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October 18, 2019

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it wasn’t all bad

For Oklahoman Josh Wilson, 41, a failed ad turned into a successful declaration of love. Wilson bought billboard ads for his business, Living Water Irrigation, in January. They weren’t attracting new customers, but Wilson couldn’t cancel the one-year, $1,200-a-month campaign. His business coach proposed an idea: Why not use them to show his appreciation for his wife? So Wilson printed “Amy, I love you more!” on eight billboards across Tulsa. “A lot of people wondered if I was in trouble with Amy,” Wilson said, “but I just adore her.” When the Roseville, Calif., police department called for help to find a 97-year-old woman with dementia, a squad of four embarked on a mission to find her. Logan Hultman, Makenna Rogers, and Kashton Claiborne, all 10, and Hope Claiborne, 11, took to…

good week/bad week

Good week for: Dog owners, who are 65 percent less likely to die following a heart attack than non–dog owners, according to new research. Strange bedfellows, after gay liberal icon Ellen DeGeneres was spotted at an NFL game chatting and laughing with former Republican President George W. Bush. “Just because I don’t agree with someone on everything doesn’t mean I’m not gonna be friends with them,” she later explained on her show. Nobody, formerly known as Richard Goyan Paul, 50, who this week announced his candidacy for mayor of Keene, N.H. Nobody says that both his legal name change and his run for office were inspired by a “Vote for Nobody” yard sign he saw outside the “libertarian-minded” flophouse he lives in. Bad week for: Gandhi, whose ashes were stolen from a memorial in India…

no deal?

London Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan appeared dead this week after an official at No. 10 Downing Street said a deal with the European Union looked “overwhelmingly unlikely.” The unnamed source said that EU leaders had refused to negotiate over Johnson’s proposal to prevent a hard border going up between the U.K. province of Northern Ireland and EU member Ireland. That plan would see goods checked along the supply chain before reaching the border. EU officials dismissed it as unworkable and accused Johnson of playing a “stupid blame game.” Britain is set to leave the EU on Oct. 31, but Parliament has passed a law saying Johnson must ask for a Brexit delay if he doesn’t have a deal by Oct. 19. Johnson has said he’d rather “be dead in…

phoenix’s hardscrabble youth

Joaquin Phoenix is now one of the world’s highest-paid actors, said Robbie Collin in The Daily Telegraph (U.K.), but he can still remember what it was like to have almost nothing. He was born in Puerto Rico to parents who were members of the apocalyptic, free-love Children of God cult. The family fled the cult when Phoenix was 3 years old and ended up in Los Angeles. His father was often unemployed, and Joaquin and his siblings used to busk to supplement their mother’s wages from her job as a secretary. “Things were financially challenging,” Phoenix says, “but my dad always managed.” For one birthday, he was given a bicycle—or rather, the remains of four bikes cobbled together: “A tire from here, a saddle from there. But to me it…

the impact of sanders’ heart attack

Chris Cillizza CNN.com Bernie Sanders’ heart attack on the campaign trail last week “thrusts a tough issue to the front of the 2020 race,” said Chris Cillizza. “How old is too old to be president?” Sanders, 78, admits he has to curtail his campaign now that he’s had two stents placed in a blocked artery. But his health problems will raise questions for the two other leading Democrats—Joe Biden, 76, and Elizabeth Warren, 70—either of whom would also be the oldest person ever elected president, topping Donald Trump, who was 70 when he won in 2016. Being president “is a hugely stressful job,” requiring enormous energy and sharp, flexible mental skills. Democratic voters are clearly ambivalent about the age of their presidential candidates, with just 3 percent saying in a Pew Research…

demoralized police need help

FRANCE Xavier Brouet Le Républicain Lorrain Our police are in crisis, said Xavier Brouet. Months of clashes with Yellow Vest protesters and “black bloc” anarchists have worn down a force weary of protecting a French public that openly reviles them. Last week, 27,000 off-duty, out-of-uniform officers marched through Paris to protest their working conditions. There’s plenty to complain about: “dilapidated police stations, lack of staff and equipment, no overtime pay.” So far this year, 52 of our nation’s 150,000 officers have committed suicide. And just a day after the march came a gruesome attack from within the force itself. An administrator who works at the Paris police headquarters suddenly began stabbing his colleagues with a knife, killing four before being shot to death. The 45-year-old man was a Muslim convert who had been…