow your own food! - Shopping: where to go, what to buy, where you’ll find the best prices for you garden plants, tools and anything else you need We look forward to welcoming you on board our exciting journey!

United Kingdom
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celebrate outdoor living

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself retreating into my garden to take a rest from the world. Here my horizons shrink to reach only as far as the fence, my space suddenly hung with cheery festoons instead of sombre news stories, and I can forget about the chaotic whirl of worrisome stuff on the other side of those wooden boards. If I’m honest, I’m not always too keen at the point I’m hauling on my wellies and pulling a face at the prospect of the chill, but once I’m past the barrier of the back door I soon gladden and get cracking. A general chopping-of-dead-things and clearing of weeds has filled my green bin and satisfied my spring-clean cravings. I’ve tidied the shed shelves and found all sorts…

earthy pleasures

We LOVE this! CHEERY WREATH Adorn a lacklustre shed, wall or fence with a ring of colour for instant spring-is-nearly-here charisma. Lavender Wreath & Micro Light Bundle Summer House, £44.99 TRANQUILITY CORNER Indulge in a lovely moment outdoors with one of your favourite people. Modica Bistro Set, £925 ONE SHOVEL OR TWO? Give a visiting friend a chuckle with their cup of tea! Shovel Spoons, £15/4 PRETTY IN PINK Plant these fanciful flowers in pots on a windowsill now for early spring blooms, and replant outside once faded for early summer colour next year. Anemone coronaria Jerusalem Pink’, £19.95 GARDEN MOMENT Fill this supersized, super-pretty cup with a herbal infusion and watch the world go by. Ahhh! Secret Garden Bird Cup, £17.50 SOW AND GROW These good-looking trays will give you the impetus to get seeds off…

instagram inspiration

This month we’re following allotment advocate Katie’s thoughtfully curated account@lavenderandleeks. Based in Hampshire, the idyllic images of her homegrown fruit, veg, flowers, sketches and beloved dog Ted will leave you sighing contentedly, while her honest, insightful reflections will encourage you to take a step back, slow down and appreciate the little things in life; something that’s so much easier to achieve when you’re in a calm, outdoor space among nature. Want to steal her style? Katie has an online garden shop selling gorgeous vintage gardenalia too,…


Tasty to eat and effortless to grow, bareroot gooseberry plants are available to buy from nurseries now and can be potted up in a container or planted straight in the ground. Ribes uva-crispa ‘Hinnonmäki Grön’ (£7.99, is small but will produce a generous harvest come summer; just ensure you choose a sunny spot for it. The fruit can be plucked as soon as it’s ripe, and eaten raw, or you can cook and make pies or jam. The berries freeze well too.…

cheery geo prints

We may still be in the depths of winter, but there’s never a bad time to revive your outdoor space with the use of colour, pattern and playfulness. The new-season garden accessories are all vying for attention with stripes, squiggles and graphic prints in a lively palette of orange, teal, cobalt blue and lemon. Balance the style equilibrium by being brave and bold with cushions, throws and planters but keeping the furniture plain and simple. Trend alert! INTERIOR STEALS Raid your kitchen for colourful jugs, mugs and bowls that can be used to display plants and candles. Azur Stripe Salad Bowl (due March), £29.50 EARN YOUR STRIPES Striped cushions are an easy way to bring colour and pattern to the party! Orange Geometric Cushion, 50cm, £10 PERKY PALM Palm plants are easy to look after…

blooming lovely in february

3 CHARMING cyclamens CYCLAMEN ‘RUBRUM’ £7.99/9cm pot Standing out from the crowd with gorgeously deep magenta-red flowers that merrily nod above marbled, silvery-green leaves, this treasure is best in rich, well-drained soil in partial shade. Height and Spread 10cm. CYCLAMEN ‘ROSE PINK SHADES’ £4.99/10cm pot The sweetest of flowers in shades of rose-pink are held on slender stems above lovely kidney-shaped foliage and will cheer up your garden until late March. Height 7cm Spread 15cm. CYCLAMEN ‘MAURICE DRYDEN’ £4.99/9cm pot One of the brightest jewels of the winter border, this gem has lovely pewter leaves and exquisite white flowers flushed with purple. Height and Spread 10cm. CREATE A TALKING POINT STINKING HELLEBORE ‘MISS JEKYLL’ £8.99/1L pot These pendulous, purple-lipped green flowers are wonderfully fragrant, but crush the foliage and you may understand why this Hellebore foetidus…